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Loving my new socks!!
Cool and comfy!!


I got this as a gift and I LOVE them! I received the Starry Night knee high socks and they're so comfortable and keep my feet warm! Definitely ordering from them again.


love these be a nice human socks! fit perfectly.


Bought some boxer briefs. They were delightful. I'd do it again. 11/10


Bought the rainbow collection mask and I love it. Love that it's designed in portland and made in korea two of my favorite places and it's cotton and so comfy when I tried it on my face can't wait to use it out I think it's going to be one of my fav masks to use :)


My bff got me this awesome new pair of socks knee-high and they're called unicorn versus narwahl they r the bestest socks ever other than they r pink



I loved getting these socks as a gift from a friend. They are so cute and make me feel like a champion.


I greatly love my Jane Austen socks!! They are comfortable and stylish!!


Love them!


They bring joy to our little family :)


Very comfortable and affordable


I started buying from sock it to me around 2 years ago. I now exclusively buy my socks from here, and as a woman who wears boxers more than panties, these are the most comfortable boxers ive ever worn. this is the best site EVER, I can’t say it enough.


Sock It To Me has been my go-to brand for socks since I discovered them half a decade ago. I love their knee-highs: affordable, comfy, pretty durable (usually takes around 2yrs before I wear holes in them, and I wear them year 'round), and although it's too bad that a design will occasionally be discontinued, they're never short of fun ones!

Also shout-out to the rep who gave me back my rewards points after they got lost in the website move. :)


I found Sock it to Me about a year ago. Since then I've ordered a dozen pairs of knee high socks. I wear them every day. They are so comfortable, and the first pairs I ordered are still as good as they were the day I bought them. The designs are fantastic. I love these socks!!


I just got the "Cup of Ambition" socks and they are the crown jewel of my crazy sock collection. My friends say it's "Jessi in a sock" and I could not agree more. Never have I had such comfy yet creative socks! My friends and I decided to buy matching pairs to symbolize our friendship, as no bond is stronger than that of matching footwear. I also got an A on my exam when I wore them, so I'm fairly certain they contain magical power. These socks are God's greatest gift to mankind.


Rec'd the astronomy socks for my birthday. I was an elementary teacher who taught astronomy for 30 years so was especially personal meaningful gift to me. Appreciate that the actual
constellations were pictured on the socks. Looking forward to wearing the glow in the dark socks many times.


I received my new socks as a gift as I am an OPB donor. Love these pretty, soft and very comfy socks.


I found my socks at the Kennedy Space Center. I wanted something unique that expressed my interest in space exploration and rocketry but could also be worn at a formal event. These socks were perfect. Admittedly, I was drawn to them by the graphics on the socks; sorta retro and funky. I was really pleased to find that they fit well (size 12) and were also comfortable wear.


Love my new Unicorn in Captivity Socks. I purchased through a museum gift shop web page, and now have discovered this company. Just ordered a few gifts!


I got theses cute sunflower and bumble bee socks and they were the best and cutest purchase ever! They’re so comfy and warm specially since it’s so cold where I live right now. Definitely a 5/5 pair of socks that support the planet and have fun and cute designs!


I love sock it to me masks and own multiple. They are comfortable, breathable, stay in place, and have this great technology behind them. They are a must have!
Also have their no show socks and they are my favorite! Fun patterns and love that they don’t slide off my feet. Perfect for summer flats and so much fun when you take your shoes off! Grab a few pair if you find them!


My grandsons and granddaughter love your socks! I just got a call from a grandson across the country thanking me for his socks, He is 10 and plays soccer and loves the knee high soccer socks and all the space related socks - especially the planets socks. (His grandpa wears the bigger size planets socks too! And calls them his confidence socks; ) The granddaughter likes the pastel colors. I think we will be sending them more socks for sure!


I could not pass up I believe! The best looking socks of aliens ever. Thanks for making quality socks can’t wait to do more shopping since I found y’all!!!


Look. Sometimes you buy $75 worth of socks during a pandemic, and that’s self care baby!! But really though, I’m not sure if any purchase has brought me this much joy. All of the pairs are ordered are comfortable, cute, and over all an integral part of my new morning routine. I must decide what socks I am wearing that day. Socks maketh man. Or something like that.

Anyway, I’m not sure if this is done for all orders or just those who order a massive amount of socks, but someone say their warehouse also included a very nice drawing of a dragon on my packing slip, which I thoroughly enjoyed. If you’re the one who did that: thanks!!


My best friend had to go out of town on a rather somber trip. He found his spark of happy in buying socks that fit everyone on his back home list to the T! He had as much fun finding the best ones as we did receiving them! Now we are all hooked


My mom gifted me the “Feline Spooky” socks for my birthday. As someone who collects socks, especially halloween or cat ones I was ecstatic. This is my first pair from this company and I am very impressed with the quality.


I am on my third pair of knee high's, my last pair I got was "My Otter Half" and I am just in love! Super fun, super comfy, and guaranteed to make all your friends jealous!


My husband has given me two pair of your beautiful socks. My first pair are "Starry Night" and now he gave me your rainbow knee socks for my birthday. I love how well they fit my long legs all the way up to my knee, and they "stay put." The socks are even more special knowing that you are a women-led company. Thank you for such beautiful, cool socks.


I have had the hardest time finding knee-high socks that I can comfortably wear with my large calves. I thought I'd try a pair of Sock it to Me Wide Calf socks and since that first pair I received last month I have purchased 7 more! No more squeezing into socks that are more like sausage casings! They are sooooo comfortable, they don't fall down, yet don't bind. With all the great graphics and great comfort I will be buying more.


I ordered the Starry Night knee high socks and the Booked for Meow knee high socks. Both arrived together less than one week from my order. They are amazing, cute, comfortable, cool, and I can't wait to show them off!


Man these socks are amazingly comfortable and fit just right. They ain’t to thin nor too thick my friend live em


I got the Bee's Knees knee high socks and they are super adorable! My only complain is that they itch me a little bit, maybe because I'm not used to them or my skin is a little sensitive, but I also think they are comfortable and cute! I recommend these socks to all sock-lovers! ^^


I’m really picky about my socks. The socks here are so comfortable. I love how fun the designs are. I have purchased at least 10 pairs since I got my first pair.


I received a pair of women's crew socks for Christmas. They are by far the best pair of socks that I've worn in a while. Browsing through sockittome website, i find that not only do you sell the coolest socks, but it's all for a good cause. You've definitely gained a customer!


These socks are so comfortable. I will be purchasing more in the near future!


Ran across your socks over the weekend, my hubby first saw them and said to me honey here are the socks you like to wear. So I grabbed a pair of rainbow socks and I just love the fit and how bright the colors are. They are the perfect fit. I will be buying more for sure.

Thank You for making them!



I cleared out my sock drawer to fill it up with sock it to me socks. These socks are so fun and great quality. As a nurse I am on my feet a lot. The knee highs are really therapeutic.


I love your socks they are comfortable, wash well, and the color is still bright and new after washing thank you !


Love the socks! I got the ones with the unicorn and narwhal on it. They're super comfortable and look great!


I had been searching the internet for some super cute knee-high socks made for wider calves. STRETCH IT socks are colorful, comfortable and wide-calf friendly!!! I will be coming back for more!


The socks are Amazing!! I love them so much thanks for sharing. They are so cozy. I will share with friends and family.


I got the starry night knee socks! I am in love with these socks! They are well worth the price! I'm disabled and I love they're comfortable around the calf and roomy in the toes! They are so comfy.


My family loves the socks we get from Sock It To Me! They are always well-made and they feel great. My only wish is for family bundles. We are really into matching. I wish I could find one design that was carried across all sizes, mens and women's.


I love the fact that the five pairs of socks I bought are comfy and fit well, but I more so appreciate the customer service of this company.

The small gesture of adding some stickers in with the order and a funny handwritten note is amazing. These are things you do not get from most other companies and absolutely set you apart from them as a leader in customer service.


I love my socks!! I got them as a gift and the material is amazing, the pattern doesn’t stretch when I put them on which is great! The material is warm yet cooling at the same time. I could sleep in these socks and normally I couldn’t do that! The pattern is beautiful as well, thank you guys so much!


I ordered two pairs of socks, Sasquatch Camp Out and Area 51, for Christmas gifts. I am happy to say the recipient loves them.

For my part, I thought it was very sweet that a small sheet of stickers was included with my order as well as a handwritten note on the packing slip. These are the small, personal touches that I appreciate about shopping with small businesses. I know my order was a relatively small one, but the care it was given, has guaranteed I will be a repeat customer.


Oh my was I excited, I can rarely find socks to fit my legs. I work in a pediatric clinic as well. When these arrived, I was in tears. They fit and were cute as can be. I am SUPER HAPPY my boyfriend found this site for me and can't wait to see what styles you have in store for the future.
Bless you for Blessing Me


My daughter gave me my first pair of SITMS years ago. I am still wearing them. I love them so much I ordered me, my sister, daughter & granddaughter all some. They loved them as much as I did so I have since placed two more orders. I can not say enough good about your socks. We all love them very much!! On my last order someone had taken the time to use a pink marker & put a big heart around my shipping info & do other art work on the paper. That act of caring brought a much needed smile to me. God bless everyone at SITMS.


Never could find socks to fit wide calfs, till now, they are great going to buy more.


Just bought these puppies (funny, because they have cats on them) at a record store in Downtown Boise, ID. I am absolutely IN LOVE! Took me so long to decide which pair to get because I didn't see a pair I didn't like! Also snagged a pair for my lil bro. Thanks fam!


