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FYI ladies love planets and crew socks too. These socks are AWESOME and fit well (bit big if you have small feet, but they shrink a smidge after the first hot-water wash which helps).


I own several of the various space sock designs. They are so cool and unique.


Brilliant socks!! Great quality and LOVED the hand-drawn rocketship on the invoice


These are awesome! Bought them for my boyfriend in conjunction with the boxer briefs with space on them and another pair of socks. The designs are awesome and don't look poorly made at all. They're super soft - I kind of wish I had bought some for myself. My only thing is that I live in Canada, so shipping was annoying to track/know when they were going to arrive.


Fantastic socks for any cosmos-loving man wishing to go boldly where no man has gone before. \\//,


These socks are fabulous! I have 5 people to buy socks for at Christmas. All of them are sock people and love their gifts from here. Highly recommend.


I noticed that Uranus and Neptune were missing. Is this a statement for Pluto?


These were 1 of 6 pairs I ordered for my 20-something son for Christmas. He wears them exclusively! Will definitely be placing an order soon to add more to the rotation.


Super high quality socks - my boyfriend loves them, and they've held up well over several months of constant wear and washes. The colors haven't faded, and they don't have the cheep annoying strings going through the back like lower end socks do.


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