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Great socks! Look even better in person!!


I absolutely love these! They are so cute and vibrant in color and really comfortable!


These socks are super cute! I have a small complaint, though. They're a little tight where the design wraps around the socks, but it could just be my calf size.


Cute. Quick delivery. Met the specs.


Adorable! My 15 yr old daughter snatched these from me! Too cute!


Such fun socks!


They're so cute and so comfy! I love sloths! Can I have more please?!?!?!


Sloths! Love these so much I got them sent all the way to New Zealand. Thank you, your socks are genius! All of them!


Love the sloth. Love the color. Love the fit.


everyone that comes in loves these socks! I love the bright purple against the brown sloth. Tres cute!


Really cool design, love the colour too, great quality


LOVE the sloths. The hand drawn picture and note on the package was great, too. Can't wait to wear them out in public and proclaim my sloth love to the world.


I love the design and color of these socks. The sloths are as adorable in person as they are in the online photos.

My only small complaint is that they were too small and not as comfy as I hoped around the top.


Favorite color CHECK. Favorite animal CHECK. Comfy socks CHECK. Love them!


Got these in ankle style too and I must say they are very very cute! So excited to wear them on rainy days!


I LOVE SLOTHS so this is perfect to joke around with ya friends with! Now why dont you go buy them


I simply love these socks!!!! I've already wear them and they are very comfortable! Then, sloths are amazing!!!!! :)


I purchased the Sloths and Mermaids as a gift for a friend. Without me knowing, someone at Sock it to me added an amazing sharpie drawing of a mystical Mersloth, a combination of both pair of socks. Amazing!


Purchased these socks as a gift for my girlfriend and she loved them. She's in love with sloths and socks so the combination of both just made it perfect. Also, they had a hand drawn bunny which my girlfriend and I found to be very cute. Great company!


I ordered these as a gift, and not only was the shipping fast and the socks awesome, but the order slip included a handwritten note with a hand-drawn picture of a sock that was beyond adorable. This company rocks.


I get compliments on these all the time! Some of the sloths look like they want a high-five. (High five, little buddy!) They fit me really well. My calf is 14.5" around.


Love these socks!! My husband got these for me for favorite gift :)


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