SHORT Summary:
Great selection that my students love. Good quality. Size 7-13 socks actually fit somebody with size 13 feet. Fun SockItToMe representatives. No junk email.

More details:
Having size 13 feet, I am sick and tired of size 6-12 socks that just don't fit. Yes, that low range and being 1 number off makes a difference! And I am tire of plain white and black socks.

So when I found this website, I just ordered one pair of socks to see how they were. It was so great that I ordered 11 different pairs a few weeks later. In addition, the employee who filled my order the first time drew a good dragon on the receipt for fun. And the employee who took care of my second order not only wrote a silly haiku (upon request, albeit an odd one) but also drew a very cute picture of a sasquatch!

I am a teacher that likes to have fun in the classroom, and SockItToMe's great selection (and I'm not exaggerating) along with my random pairing of socks makes it a fun surprise for my students each day. I definitely have my eyes on a few more pairs, but will pass them along to my wife for birthday and Christmas present ideas.

And if you took the time to read my whole review, you get an A+. ;-D


Just got my first order. I bought my first pair at a novelty store in Tennessee on vacation. I got home and went straight to the website to order more. I have very large calves due to some medical issues. I can never find socks to wear, let alone knee highs... These are amazing and fit great... Thank you!!!


Love these socks! Soooo comfortable! A company with a real heart and soul, concerned about people and the environment! Yeah for you all!


I received a pair of Christmas socks. I love them! They are very soft and seem to be well made. I plan to buy a few more pairs as soon as I can choose! To many cute ones!


I can't really speak to the quality of the socks, because I sent them as a gift--but I can say that my brother-in-law loved them! I also want to say that I really appreciate how wonderful Sock It to Me is. I made a mistake on the shipping address, and I got a personal email from a person at the company, asking me to double-check. Sure enough, my mistake--I corrected it and the PERSON fixed it and made sure the socks went to the right address. I really felt SEEN as a customer! Thank you, SITM!


Excellent service from this company and cute merchandise. Ordered socks for my daughter at Christmas and was very impressed with their responsiveness when the socks hadn’t arrived by December 23rd.


I am very excited after all this time (I am in my "later" years) to find a knee sock that actually fits my big foot and large calves. The Stretch-It Wide Calf socks are WONDERFUL! Plenty of room, not too tight, and they really do stay up ALL DAY LONG!!! I have never had a pair that I don't continuously have to pull up frequently. And there is a good variety to choose from. Of course, I have ordered socks for my kids and grandkids now in styles they will appreciate. I am happy I no longer have to search for socks that work for me!


My niece gave me a pair of knee highs for Christmas. She used her own birthday money and everything. She is an amazing gift giver already! I love my Gone Fishing super stretch knee highs. Quite possibly the best socks my feet have ever known.


You guys are so wonderful! Always have amazing quality socks with wonderful designs. I appreciate the drawings you put on your receipts!!


I love these socks!! they are by far the BEST quality and most well thought out designs. Points for scientific accuracy!! I have not personally worn them- but they make great gifts. I also received a wonderful hand drawn snowman on my package :)) it made my day~~ Support this business!!!!


Got a pair of socks for xmas and I totally love them!!! Very comfy and very fun :)


These are the most amazing socks! I’ve given them for gifts, and I have a lot of pairs for myself. Always a sweet piece of art drawn on the invoice. This time I get stickers!?! Mind blown!


I got these socks for Christmas and I highly recommend these. They’re super cute! Just look at the sloths!


The pair of "A Tail of Two Composers" men's crew socks were an outstanding Christmas gift because I am an AVID ARTS ENTHUSIAST! . . .( as well as a retired arts administrator).
Kudos to the designer! And, the dark green background with the purr-fect portraits of two great composers, go great with my dark green Christmas slacks.


Love my new socks! Books and octopi are my favorite things, and with the bright blue color, soft feel, and comfortable thickness these socks are the bomb!


Bought a couple super cute pairs for my daughter—she loves them! Bonus points for the extra steps you take to make socks fun, like the stickers, the little hand drawn beast on the invoice. Love to support women-owned businesses!


Love the socks! They are so much fun! Horses with glasses on brought a smile to my face. They are so comfortable and easy to wear!


These are my favorite brand of knee high socks. The image doesn’t stretch too much so you can still enjoy the print, unlike some brands. So comfortable and fun!


My daughter got me a couple pair of your socks for Christmas, and I love them. The designs are cute, and the socks look well made. I’ll be ordering more for myself.


These socks are fantastic!!! Got them as a Christmas gift. I love them. I have been buying crazy socks for years from Happy Socks and Soxy.....I'm so glad to have been introduced to Sock It To Me


I LOVE THESE SOCKS! A friend gifted me socks from another vendor a year ago and then I picked some up here and there but the quality was lacking. When I discovered Sock It To Me, I was hooked - the whimsical designs, the high quality construction and most of all, the doodles and other extras thrown into the order box. So much to love! I'm up to about 20 pairs and my family is thinking they may need to have an intervention LOL.


I received these socks (not the kitty kat, he's already mine) for Christmas this year and they are just gorgeous. Really soft and comfortable too.



I received a pair of Christmas nutcracker dog socks. So cute, stylish and comfortable.


I received the Call Me Old Fashioned socks as a gift. They're so soft and fun. I appreciate that there wasn't any plastic!!


These socks are such great quality and super cool too! Our son loved finding them in his stocking 🧦!


These socks are amazing! I love them, a fantastic Christmas gift!


I am a sock person. I have always been a sock person. I’m not sure why it took me so long to find this company! I sent my Secret Santa the Tour de Neighborhood socks (she’s a fellow triathlete so they’re basically perfect!). Then I ordered 5 more pairs for my family! These socks are super cute and fun but also seem like they will hold up well. They are thick and have a good selection of crew height and knee height.
Thank you!


I have lymphedema in my legs. I can never find a cute knee high to fit. These are amazing! They went all the way up, do not slide down or leave "indents". I will be on the site ordering more.
Thank you does not even touch how much this means.


These socks are amazing! I recommend others to buy from this company. The quality is great!


This is just the best company Ever. They communicate, they are concerned with environment (even attach tags with Threads, not plastic - !!). I love love the quirky designs.....and I am 77. Dress conservatively - but can get nuts with these socks! SO FUN. I prefer knee high. They never slip and keep me cozy all winter. Have ordered many many and will be ordering more......Keep It Up!!!!


Love my new socks I received as a gift. They are totally my style and I can't wait to wear them! ♥️


I received a pair of Hot Sauce socks as a Christmas gift from one of my students. These socks are not only comfortable, but they’ll definitely keep my toes warm!


Beautiful and unique socks. I've purchased these socks in a local store and bought a style they didn't carry from sock it to me directly. They fit great!


Got these socks from my friend as an early Christmas present. I’m in love with them!! Super soft and fit perfectly!!


The Rainbow mask is so comfortable. It has a bendable wire at the nose section & ear strap toggles for a contoured fit. The material is soft & breathable.


I got three pairs of dinosaur socks for my birthday from a friend! the most comfortable form fitting socks ive ever had! not to mention super cute and can show my love for the dinos!! will definitely be making my own purchases after being introduced to the brand!


Received these as an early Christmas gift from one of my best friends girlfriend. WOW!! LOVE THEM!! Style and comfort to match!! I'll be looking for more music related socks!!! Thanx Cris!!!


love these socks, we sell them at my work place and its so exciting when new ones come in! Love my "bearly awake" socks they make me laugh!


I am so glad I found these socks. Most knee socks are too tight at the top so I have been cutting the top about 1" for comfort. Sometimes that means they fall down. SOCK IT TO ME works great. Not only do they fit well (my calves are about 13", but they are nice quality and fun graphics. The toe area has some excess fabric due to the stitching and bunches up in some of my shoes. The seams could be smoother, including the heel.


Best socks ever, amazing price and even more amazing designs.


I’m ready for the 2020 Holiday Season, come what may, with my Prosec-ho-ho-ho socks! They are super glittery and like all Sock It To Me products, comfortable and always fun. Keep up the good works!


All the socks are super adorable, there’s very little plastic in the packaging which I really appreciate, and the absolute legend of a human being who drew an adorable chubby shark on my bill quite literally made my day. All in all, all the love from me!!!


Love my new mask


Love my new mask


Got an awesome black facemask today, from the purveyor of the only men's briefs I choose to wear.


It met my expectation and more. They are truly below the need, good quality and beautiful.


I want to tell you how much I love your products. I have 2 drawers full of them. Perhaps I should explain. I'm a school teacher (high school) many of my students had opinions about my wardrobe and wanted to "do a makeover on" me. I didn't want this. On a whim I bought a pair of your socks. They loved them and discussed the socks rather than a trip to the mall. After that every payday I bought another pair. It became a thing. Then I learned of your once yearly warehouse sale and did a lot of my holiday shopping there. I've continued that tradition online this year. I love supporting a local company. Back before we went online I drove past your facility twice a day on my commute. Thanks for all you do!


Great sock designs and straightforward, easy process. Good shipping time. Happy customer!


I've been a customer for over 6years . I give socks as gifts and I love that they have WIDE.


Ordered the socks as a birthday present. This was during the wildfires and the website did have a warning that there would be possible delays but I was surprised that they arrived on time! The wide calf socks were a great fit; super soft, comfortable, and when worn the designs don't get warped like how it usually happens. The order receipt also had a cute drawing on it (which was an unexpected, but welcomed, surprise)! Needless to say everyone was pleased.


Awesome products and amazing customer service. My favorite touch was the hand drawn bunny unicorn on the receipt!!


My daughter is a big fan! She loves all of the bright colors and fun designs. The quality is great.


