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Now I just need Utahraptor and Dromiceiomimus socks to complete my look.


I got these for my fiance for Valentine's Day (anticipating that he would wear them for our wedding, which will have a dinosaur motif) and from his reaction when he opened the package you'd have thought he won the Power Ball drawing. After he finished saying "WOW!" he asked "can I wear these for our wedding?!?!" ...You know what they say about great minds ;)


my son love it


I got these for my boyfriend and he loves them! Seriously recommend because the colors pop and the design is cute!


Got these as a gift for a friend. I was so jealous of how good they looked, we are no longer friends. These socks may have tore apart a friendship, but they are damn worth it!


I am officially the coolest golfer in my group, and the T Rex socks have helped me lower my score by 3 shots a round!


My husband loves his TRex's...RAHRRR!!!
The quality is great!!!


Awesome! Fun quality socks! LoVE the mystery gift as well!


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