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I buy Sock it to me socks as gifts for my son, he wears a size 15 shoe your xlarge socks streach to fit him without distortion, you guys make this mama hero thank you so much.


Awesome socks - very cute design!


Love the socks, but the pair I recieved for my husband was more brown than orange in color.


A sock that tells a chilling story.
The year was 1492. Christopher Columbus was out there sailin’ the ocean blue, when suddenly a giant squid named Keith attacked Columbus’ ship. Narrowly escaping death, Columbus was able to abandon his destroyed ship and swam to the nearest shore. As he crawled out of the water and onto the soft sand, he was greeted by hair braiders and could hear cheerful music coming from a Señor Frogs just feet away from him. Columbus had “discovered” the Bahamas.


Bought these as a fun gift for my son. Squid are one of his favorite creatures. The socks are nice and bright.


These are amazing socks! The detail is fantastic and they are great quality! My son loved getting them for his birthday!


I am so entertained by these socks - I think they're fabulous!


Great pattern, but it seems like the socks from here have gone down in quality. They feel much thinner and more synthetic than they used to.


Awesome socks!


Excellent Quality as always!


These were the favorite of the 3 pairs I offered . They are one of my favorite too!


Got these for my b-friend because he loves fun socks. He's been getting a lot of compliments. People want to know where he's getting his cool socks but we're keeping the secret to ourselves.


Socks were given as a gift and my future son-in-law loved them.


Ordered them as a Christmas present for my boyfriend, they came in in less than a week! Great customer service and great product, would order again


Super fun socks. Ordering was easy, arrived promptly and had no problems.....great company! Would order again.


Bought them for my boyfriend and he loved them! even came with an awesome drawing on the invoice. Such a thoughtful thing to do:)


They look great, but after 1 wash (even though I flipped them inside out) they're already beginning to fade...


They were perfect, and even came with a cute drawing on the invoice


Arrived on time with awesome drawing on receipt. Super silly socks for my son's birthday. Will order again.


Bought these for my boyfriend for Easter, they arrived on time and he LOVED them!


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