The socks showed up on time and looked great. The packing was great, the designs were funny, and the fit was nice. We will be extending our 6 month subscription


I finally found socks that are not boring and also fits my budget. They are so much fun! It did not take long to deliver despite the COVID. Good quality and workmanship.


I ordered a few different space themed socks for my brother for his birthday. I included a birthday message and as an unexpected bonus, so did the company! It was very fun to watch him open the gift over Facetime. The shipping was fast and the price very well worth the joy it gave us all.


Super fun & comfortable undies! I ordered six pairs, five were awesome (and continue to be) but one fell apart after just a couple of wears/ was the Pandacorns, not sure if there was a problem with that particular fabric? It seemed like it just sort of disintegrated in several places.


Received “Ready to Flamingle” socks from a great friend as I have a “Flamingo” party each year! Love them and can’t wait to put them on!!


Love your socks!!! I had been looking for wide calf socks and every pair I'd get that were "wide calf socks" definitely didn't pass the test. Everything your company has said about your product is true. The response I received from customer service was quick and helpful. The delivery of the socks was very fast. Plan to order more socks at a later time.


What a great company! They have cute, great quality socks that are made in S. Korea, where I'm from. My receipt even had an adorable picture of a bunny someone took the time to draw. Thank you for the smile!


They are so cute! The only con for me was that they are not made in the U.S.A.


Fast delivery. But thin material


Love the mask I bought with honey bees on it. It is comfortable, I liked that I can adjust the straps and it looks awesome. With COVID-19 I have to wear a mask everyday as the school district I teach in is trying a hybrid and my state has a mask mandate. I believe wearing a mask during this time is very important and so I might as well something that looks cool and is comfortable. ✌


All ot these socks are high quality and vibrant, as pictured. I got a pair of shimmer socks and they are gorgeous. My kid loves sloths and wears their's constantly. I wish they had some blue, black or green sloth socks for boys.
Customer service is fast and actually helpful I hope they get more designs soon and I'd love if they dropped some more shimmer socks.


Super fun products that are comfortable!


cute good quality good fit fast delivery


Great and fun prints, thumbs up for the masks. Slow to ship, but delays at the boarder understandable (ordering from Canada). Would like to request non-plastic packaging for masks and other products.


I was looking for a wide legged sock that would stay in place inside my horseback riding boots. And are going to be durable as I will be using them often. Your socks work. They aren't too warm, too thin or too thick. The elastic is just right and feels supportive on my legs and ankles while riding. Perfect for me. Thank you.


I loooove these socks! Ever since my first pair years ago I've been so hooked & now they have underwear! Every pair of these socks are soft, stretchy, vibrant in color, detailed to perfection, and just straight up goooood lookin! Everywhere I go my socks always get a complement, there's nothing like Sock It To Me! I highly recommend these socks, it's time to treat yo feet!


I fell in love in the pnw and have continued to buy these products in the heart of Texas. Great service. Long lasting products. I won’t tell you how old some of my favorite socks are but they are ancient! Recently ordered some masks and get compliments on how cute they are.


Socks are lit but I really liked the joke you guys wrote on the packing slip.. made my day.. love you


SO SO happy with my purchase!!! I got the banana skateboard socks and they were perfect for my boys!!! We love to all be matching!


Words cannot describe how fabulous your bikini undies feel! So soft and such a perfect fit! I love them! The material has not become stretched out nor have the colors faded! They still look great & feel great which is why I placed another order! Thank you, Sock It To Me! Love your company!


Wow, just wow! There are a lot of mask options suddenly flooding the market. However, this cat one one was purr-fect for me and the Sasquautch design even better for my more aloof better half. Easy fit, soft and cozy, comfortable and love the adjustable straps and nose clips. Team Sock It To Me for the win again. Thank you for helping me feel safe in the uncertain time and for always helping me look fabulous.


Best Socks EVER!! I’m an avid hiker and soccer player. Finding Socks that actually fit my calves is near impossible!! These are everything I had hoped for and more!! Still 48 years young and going!!


I discovered this brand at the gift shop of the hospital where I receive treatment for cancer and I loved their socks. Then I went on the website and saw they have underwear too! Sometimes prints will show up on a CT scan (which I’ve had to get every 60-90 days for the past 5 years). Underwear is the only item of my own clothing I’m allowed to keep on, so I always try and pick something silly in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, my doctor will see my David Bowie rock dogs or cats with laser eyes panties on the scans. And the undies are super comfortable, flattering, and very durable. This company rocks!


Best birthday present to my niece EVER!! She loved the fun gift bag and of course the super special knee socks!! Love you all!!


I ordered several of the face masks and love them. They’re fun, comfortable, and feel as if they provide really good coverage. My favorites now!


Thank you so much for stepping up to create a new product for these trying times!
I bought masks for myself and my husband. I'm grateful for the ability to adjust the straps, and they will be warm for wearing during the fall and winter.


Thank you for having a person answer the phone, that is wonderful. Socks fit. good quality. I will purchase again.Pat


Soft, breathable fabric but the straps make my ears sore. For $15 each and waiting a few months to get them, I thought they could at least put the adjuster on the mask for you. The instructions say to use a bread tie to put them together yourself. They had a chemical smell when I first opened them but that went away after washing them. I ordered 3. Probably won’t order or recommend them to anyone else. Cute patterns but not worth the wait.


I’m a plus size roller skater longing to have fun cute AND functional socks. My left leg also tends to swell from a childhood injury. The wide calf option has been gods sent. I love that there’s sooo many options I’ve never had a sock go over my calf, stay, be comfortable and cute!!!


The socks and undies I've purchased from Sock it to Me are always comfortable! The designs are so adorable and unique. I always get compliments when I wear them out. Their customer service is fantastic too! ❤️


We recently ordered two masks, as it seems we will be wearing masks from some time to come. Yours are the BEST! the toggles make it possible to fine-tune the fit, the material is comfy and breathable, and they are SO CUTE. I just love my Caturday; my husband always gets compliments on the Cheeseburger. We will order more.


I love these socks! They’re amazing and so comfortable. I really like how I can sleep with them all night without having to take them off.


I absolutely love these!!! I wear scrubs nearly every day & fun socks are how I get conversations started with patients or total They hug my legs and my feet & at the end of the day of walking on concrete and tile, I still feel great! And I recommend these to everyone! Thank you for the fun!! :)


These were pure magic. Excellent quality and the graphics are just delightful. I love this company.


I have a sock problem.
You do not help because everything is just so darn good!


Loved all the fun socks and undies, and they arrived surprisingly fast. Thanks!


My sock order for my husband was perfect! All knee high socks are made of excellent quality and loves each one of them! P.S. Though, need a "donut" design please for knee highs for men.


As soon as I found this website, I knew I was in for a treat. One of my secrets for keeping warm in the winter is knee socks, and I can no longer find any interesting (even striped ones) in New Zealand. Ordering from Sock It To Me was a pleasure. Loved the shipping confirmation (magical ponies!), and the socks only took two weeks to arrive, which is pretty quick given the distance and the international pandemic situation.

As for the socks; I feel happy just to be wearing them. I have chunky calves, and find both the regular and wide fit suit me; one is just a little looser around the calves themselves, but both stay up fine. They are warm and comfortable. They put a smile on my face and my husband is finding the daily reveal quite amusing too :-)


Unique Elephant knee highs! Great quality. Never slip down. Love them!


I bought socks from here for my gf. They are soft and obviously Hugh quality. It also came with a handwritten thank you from the team, which was a nice touch.


I bought 3 pairs of Stretch It wide calf socks for my niece's birthday, and they were so cute I was jealous. I immediately ordered 4 more pairs (1 more for her, 3 for me). Super cute, comfy, perfect for roller skating. Great service and quick shipping!


The undies are very comfy, fit great and whoever packed my order drew a very cute dragon on the packing slip that made my day!


I love the fun designs and tons of choices! I work in healthcare and wear a pair every day! They aren't tight like compression socks but do have some elasticity and give similar comfort and feel of compression socks without the difficulty of fighting to put them on.


Socks that outlive it's time and withhold their quality throughout the galaxy AND add fun to our colorless wardrobes!


good socks


Not the best. Bought socks for all my bridesmaids and then the cake fell over


Lots of fun choices. Love your socks !


Service is exemplary! Word.


Absolutely love these socks, get new ones when I find them but ordered from the website this time, received them internationally with no issues. Thanks


I been buying couple times socks from sockittome there excellent good material there all beautiful I totally recommend them


I bought the Buzz Words face mask and it's the most comfortable kind that I've tried. It fits my face and the adjustable straps work well. The bendable wire makes it fit well on my nose, so less need to readjust. I wear it nearly my entire shift and it's great.


Absolutely the best prints on underwear around, and they are very comfortable! I bought a few for myself and a couple for my friend as a gift! She LOVED them!!! So happy to spread the joy!


I bought these for my son and he loved them. Especially the Einstein and the constellations


Finally, knee sox that fit wide calfs. Just received the pair I ordered and they are perfect and so cute! I've got my eye on 2 more pair. Thank you so much.



Super sock fan here and me oh my I scored on the Memorial Day sale!!!


Been a loyal customer for years! I'm known for my crazy and interesting socks. Always comfy, always great designs. My partner and I love wearing SITM brand


I had a great ordering experience! The socks are exactly what I wanted.


The socks I ordered are great. They are very comfortable and fit great. The colors are so vibrant. Ordering was easy and shipping was very fast.


Your socks make me happy. A little whimsy to
start my day and the elastic construction is great for my legs. Win, win. I love them.


Absolutely love all of the socks I have purchased from them. Their team is amazing and helpful.


