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I bought these socks as gifts. I have been buying novelty socks for years for family members, but never have I been this impressed with quality and “feel” of these socks.


i was so beyond happy with the socks that i ordered for such a special day! they fit perfectly and were delivered within the perfect time frame 😁 i will definitely order from here again!


I bought my first pair of socks at Dearborn Music and I love them so I bought another pair. I found Sockittome on line and ordered more and they sent me a free pair! I love these knee socks, they are a great quality. I will continue to get my knee socks from them.


I LOVE Sock It To Me, I’ve used a couple pairs of their socks consistently for the past 3 years. They’re super comfortable and are real head turners. Recently my FAVORITE pair (Welcome to my hood Sasquatch socks) started to wear through on the bottom. I wrote an email to them explaining the situation and they sent me a pair for free! Great company, and great socks. 10/10


love sock it to me socks! The design and quality are amazing, I've been very happy.


Ordered custom socks - was worried about the cost for a pair of socks because it seemed like a lot. It took a while for them to come in but it was worth it. The socks are adorable and the pictures I chose fit it so well. Sock and amazing. Can’t wait to give them as a gift. No pictures for the sake of risking the birthday surprise! Worth giving it a shot!


I recently purchased the "Sweet Hearts Crew Socks (Navy)" from Sock It to Me, and I must express my utmost satisfaction with not only the product but the entire experience. The socks arrived in perfect condition, embodying both comfort and style with their vibrant heart patterns. As a delightful surprise, the package included a whimsical sticker, a small token that added a personalized touch to the purchase. Sock It to Me's attention to detail and customer appreciation has genuinely impressed me, and I highly recommend their service to anyone looking for quality with a smile.


I WAS a loyal customer till this season. 2 of the 5 pairs of socks got a hole in them after the very first time wearing them. I have tried since January 2, 2024 to get a hold of someone, by texting the help it email, calling, etc. , NO ONE has gotten back to me. I also buy a sock subscription every year, but I guess once they have your money, they don't care or stand behind their products. Well at this point in time I would NOT tell anyone to buy from them!
If they want to reach me look up my name


My 10 year old asked for crazy socks for Christmas. I found the cutest and zaniest well made socks. She squealed on Christmas morning. Win-win for both of us.


I was introduced to these socks by a coworker. It took almost a year before I purchased my first pair. After that, I was hooked. I am not ready for a subscription but I just purchased seven more pairs. I like knee socks, in particular, to wear to work and they keep my legs warm. When I get this next order I will take a pic of my growing collection. :-) I can't wait until the next time to submit a creative entry for sock designs.


The quality of the socks and the artwork were above my expectations. Will return to buy from your company again. They make beautiful gifts!


I have had issues finding comfortable and cool socks for as long as I can remember. Happened upon sockittome and have loved all the socks. I threw out my old ones now and solely wear theirs. Tube socks and regular socks fit well without squeezing me or being impossible to get on and off. They have fun designs for everyone also. Thanks guys!


I order for my dashing 🤺 nephew who wears the knee highs in his fencing bouts. Hilarious edge to bring smiles in tense routines…Olympic dreams ahead🤺


It is the little things in life that bring joy. These socks are such great fun! They are well made, easy to launder, colorful, and clever. I also greatly appreciate the easy to use web site, great prices, and company focus on providing a great product. Keep up the good work!


I ordered the custom knee highs for my college aged (grad student) daughter. She has to wear medical leg braces, so knee highs are a must. Finding ones that fit her small feet, but are adult style are difficult. Sock It To Me Socks (small) always fit great and last with daily wear and tear from her braces.

I did teal (for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome awareness), with the medical symbols, and "RARE" written at the top in honor of her other rare genetic condition.


The socks had Albert on them. Perfect for our son's physics teacher! They were so cute, they arrived quickly and had a hand written thank you. Wonderful service. I will definitely order again!


Best socks and customer service in the universe! Outstanding quality! NOT Made in China! Cutest designs, I have given many as presents too! I like the handwritten notice on my invoice, Sock It To Me makes me feel like a valued customer. It is always a fun surprise to find the socks chosen for me when there is a get one free promotion. Highly recommend!


I quite literally *only* wear knee high socks from this miraculous company. It began when I discovered that high socks helped with a permanent injury, and then I found Sock it To Me and realized that I could do it up style-wise. 4 years down the road, and I’m launching a music career (at age 45 - yeah yeah I know). My socks are a huge part of my weird little “look”, and I’m sold - completely entrenched you might say. Totally love y’all - keep ‘em coming! (Esp those knee high ones with one image) - Purcy


I absolutely love the socks here! Especially love the great sales prices. Even the socks designed to fit big calves fit my skinny ones and stay put! The quality is great, they don't ever fade that I can tell and they fit like a dream! No bunching or sliding down so far! And don't get me started on the designs ... they are amazing and I love all of them. This is a dangerous site for a sock addict ... lol.


I keep buying your socks because they are (mostly ) designs that I love, and because thay last so long. I still have a couple of Your old argyles. The "sock drawer" is full, so I am trying to cut down. Sorry!