Knee High Socks

Are you fun and funky just like us? Well, why not wear a pair of socks that best reflect your awesome personality! Our knee-high socks are the best way to let the fun side of you shine. Our quality knee high socks are made with a double welted cuff and reinforced heel and toe making it easy for you to look, feel, and be your best self! Use our filter to find a lot of matching designs across many categories and find the perfect pair of knee-high socks for you…and even as a gift for someone special. When you’re ready, click ‘add to cart’ to set your quantity and we will ship your favorites to you ASAP! Happy shopping!
Rawr-ler Rink Knee High Socks $15.00
Bee's Knees Knee High Socks $15.00
STRETCH-IT™ Super Juicy Socks $15.00
STRETCH-IT™ Horsing Around Socks $15.00
STRETCH-IT™ Tacosaurus Socks $15.00
Rollin' with my Hedgehog Knee High Socks $15.00
Mystic Moth Knee High Socks $15.50
STRETCH-IT™ Nice to Sea You Socks $15.50
STRETCH-IT™ Bees and Lavender Socks $15.00
Foxes in Boxes Knee High Socks $15.00
It's Magic Knee High Socks $15.50
STRETCH-IT™ Solar System Socks $15.00
STRETCH-IT™ Pup Pup and Away Socks $15.00
Sushi Party Knee High Socks $15.00
STRETCH-IT™ Ostrich Socks $15.00
The Monarch Knee High Socks $15.00
STRETCH-IT™ Super Hero! Red & Black Socks $15.00
Ostrich Knee High Socks $15.00
Starry Night Knee High Socks $15.00
Feeling Squirrelly Knee High Socks $15.50
STRETCH-IT™ Magic Of the Forest Socks $15.00
They See Me Rollin' Knee High Socks $15.00
STRETCH-IT™ Alice in Wonderland Socks $15.00
STRETCH-IT™ Bad Ass Socks $15.00