These socks were the perfect gift for a friend of mine whose personality matched the design. What made this so great however was the incredibly quick service and the touch of whimsy in all areas of the experience. I knew it was going to be good when the outside of the package read, “it’s me! I’m here!” It felt great to get a good laugh in the middle of all of the COVID-19 grief. Thanks so much and you’ll be the first contact I make when I’m in the market for a new pair of socks!


Great quality socks. I have a horse and these socks are wonderful with my riding boots. I live in Las Vegas so our summers are miserable and your socks are comfortable even in our extreme temperatures.


Hi, as usual we love your socks! Sadly we still have not received our masks. We hope they arrive soon. Thanks.


Love the socks! They were a great fit and the print is like no other out there. To add to my experience, the service was amazing and I received my order early, which was great, since it was for a birthday present.


Love these socks! Great value and they fit perfectly. Will definitely be buying more.


Great quality! Love them!


These socks were gifts for recent hs graduates. We found perfect themes for their chosen future major interests and it was fun to include them in their celebration!


I have at least 20 of those socks, they are well made, fun, and they last forever! I wear them to work, and wash after wash, they are holding their shape and quality :)
Oh, the stickers....thank you!!!!


Absolutely love the line of Stretch-It knee high socks! I was so excited to see that they were made for people with extra large calves. They fit perfectly and the quality can not be beat! They recently had a warehouse sale and I ordered a bunch of crew socks and they fit perfectly as well! I originally bought their socks to wear them with my scrubs since I have to be in uniform for school except for my socks. Can not recommend enough!!!


Socks are beautiful and the perfect gift for Father's Day.


I bought these for my boyfriend and her loves them. He wears Crocs for his job and loves to wear funky socks to go with them!!


The socks are so beautiful and fit great! I love the fun designs and the cute stickers that came with them for free.


I love them. My order arrived very quickly as well. I can't wait for more designs in the wide calf option.


My Son specifically asked for some Monster Truck socks ... so glad I found y’all! He absolutely loves his socks!


I heckin love my new feet coverings. Everyday is cool sock day.


Grandkid's loved their socks and can't wait to receive their face masks


I ordered from you the first time last year for a Christmas present for my son and his girlfriend. They loved everything they got! My son's birthday was this month and when I asked him what he wanted he said he loved the socks he got for Christmas. He lives in Denver, CO and I'm in Portland, OR, so sending him gifts is so much easier when someone else sends them. He got his new socks on time and loves them. You all ROCK!


They were the perfect gift for my mother! She absolutely loved them, and I was thrilled about how fast the shipping was! They made it right on time for Mother’s Day!


The socks were "Really Cute." What impressed me was the super fast delivery. During this time, every company has used the virus as an excuse to slow things way down, "Sock it to Me" is not one of those companies. Three days from ordering to my doorstep is amazing!


My son loves his socks! Great service and lighting fast delivery! Will definitely order again!


Great Socks and Fast Delivery. Will order again.


I am all about supporting local businesses and during this crazy time in our world, I wanted to bring some smiles to the kiddos I am lucky enough to be an Auntie too. I sent your socks around Oregon and some all the way to Kentucky! The kids LOVED them. One of the 5 yr old girls actually said she loved her socks because they were so soft (the shimmer girl power socks). Also participated in the donation drive for health care workers. So proud you guys are in P-Town!


I learned about Sock it to Me because they make Lil Bub's socks. They were the best socks I ever owned so I needed more. Great quality, great designs and awesome customer service!


Love these socks. Great quality. Shipped fast.


Sock it to Me Socks are creative, durable, and one of a kind....all the things that are SOOOOO PORTLAND! I love to buy these comfortable, well-made socks for my teens who enjoy wearing shorts and knee highs year round. Who needs actual pants when you can wear socks?


My daughter LOVES your socks! This monthly subscription for her has been the best find! She works for the Forest Preserve and wears a uniform except for her socks. She loves the variety of your socks for whatever her mood dictates. Thank you!


I bought these as a gift. The receiver loves the socks. Every month she sends me a picture of what came and it never fails, she always has a huge smile on her face! Thank you for the great service!


These socks are super comfortable and cute. I get so many comments when I wear these with skirts. Plus when my order was shipped, someone drew a dog on my receipt.


I absolutely love being able to buy amazing socks that work into my feminist life and know they are ethically made, owned by women and are local.


I love these socks! They're so cute and comfy. The service is also amazing. I had questions before my order that were answered quickly and then there was a hand-written thank you on the invoice.


Great quality. Just in time for the office sock off.


The socks are always a hit! I bought them as gifts and the designs never fail to please and delight. The quality is much higher than most novelty socks. They hold up with wear & laundering.


Quick service! I ordered the Ada Lovelace socks for my Girls Who Code club and they loved them! Please make more socks for girls who love to code.


Absolutely love this company! They have such fun designs at good prices & the quality is great.


I have ordered multiple times from Sock It To Me since 2016 and continue to purchase from them because their products are great, as is their customer service.


This was my second order with Sock-It-To-Me and both went supremely well. Very quick turnaround and just the right amount of communication. Best of all, the eight pairs of socks I now own are great.


I loved my first order of socks so much, I had to place another order for the rest of my family! They’re a great fit and the prints are fun!


I placed my first Sock It To Me order and love the socks! I'm sending a pair or two a month to my daughter who lives out of state. She mentioned the socks to me! Bees Knees and Flower Power to start her spring!


I love these subscription boxes, they are the perfect gifts! Your designs are fun and unique and I love the names you have for each one!

One thing that would be great is to send the follow up/review emails to the person who is getting the gift instead of the sender so they can also provide positive reviews and feedback.

My mom is enjoying her box but has been getting a pair of knee-highs in each one- she loves the designs but the style is just not comfortable for her so she won't wear them. I've encouraged her to re-gift, we'll find someone to love them!


Sock It to Me, are you the best company ever? The delivery was quick, the communication was quick, and everything looks exactly as pictured on the website! A special thank you for the cool stickers AND a drawing of a fox on my invoice (it's on my wall now). It made my day in self-isolation better!


Great socks, I ended up getting laboratory instead of the s'mores socks I ordered and barely even cared. Good sign I'm thinking!


Rather than write a review for each of the pairs of socks I ordered suffice it to say I was very happy with all. high quality, vivid colors and exactly as pictured. Delivery was on time and I will be ordering again soon. Thank you!


I love these socks! They are so beautiful :-)


I purchased a pair for each of my 10 grandchildren. The variety was excellent to chose from, captures all their personalities. I just received them yesterday, they are going to love them.


I love everything about this company. From the products sold to the way the items are packed. It's always a fun time receiving something from here!


My fiancée bought me two pairs for Christmas to wear while I deadlift. I have just purchased another two pairs. Very fun designs, comfy and hard wearing. Will definitely be buying more.


Love the socks - got some for myself and my granddaughters. I really like the crew socks with the tops that fold over. I bought the kitten and bee ones.


I love socks and they are great gifts. I send these instead of a card for birthday s, getwells, and everyone loves getting them


My daughter bought me 2 fabulous pair of Sock It To Me extra wide calf knee socks as a part of her holiday gifts to me. Those were my favorite gifts. I love those socks. As soon as I had a little cash to spare, I treated myself to a pair of the "Bad Ass" extra wide calf socks. I don't know what kind of technology or magic is used to keep the design true over large calves, but I'm so glad you use it. Before these socks my only options were very ugly socks that were mostly just extra large calf socks that were very expensive and ugly. No more of either of that for me now that I'm proud member of the Sock It To Me socks family.


Love these socks! Bought all over powell’s in Oregon and nice lady at the pdx airport told me about the online store! Since I live in Florida I was so happy to hear that. I have an addiction to your guys socks. And loved the shipping label with a cute dinosaur drawn on it!!!!


Love the socks!! Great customer service!! Will definitely order more and will definitely recommend to others.


Extreme quality socks. Delivery took only 10 days to arrive at my home in Spain. Very very happy with your shipment. I will back to buy them


Your socks are fun! Great designs, colors, and fabrics.
They're so comfortable too.


My grandsons have "crazy sock day" at school. They were so excited. No one will have these and they decided to wear one of each to really be "crazy".


First of all...FIRST OF ALL: while my order (for Valentine's Day btw) was in route I checked it with UPS tracking and discovered that UPS had lost the package somewhere on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan...when I called SockItToMe up on the phone, would you believe I actually got a real human who talked to me and helped me? YES! It was an incredible experience in today's poor quality customer service expected society...THANK YOU SOCK IT TO ME...would you believe the order actually arrived on time, became a wonderful and thoughtful unique gift for my honey, and I can't say thank you enough - Thank you - it's great merchandise and the shipping was not a problem with them at all.


Amazing socks and amazing customer service. I never expected to be so impressed with a sock delivery. I want to frame the drawing on my invoice. Thank you for making the experience special.


I love your socks !!!! The designs are so much fun. They come in a package that doesn't waste space, arrive quickly. The fit is great I haven't been able to wear knee highs for years because of sizing. Found my first pair in a small shop on vacation and from then on I was hooked. I have a different pair for everyday for a month. One of my coworkers got such a kick out of my love for these socks she bought me a couple pair. I work retail and get comments every day how people love the socks. It makes my day to make someone else smile. Thanks


Love the socks! Very comfortable! Thanks!!


Your clever and unique sock designs are SO hard to pass up (which is why I have a full sock drawer - as does my daughter), and also well loved by my colleagues at work. But the real kicker is the addition of special touches like stickers, Valentines, and the drawing that someone takes the time to make on each invoice! You can feel the heart and soul in this company, and their love of their customers. Thank you!


