Rewards Program

Registering has perks! When you register an account with our store, you're automatically enrolled in our rewards program. Every item you purchase will earn you 1 point. Each point can be redeemed on a later purchase for $1 off your order. 

1 pt = $1

How It Works

Our rewards program, formely "League of Heroes", is now open to every single registered account on our website. If you're not registered, take a moment and do so now, or register during the checkout process on your next order. It's super easy, and pretty awesome.

Most items on the website are eligible to earn rewards, from socks to pins to masks. 

After your order has shipped, you'll be credited 1 reward point for each eligible item in your purchase.

The next time you place an order, you can choose to convert those points to a discount on that new order in the cart.