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Sock It to Me Rewards

Congratulations! You discovered a magical gateway to the wonderful world of REWARD POINTS! Upon entering this mystical land you will begin earning reward points for every item you purchase. If you like the sound of free sock dollars then you only need to create your Sock It To Me account which comes with other great perks like a $15 credit every year on your birthday, additional discounts on sale items, chances to earn 2x points, and sometimes you'll even gain early access to some of our promotions! If you have an account just make sure you're signed in, and if not then click the 'Join Now' button below.

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Create an Account

To enjoy the splendor of this land all you need is a Sock It To Me account, and you’ll automatically be enrolled to earn points! If you’ve already placed an order with your account, then you might have points you didn’t even know about. Check here to see!

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Free Money + Birthday Gift!

These points are actually free money that you can apply to your orders! And make sure you've entered your birthday to get $15 on us every time your special day rolls around. That's enough for nearly any pair of socks!

A scale showing 1 reward pint equals a dollar.

1 Point = $1

Every eligible item you purchase will earn you 1 point. That point is worth $1. Points are automagically added to your account when your order is completed, and when you go to checkout with your next order you’ll see those points available for redemption. Any points you accrue are valid for 6 months, so don’t forget to come use them before they disappear!

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