The socks are very cute and we’re delivered quickly. I appreciate the small package and the extra goodies. The socks were described as knee socks, but only came up to mid calf on my 8 yo daughter. It’s her own personal style to wear super long socks, so I was disappointed by the length.


I love my new socks! The delivery was was quick. I love the added touches to my order, the stickers, Valentine's cards and the Pelican drawing on my receipt. It shows you really appreciate your customers. Although, I really don't need any more socks. But, I will definitely will be returning. Unless, you have a sock program for the homeless....hmmm?


Great service with awesome socks! Loved the little "extras," like the amazing drawing on a squirrel canoeing that was on my receipt!


The #onehundredpercentgoodhusband gifted me with a pair of the unicorn socks and I fell immediately in love. I just had to have more. Now I have seven pairs—one for each day!


Ordered 3 pair of Cat themed knee socks for my daughter for her birthday. They came quickly and are adorable!! she loves them. Will definitely order again!!
PS The cat drawing on the receipt is hanging on her bedroom wall. SO CUTE!


Socks are nice quality, soft, and fit my 18 month old and 3 year old well. Nice and high to keep little legs warm. And the designs are so fun! Customer service was awesome when I had a questions and whoever drew an amazing dragon in highlighter on our receipt is my favorite human. My kid hung it on her wall!


The socks are really cute and comfortable. I liked how I got some fun stickers with my order, too.


I ordered these socks for my 4 year old great nephew that is in the middle of a fight against cancer and loves airplanes. He loved the socks! My only complaint is that there was only one pair of youth socks with airplanes on them. There are so many for adults.....please consider adding more airplane designs for children.


Perfect gift for office exchange. Love the detail in the overall experience, Unicorn shipping label and stickers were great!


The socks arrived quickly and as ordered. My spouse loved them!!!:) The slipping package even had a cute shark drawn on it which was a nice personal touch.


I bought a 6 month subscription for my husband- an elementary school Principal who makes a point of wearing a different tie every day... so why not start a trend with socks too?! The recent box had the fantastic "Work It" socks, cool retro looking brain power message, and the "Super Powers" socks might just get borrowed now and again! We LOVE the monthly shipments, and might extend them to continue enjoying!


Loved the socks and pin so much! It’s perfect for my outfit. When I dress business casual for my hobby I like to tie in my whole outfit (Socks, Tie pin and sometimes a pocket square) and fun socks are so much better so Sock it to me is a must!


Love your socks - great designs, quality and fit. Customer support and packing & shipping also outstanding!!


I ordered a number of pairs for my 13 yr old grandson; he "loved" them. The quality is great and customer service was beyond !! Thanks so much will definitely be ordering more !


Store was easy to navigate even on my iPhone so that made selecting the socks easy and shipping them to my friend was also easy. She loves the tacosaurus socks and says they are good quality socks :)


I just bought my first pair of sock it to me socks yesterday at Powell's. I am a knitter so the kitten knittin socks caught my attention. When I got ready to wear them today, I was happy to discover that there is no plastic hook to remove. Thank you for helping the environment in this way. I was also intrigued by the "free gift" paragraph on the pack of the label.


The socks were great. As a Christmas gift you can't find anything better. The socks were received well in time and everyone was happy. Including me, as the buyer. Thanks again!


This was a last minute purchase and I thought I was going to have to label this one a "New Year's Eve" gift. But the order arrived on Christmas Eve-- earlier than expected. I was very pleased to be able to use these as the stocking stuffers I had hoped for.
Thanks for your excellent service!


Love the playful spirit of this brand so much! Shipping was quick, product came as advertised, my friends and family have loved their gifts!


Always a pleasure doing business with you! Unfortunately, I procrastinated and lost out on a couple of pairs. I hope you'll be restocking! Meanwhile, I found great alternatives. Thanks for your great ideas and terrific service.


I love love love these socks!!! The stretch it fit great!


Christmas gift exchange a perfect reason to order socks from Sock it to Me! Because of your many designs, I was able to find appropriate, fun, funny, and well-fitting socks for all of those with whom I was exchanging. They were sent quickly, and even though one pair was incorrect, I was able to clear that up immediately and got the correct pair. Thank you so much for the fun your creativity gave us all!


Great Xmas stocking stuffers...loved by all and quick shipping even at holidays.


Thank you Sock It To Me! I ordered the Rocket Socks for a grandfather and three grandkid combo, every sock matched perfectly with the others and the joy on little and big grandbuddies was way more than I could’ve asked for! You guys got my order here so quick and I can’t thank you enough. Would highly, highly, highly recommend Sock It To Me!


My granddaughter loved all of them. I'll remember you when she hs a birthday or other holiday.


Love these socks and the options for wide calves. It is hard to find cute, fun socks in this option. I also enjoy the personalization on my receipts. Thank you for a great product!


These socks are amazing! Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect gifts!


I bought your super stretchy as a gift for someone who has wide calves. He was pretty much over the moon about them. He said he has looked for years for rainbow socks that actually fit him. He said that they fit well and feel great. Thanks!


I moved to Portland 13 years ago and have been a fan of yours since I stumbled upon your booth at the Saturday Market. I give your socks as gifts every Christmas, especially delighting in the fact that I can gift my sister and my niece matching socks every year. For me, I super appreciate the wide-calf sock selection, which allows me to participate in the Sock It To Me fun.


Sock-it-to-me knee socks were a perfect STOCKING present on Christmas for everyone in my family - and a bit hit. Designs chosen for the person to whom they were given and they LOVE them! (I love them too, and continue wearing my favorites from previous orders). I will be back. Knee socks keep the rest of your body warm in winter!


This was my first time ordering Sock It Me. I was impressed with the quality of the socks and the speed at which they were delivered. I will definitely be a repeat customer.


Your selection of socks were great as gifts to my staff at work. Each pair of socks represented that person in one way or another ... Eiffel Tower socks for the gal who visited Paris this past summer, dogs for the individual who walks his dog at lunch, cats and fish for the gal who has a non-profit cat rescue, etc. I had to get some of your socks off of Amazon and I couldn't purchase the Portland Trailblazer socks through you, although I tried. I cannot comment on the wash and wear, but I do know everyone LOVED their socks!!


The socks looked great on all of our feet. Adults and kids alike.


I loved that I received two completely different styles of socks. Such fun prints too!


My son asked for your socks for Christmas. I had so much fun exploring all the possibilities. Cant say whether I like socks or their great names more. Ended up buying not only for my son but my granddaughter and grandsons as well. Great customer service also.


Love your socks. Lots of laughs at Christmas


I first discovered Sock it to me when I was given a pair as a gift a few years ago (gray with bicycles, you still carry them) and I loved them. There are lots of "fun" socks out there, but not all are good quality and hold up well to wear and washings - these socks do! I liked them so much a searched until I found where they came from. Now I give them as gifts too! I also love the fit and size options. As a woman with a size 10.5/11 shoes size, many fun socks for women are cut to fit up to a size 9, and they never fit right or feel good. I love how these socks fit and feel!


The quality is awesome! The socks I purchased are gifts so can't really attest to the comfort and feel of them. But they sure do feel like a quality product. Excited to give them for our Sock Exchange.


I bought these socks for myself and my boyfriend about a year ago. We both love them. We love them so much that I decided to get some of our family members a pair for Christmas this year. I love all the different designs. There’s a pair for every person. Extremely happy with the socks and will always choose sock it to me for the future!


My wife loves your sock in the wide calf size! We got similar socks from another site but they squeezed her legs so much she was uncomfortable all day and had to stretch them out before she wore them. Your socks are comfortable and look fantastic. She always gets positive comments from them at work. The only downside: bring on more choices!


I am obsessed with these socks. My family is too. And people are getting them for the holidays.


The socks are really thick and nice feeling. The sayings are funny. I was pleasant surprised at the quality.


I get these socks every year for stocking stuffers and they are always a hit!! Love them!


For xmas gifts and for me .
A great fashion statement.
I'm 77 and love buying items that ate super interesting.


I love your guys’ products, my friends and my boyfriend always love opening up these socks on Christmas!


First knee high socks that didn't hurt me in years. Had varicose veins removed below the knee. Had scar tissue also from the surgery. Could not wear high socks. Now I can! Cool designs as well. Nice, light compression as well. Have three pairs now and love them.


I love these socks so much! Perfect Christmas Presents, really cute designs!


Bought these f
or a gift. Fun and unique!


Love them! Can’t wait to see more funny designs for boys


Great socks! Came quickly. One happy little girl here!


Absolutely adorable


Order arrived quickly. The socks were spectacular and well made.


Love the socks and get great compliments


Carrie is A way distant relative and I am so proud of the business she has built and the wonderful quality of her socks! My family gets socks in their Christmas sock every year


Great socks (good quality fabric, art matches the pictures, super fun), super cool communication and quick delivery! Overall a great shopping experience!


Love,love,love these socks!


Great socks. Sturdy and super fun designs. My order arrived in a timely fashion.


I love the extra effort the company did at ensuring my product was extra special. I cannot wait to gift them for Christmas :)


So colorful.
So cute.
I want, I need,I must have more!


Bought these socks for Christmas gifts. everyone will love them.


This was a birthday gift for my sister and she was surprised! She was impressed with the variety I chose and the quality. Awesome!!!!


So comfortable. So fun. I can’t get enough of them! I also loved the custom drawing on my receipt


I first got socks from sock it to me two years ago as a birthday present and I fell in love. The quality is amazing and there seems to be no end of new designs to choose from. I loved the company before I even bought online and when I did my rating could only go up. In the bag were the socks but some extra little things that made it feel very personalized. They obviously take a lot of care and pride in putting together orders and making sure people are satisfied. I recommend this brand every time I get compliments on my knee high socks


We have been buying these socks for years and adore them! So comfortable, fun designs, and go all the way up to our knees (and stay there all day)! They wear and wash really well, lasting a long time. Can't wait for our next orders! Love them!


These socks are great quality and just as nice as they are advertised on the website! Would highly recommend. I will definitely be buying more!


Socks are great quality and exactly what I was looking for! Website is user friendly and shipping was fast and easy!


All the socks I have received are terrific, so much so I bought more. LOL!!

Love the variety!!


Love your socks, I buy for everyone in my family. My grandson loves wearing your super hero socks makes him feel good.


To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed. I had some old Sock It To Me socks that I loooved, and was excited to do a sock drawer overhaul with a whole new set of them.
This new batch seems sized differently such that the foot is too long and I have extra in front of my toes or creeping up the back of my heel.
Also, the socks seem to have less cotton in them. Even choosing ones with higher percentage of cotton, they feel polyester-y against my skin.
I've worn and washed several pairs in my order to see if it was a difference in pattern, etc. But considering returning the rest if these don't start to feel more like my originals in a few more washes.


I picked up my first pair in Portland while on vacation and immediately ordered more when I got home. They are without question my favorite socks, not only because of the amazing designs but the fit and comfort. LOVE these socks!


The socks are so fun, they make great gifts for everyone on my list


Whilst my daughter loves the socks, she was particularly taken by the little extras - she received a surprise cloth badge and someone had chosen to draw a Halloween pumpkin on the receipt - keep up the good work, its the little things that make customer loyal.


The socks are great! I gave them as a gifts and everyone was happy. Will buy more !


Absolutely love these socks! Always awesome designs and they are super comfy!


My daughter loves your socks. She loves to wear them to play basketball in. She always gets compliments and has started a trend of other girls wearing them. They are well made, comfy and priced really well!


Your socks are so much fun. I love them. I have many pairs and have worn out so many more. I wish you had more available in the STRETCH IT line. They are so comfortable.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR SOCKS!! I dress according to what socks I wear that day. People are always looking to see what I’m wearing, call me the “sock lady”, and of course, I send them to your website. THANKS for the FUN


I was looking for cool socks for my 2 sons as they enjoy wearing them. The quality is much better than I thought it would be and I am sure my sons will enjoy them in their Christmas stocking. They will want more once they wear them!


Nice socks but I have to brag on customer service. The socks were purchased for spirit day. A pair was overlooked and not in the package. Sock It To Me got them rushed out and to me just in time for my son’s crazy sock day. Thank you so much! You are awesome!


I love these socks. I have nothing but good things to say about Sock it to Me! The socks wash so well. My favorite are the..., just kidding it's every pair I have. This newest order was all about Christmas gifts. Share the best socks ever. Socks for everyone.


Awesome socks! High quality. Fun patterns.


i love all the socks i've ordered for my daughter. they are colorful and fun, but more importantly are well made. i also love the customer service. prompt service always.


I bought the Dogs of Rock and Sweater Weather knee socks for my sister. She has a pet sitting service and she loved them! She has a prosthetic leg and usually wears knee socks so it was super nice to find such a nice selection for her. Thanks!


Love, love, love this company. The socks are great and the customer service even better. I had an issue once where they sent 2 pairs of the same socks. They were great when I called and immediately sent the pair I ordered. Also love the personalized drawings on the shipping invoice. Highly recommend!


The space shuttle socks were amazing! They looked great on our softball team for our Halloween tournament. The socks were great quality! I especially loved the personalized invoice with the hand drawn space cat on it! I would definitely recommend this company to everyone!


I love the rainbow stripped socks I purchased!! They are super comfy and the colors are so bright & pretty! Plus, they fit my wide calves without distorting the pattern or cutting into my skin. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!!


Great. High quality and the details included on my invoice was amazing. They definitely go above and beyond.


Great socks, Came fast, Look exactly like ordered.
Will be great for my next rave!


I got my order and love all the socks I purchased! The color is great and they are awesome =) just one minus * because the socks are way higher than in the picture or described, as I am a small person the socks go over my knees instead of under ... the other thing is the tracking was not working... but love my socks ;)


Live the designs...more over the calf selections please! Absolutely the best designs I have found!


Love This Company!


Love the socks, if I could give them 10 stars I would fast shipping and feels GREAT


My 8-year-old son LOVES his knee socks!!! He wears a uniform to school, but is able to individualize and express his personal style through his socks. They are also perfect for lMinnesota winters, being warm and long enough to wear inside snow boots. Thank you!


Love them. Always appreciate creative sock designs


I love Sock it to me. We have been long time customers who bought at museums or boutiques when travelling. So happy we ordered straight from the source! So many wonderful patterns to choose from. Love that they are cotton blends. The socks feel soft and wash soft. Thanks for a great product!


These socks are so well made. I ordered them for my 7 year old daughter and I am happy with the quality. She loves the designs. I will be ordering many more.


Love the socks! On a recent order I received a free pair of socks. The holy guacamole socks are awesome! Thank you!


I thought I was only ordering womans socks this time. But somehow I ordered 2 pairs of men's crew socks. And they were ones I really wanted for me. Both pairs were Aliens. Maybe you don't have that style for women. I kept clicking on women's crew. But somehow I missed. My grandson likes sock it to me also. He likes the fit. Not sure if he likes Aliens as much as i do but he gets 2 pairs with aliens. I may go look again to see if you have those same ones for woman. Oh we i love all the others. I have ordered several times. Thank you.


I searched the earth to find socks that my autistic/ADHD son could withstand! And here, I found socks he loves, making him "feel better"! It truly is the small things that make the biggest impact! Thank you so very kindly!


Just adore the range of designs. The only problem shopping was when to stop :-) Delivery was very quick. They were coming to Western Australia. Will be back for more.


A couple of old high school friends and I wanted to send a care package to one of our buddies who is currently on base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We were thinking about what to send him, and I suggested some fun socks from Sock It To Me because I had ordered from them in the past and loved the product. We included two pairs of socks in the care package and I just know that it will put a smile on his face when he sees them (and wears them). Love all the variety with the products and the quality has proven to be pretty great.


I have twin granddaughters who are turning 12. One of them is obsessed with socks. For Christmas last year that was the only thing she wanted, and now she spelled out exactly which ones she wanted for her birthday. They arrived in a timely manner and when she opened the package she was extremely happy! I don't know what her fascination for socks is all about. But socks are what she is known for. She recently ran a half marathon in Boston and wore her cheetah socks for the event. Here it is 90 degrees out and she insists on wearing knee high socks to bed! I am sure she will be a customer for life!


My husband loved the socks I got him for his birthday! I love all of the colorful designs you have and especially love the "VOTE" and "GOOOOAL" socks. The socks were shipped very quickly and even arrived with a "Saved by the Bell" trading card and a hand-drawn picture. I love the quirky, personal touches. Thanks for being you and for being an awesome company!


My grandson loved his new socks for his birthday!


I found your socks at DSW about 2 years ago, then I found them at a store in Milwaukee WI, then I could not find them anywhere! Surprise I found the receipt from the store in Milwaukee!!!!! Went on your website and bought 5 pair!!!! I love your socks!!!!!!! They are so comfortable and wear well!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! I will be ordering more!!!!


I love Sock it to me socks and the whole attitude of the company. I buy lots of socks there and wear them every day.
The only problems I have had are the toes and heels wearing out fairly quickly--I do sew them up so I can wear them longer. Also I recently bought three pairs of the no-show socks. Two of the pairs stay on my feet all day but one of the pairs won't stay on even just to put on shoes!


Fun socks that fit. Finally. Thank you!!


I've been buying Sock It To Me socks elsewhere for awhile, but from now on I'll always buy directly from the company! There's an amazing selection of socks for every conceivable event or situation, and the service was beyond fantastic. I felt like I was buying from people, vs a faceless corporation. The little added touches were delightful, from the rainy day cat drawn on the receipt to the Saved By the Bell trading card included in the shipment. Oh, and I got exactly what I ordered too! I feel that needs to be mentioned because it doesn't always happen with other companies I buy from. The only thing that made me a little uncomfortable was not having an option whether or not to save my credit card info. Still, the overall experience was terrific and I've told all my sock wearing friends about it.


I got a really nice pair of socks, someone even drew a cool monkey on the receipt!!! Sock it to me is pretty cool, I recommend this brand.


I have soooo many pairs, hands down my favorite thing to wear at work...7 hours a day on my feet running around a hospital kitchen, these socks act almost like compression socks, but much more fun!


Love every pair!


These socks are not my usual cup o' tea, but the price was too good to resist & the designs are always ah-mazing!


All sock it to me socks are amazing. They're fun and comfortable. I highly recommend them to everyone!


Great quality! And unique designs!


Appreciate the quality. Thank you.


The majority of the socks in my recent order are going to be future gifts. I love the variety and the fact the knee highs actually stay up....all day!


I love my sock it to me's! I have almost 100 pairs! It's an addiction! But they are fun and well made


BEST SOCKS EVER! No to mention the amazing customer service when the USPS lost my package. This company was ultra fast in responding to my concerns and were super helpful. Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it!


I love the socks! So many great designs to choose from, I had a hard time limiting myself. My only complaint/request would be to have all sock options in Sm and Lrg, rather than split the designs as Men's vs. Women's. Most of the socks I wanted only came in Men's so they're pretty uncomfortable with all that extra fabric stuffed into my shoes. Break the stereotypes, Sock It To Me! Women like dinosaurs and dark colors too. Don't make us choose between fashion and comfort.


I love all the different designs!


The products are great & getting original artwork on my invoice makes me crazy happy for some reason.


Quality products, unique designs, timely delivery. Highly recommend and will use again.


Love these socks , I've gifted them to family and friends , the selection is second to none , I've purchased close to 25 pairs so far and I'm never disappointed , great company.


They fit my calf’s and tiny feet!!! They come to the right length on me and the designs are everything! Almost cried from happiness when I put them on!


I ordered the “cone of shame” socks. They’re hilarious! My order arrived promptly and are great quality. Love them!


I love Sock it to Me stuff!

I’ve been a fan of their Einstein socks and Jackie’s, and recently bought more.

When shopping, I saw the Tesla sox. Since our son owns a spiffy Tesla, I bought a pair for him. He loved them!


Love it, Love it, Love it. I got the subscription as a present for my daughter and I have been thrilled with all of your selections. Keep up the good work.


I love all of the socks I've bought from this fabulous company. They have the best assortment of socks and their staff is wonderful...The socks are of outstanding quality, not shrinking to half their size once washed, as many other brands tend to do. I no longer look anywhere else for socks...I just go to


I got socks for my classmates and they look amazing! the colors are vivid and the prints are clear and neat! would recommend these to any sock lovers!


These sox were just what we expected! We needed them to arrive by a certain date and customer service made that happen! Highly recommend!


I freaking love my sock it to me undies! The prints are adorable and they actually fit my extra fluffy butt (#mombod)! I had one issue with a pair that had a bad seam and they replaced it right away. I bought a pair in every single pattern available in my size and style of choice and I hope they come out with more prints. I’ll be back to buy the others. Some sweet bonuses are the “retro” SBTB college years trading cards they include, and the fun doodles on the packing slip. Love the personal touch.


Of course, I’m totally in LOVE with your socks and am known as the “Sock Lady” at my shows. Folks look forward to seeing what I have new. I always promote you all. Thanks and have A LOVELY DAY!


Amazing socks!!!


When my son moved to Pittsburgh, he took his Portland bridge socks.
Pittsburgh is known as "The City of Bridges". He was able to educate his new friends about other bridge cities!! Now he is moving back and I have a new pair of chicken and waffle socks for him. Yay for Sock It To Me!
The women's underwear are totally comfortable and really cute!!


Purchased 3 pair as gift for 4 year old birthday girl. She absolutely loved them!


I have been ordering with these guys for years. I love your variety! Let me know if you need help with sock designs ;)


Great service and products. Always looking forward to new designs.


I ordered 4 pairs of kid socks with dogs on them as a birthday present for an 8 year old who is obsessed with dogs. She loved the adorable socks AND the super cute dog drawing someone did on the receipt! Thanks!


First time I have ever bought some underwear online, I was at first skeptical since I never buy clothes online because I would rather try on my clothes before buying them (especially underwear!) However I was pleasantly surprised by the fit and feel of them! They are nice and cozy, even though I'm not a huge fan of lace, it's not an issue or in the way. As always, love the designs from Sock it to me, they are always cute!


I loved my wide calf knee hi socks so much I ordered 6 more pairs.


My kids love their matching socks (especially the dragon ones) and the hand drawn dragon on the invoice was such a great touch! They loved it!


A cute furry monster drawn on my invoice - really made my day!
And quality product. Love you goofy people!


I bought four pairs of socks for my sister as a gift, she loves crazy socks,and she absolutely loves them! She loves how comfortable they are, and how the designs stay intact and don't get stretched out while wearing them. So coming from a sock lover, the quality is amazing. This is definitely my new go to site for socks.


I ordered around 10 pairs and left a note on the order about how much I loved the designs. When I got the package I was overjoyed! So happy in fact, I threw away the packaging in a hurry to try them on. I then thought "you know, this company is so quirky I should check to see if they did something funny with the order slip" -- glad I did! I laughed SO HARD when I found a Saved By The Bell card featuring Zack Morris (where did you find even find this?!) - I have it on my office desk and will always cherish it. The order slip also had an AMAZINGLY well drawn shark on it with a heart. I can't tell you how happy this made me. I told all my friends, and I hope they find equal happiness in interacting with your team :-). Stay quirky, stay fun, and keep up the great quality.


You know when you order something online and it's even better than what you expected - That is my order of socks! Got some jackalopes and cassette tape socks and they are amazing (esp the jackalopes). Someone even drew a jackalope on my shipping invoice thing and I love it! Definitely look forward to getting more socks in the future!


Speedy service and was that a hand-drawn unicorn on the receipt? Quality socks with great designs- really puts a smile on our faces when putting them on.


Great St Payrick day green. Love them all. Super fun.


I bought socks for 3 people in my order; we all loved them. The designs are so cute & the quality is awesome – perfect weight – not too heavy, but substantial and of very good quality.


Excellent socks - exactly as advertised, exactly what I wanted. Hold up wonderfully when washed.


I seriously love my Otter Half socks!! I bought a pair for me and my boyfriend and I will definitely be making another purchase soon


Wonderful socks by wonderful people!
Not only do I LOVE each pair of socks I have ordered, but somebody also put a nice drawing and a random "Saved By the Bell" card in my package, which I found very lovely and charming. Totally made my day :D
Can't wait to order again!


My brother and nephew and Sister in Law and niece are taking their own special Spring Break vacations this year. As the “guys” are going to watch a soccer game IN LONDON, the matching Junior and Men’s soccer socks were perfect!! The ladies haven’t quite decided where their adventure will take them yet, but they both love ice cream. The matching junior and ladies’ ice cream socks were perfect for them!
Ordering was quick and easy; the socks arrived within a week without extra fee, and everyone on our list was excited for both the unexpected gifts of awesome socks, and the matching with their respective travelers!


These socks are not just socks. They really are like wrapping yourself in joy and happiness. We love you guys so much. Thank you for sending so much love to us with each order. The art and quality of each item is fantastic. Thank you for what you do! We will continue to come back, time after time. -The entire Larrison family


Great experience shopping w/Sock It To Me! Their passion and enthusiasm about their product was clearly evident when I needed to consult w/customer service, it was truly refreshing to speak w/humans who actually wanted to provide 5 star customer experience!


Knee highs are my favourite! Made so many people smile wearing your socks, some people think i am crazy but in a good way! Love your socks, can we get some sexy knee high stockings designed too? I picked up some lovely ones in paris on holiday and have never found them since. Thankyou.


Received some shark knee highs for my son today that I ordered for fun sock day at school! He’s so pumped about these, they’re so cool! We can’t wait to order more :) not to mention the pretty cool drawing on the receipts. Awesome!


We love these socks for our baby!


I really like your socks and wear them everyday. I really enjoy the knee high length. Would it be possible to get the knew high socks in some of the shipments?


I absolutely cannot say enough great things about Sock It to Me socks. They are great for daily wear, I also where them to functions where I have to wear business attire. I always get compliments. My last order was for 12 pairs of socks; I guess I am addicted to them. I love the variety of the designs and their different names. I have family members buying them now.

I always look forward to your new designs. I plan on joining the sick of the month club once I know where I’ll be stationed next.

I want to thank your company for fast, friendly, and personalized service.

Thank you!


Great designs and well made. You make the only knee socks that stay up all day no matter what I am doing. They always help to elevate my mood when I put them on. Keep up the good work!


I have been wearing fun and funky socks for a long time and slowly got back to boring old ones and am now looking forward to wearing fun socks again. Your designs are unique and spunky and so very different than what is found in stores. My two cons would be: a) they are not made in the USA (as I originally believed you started doing) and b) the monthly subscription does not allow for the choice of the StretchIt sizes. Keep up the funky goodness!


Hey ;-)
I`m totally in love with my new socks!!!Really awesome!


I honestly love your socks the most! Design, fabric and colours are great! And I really enjoy the suprise box so far (2/12). It arrived on a s***** day and really lightened it up. And your team is really nice!


Very good quality and comfortable fit for my husband. And the packing slip had an impressive hand drawn butterfly cat creature and a Saved by the Bell playing card. Love the effort that went into this parcel by your staff! We will be ordering again for sure!


Sock It To Me Socks are so fun and it's great to offer them in our assortment and see all the fun reactions from our customers. They keep coming back for more as gifts and for themselves. Can't keep them on the racks, especially at the holiday times.


Love the socks! All well made and unique! Easy buying online experience! Recommend!


Love Love Love Sock It To Me Socks! They are absolutely the most fun, colorful, and well made knee socks I've ever worn...I get compliments from guys, gals, kids, and see a little twinkle in their eyes wishing for a pair. They make great presents to special people who truly appreciate individualized gifts. Keep designing and I'll keep sharing SITM socks to my colorful family, friends, and neighbors.


My husband is a big fan of crows. He was thrilled with his socks. Thanks


I absolutely loved my ordering experience! It was very easy to order, everything was quite clear, and the quality of the socks are fantastic. The socks are much thicker than most "novelty" socks and the knee-highs actually fit a not-skinny-anymore calf like mine. In general, I have given up ordering taller socks because they are mainly made for women with thin legs. I was so happy that these fit, and so comfortably too!!

I have already recommended your site to a friend of mine and will continue to do so! I can't wait to order again!


I fell in love with these socks and had to get more this winter. I’m addicted! The designs are so cute and original!


Great designs that bring a smile or laugh from everyone. Great for making a statement. Vibrant colors. Can't wait for the next new designs.


Fantastic! These socks are perfect for our very short “winter” here in the Valley. They are beautiful and silly as well!

—Laura (AZ)


Love the socks, the unique design and the comfort make them easy to love. It is fun to receive my order and try them all.


These socks wear well and I keep coming back to order!! Love the designs and the service!


Loved the socks comfortable and good quality even after being washed.


Great selection, great service. These stocking are Christmas gifts for the family every year. We all love the socks and look forward to getting them.


Great socks and great order experience. I highly recommend for a fun gift that everyone can use!


My husband was thrilled with the Krampus socks! It can be challenging to get him to participate in things like festive dress day at work, but he was so excited to wear his socks that he actually looked forward to it this year!


The surprise free pair of socks with my Christmas order was a very nice gift.
Thank You


Never have had a bad experience. These guys are awesome! Love the little cards they putin with every order


We love the socks! They are shipped in a very reasonable time and we received them in no time! I loved the email sent updating was adorable. We will be ordering again!


Thank you for the great service, quick delivery and quality socks.... I ordered a pair each for 20 family members and they all loved the quality and fun designs!!!!!
Sock it to me ROCKS✌


These socks are truly amazing. The material is nice, and the designs are truly magical. The rewards are totally worth it, and so are the end of the year sales. I already have 7 pairs, and I'm planning on getting more for some great stocking stuffers and gifts.


Great socks, and great customer service. I contacted them the next day after an order to change the shipping and they tracked it down in the warehouse, got it update, and got me the refund of the shipping cost difference. This process was all very well communicated by the friendly customer service rep Christina.


Both my son's love the socks. Thank you for your quick service.

Sincerely Cathy


This is my first purchase from your company. No quality issues here. Properly sized and excellent fit from my husband with large calf issues to my son with skinny calves. They do not shrink when washed and I highly recommend them. Next year everyone will receive special socks which fit their personality and hobbies. What a find


Great website, incredibly user friendly! Made a huge order for staff and the communication was great, delivery was quick and well packaged. Very happy and will utilize again for sure - thank you


Bought socks for my nieces and they absolutely loved them even got a pair for myself definitely will be coming back to order more.


Great designs & fits well!


Great selection & price. Shipped fast. I gave them as gifts to 5 people and they loved them! The biggest hit was the Corndog Socks!


Sock it to Me socks are, feet down, the most comfortable and crazy fun socks that I've ever worn. My own collection keeps growing, and I give SITM socks as gifts for all sorts of occasions. They always get a chuckle and lead to great stories. "This one time when I was wearing my guinea pigs..." Keep the cool designs coming -- with more Stretch-Its, please!


I bought a handful of pairs for my husband and he loves them. I just signed him up for the monthly subscription box. Even though he was happy with the socks, the llama drawn on the packing slip made it even better.


Service was very quick, great selection of socks, seem to be of good quality....purchased for our son for birthday and Christmas stocking stuffers. Didn’t know I could purchase these kind of socks in some local stores more reasonably priced...but probably not the selection found here. Pricing is the only reason I rated a “3”....


I have FINALLY found socks I love and love giving ad gifts....etc!!!!!! My favorite, they are great. I was supposed to only keep 2 or 3 pairs to myself and give the others away and I could not decide and I kept maybe 10 to myself. I just had a church party and gave 2 away in a sock exchange and everyone wanted the socks I gave away


The colors are intensely beautiful.
So much fun.


Bought Sock It To Me socks for everyone at Christmas. I was able to find a design to match each of the personalities on my list. Fit was fine, good quality, speedy delivery, order was filled accurately! I told the family I enjoyed, "Socking it to them"! Ha ha!


Amazing products. Creative designs. Outstanding customer service. This is why I keep coming back!


My grandchildren loved, loved their knee high socks!!! My 5 year old kept asking me to find her unicorn and butterfly knee socks - you had them! Thank you for putting smiles on their faces and warmth on their feet :-)


These socks are not only fun, but good quality and comfortable as well. I've purchased for myself, and also as gifts for family members.


These were a great price, great selection and quick to ship. Great experience.


I purchased these socks to both full with small gifts and then wear. Sort of a decret Santa. They were perfect! There were so many iptions as well so i was able to get socks to match the personality of each recipient. Great quality, great fit!


The socks are awesome


Love these socks!! They are my favorite. So comfy and they last❤️


I get my partner awesome socks for birthdays, Christmas, Anniversary's and just special occasions. She absolutely loves them and I literally have only ever gotten 'sock it to me' socks and they are the only ones I would ever get! I love in New Zealand and they always arrive fast and the price is awesome. Love this company!


The fun part for me was thinking of the person(s) for whom the socks were for and selecting the perfect sock theme...a nice present to give with heartfelt meaning.


My daughter loves these socks. She wears them every day. She must have 4 dozen of them. She's been collecting them for years. The fit is great and the designs are fun. Recently ordered more and received a mystery pair. The mysetery pair were perfect--bicycle themed! I would have ordered them had I seen them before. BTW, bring back to black and yellow bicycle socks!


The socks were gifts for my friends and they were a pretty good price for being so cute.


My son loves these. And they are so easy to buy. They are also very nice socks for the price. The perfect gift for the person who has everything.


I have always loved these socks very durable and colorful. I work in the medical field and my scrubs are black and I get to have colorful socks!!


I bought these "ice cream" socks to go with an ice cream t-shirt that we have for our
to be eight year old granddaughter's birthday. Will add gift certificates to a couple of
favorite ice cream shops. Am pretty sure she will be excited and love it!


Love how bright the colors are but also how high quality the material is-- and no bumpy lettering/branding on the bottom unlike other socks. Also great customer service. I had a question on sizing and the agent was very helpful and when we received our most recent shipment, we got a fun surprise (and extremely artistically talented!) doodle on the shipping receipt :) Made our day and feels like a company that really cares.


Awesome Christmas gift! Thanks for the non descriptive packaging!!


Bought for my grandaughter, really pleased


I bought these as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend, he's going to love them


Bought my Canadian family the Dam it! socks this year and they were a big hit.
Thank you for being so awesome!


I should probably be hired as a spokesperson as I'm like a walking advertisement for you guys. Keep the goodness coming and I'll keep spreading the good word...


I love your LaLaLama xmas socks. So cute


I am obsessed with cats, so the Smarty Cats socks were a perfect match for me.


I love these socks!


Thank you, Sock It To Me, for making, “Stretchy,” socks! I’m grateful for not only being able to wear knee high socks again but to wear eye-catching ones that represent the joie de vivre of life.


Sock it to Me socks are THE BEST SOCKS out there! I've been a fan for years. The designs are great and they last a long time. Plus the knee socks actually stay UP! My recent order was a gift for friends and they loved the fun designs I sent!


Thank you so much! I love your socks and am always excited to receive them in the mail. I was wearing a pair when I went shoe shopping the other day and received several, « Wow, I love your socks » comments.


Socks are great, but I had to pay over £15 ($20) in import duty which made them ridiculously expensive, so I won't order again.


Super cute socks! Great quality and the best designs. Love them.


Quality is good and the orders are shipped right away... No waiting. Pretty pleased I must say...


Always happy with great quality of your socks and durability. My son is teaching school and students find it interesting to see his variety of socks. Thanks!!


Loved the socks got them for my grandson and his friend for Christmas they are going to love them they both work at the space center in Florida I got them the rocket and astronaut ones perfect


Love my Sock It To Me socks! The fit is great and I love the fun designs. I now own tacosaurus, starry night, planets and lightening bolt socks. I don't remember having such comfortable knee socks before. Love the toe and I love that by the end of the night, I don't have that awful cut into my calf they're too tight feeling.


Love these socks!! Fits perfectly, mild compression....and definitely a conversation starter


Awesome sock designs, great materials! Plus amazing customer service!! Love shopping at this site


Got the 'Shark Attack' briefs and crew socks, absolutely love them! They design is wonderful, they fit well, and seem like they are going to last. Also, on my receipt there was a cute shark drawing, which I loved! A nice little addition


I bought sloth and ostrich ladies knee highs while traveling on vacation and loved them. After I was home I decided to order several pairs online. They stay up and really put me in a good mood wearing them!


I've bought many pairs of the knee-high socks; they last a long time and never fall down. Sock It to Me has great sales! Some animal ideas for new designs: elephants, quokkas, and wombats. Maybe an endangered species series? Keep the great designs/colors coming!


They are the best socks I have ever purchased. I will continue to buy these socks.


Just what I ordered! Great quality socks, timely delivery, and I was completely shocked and pleased when I saw a personalized drawing on the gift receipt message! It truly made my (and the recipients) day. Would 100% order again :)


I have searched many stores for fun knee high socks for my child. All I could find were boring solid color blue, white or pink. I am so happy to have found your website and my child is THRILLED with her fun new socks (which are also great quality). Thank you!


My socks were excellent, as always! I love Sock It To Me's patterns and fit.


perfect!! per usual :)


delivered awesome products with great service. i put "i love you" in the special notes and they drew me a picture on the delivery slip. adorable. plus, i got a free pair, you can't beat that


I bought this subscription for my 91 year old grandfather. He is so tickled pink each time he gets the box. He has always had the fun loving personality now he has your amazing socks he talks non stop about to go with them. You bring joy to him and I cannot thank u enough.
If I could offer up just a bit of advice. He is elderly and fit however his ankles swell often. Being in the medical field I see it in alot of men and women. Will there ever be an option for a little more loose fitting for those that have circulation issues or God forbid have a bit of a weight issue?
Other than thay your service is phenomenal thank you all for what you do


I love SITM socks! They are well made and so cute. They have great service and quick delivery. The sloths and Kitty Willows are two of my favs, but how can one really choose. I even got a pair of free mystery socks with my last order. Turned out to be cat themed. You know me so well. Sock it to me!


I found this company doing a google search for "fun socks". I ordered a couple of pairs...and was so pleased that I almost immediately ordered a couple more...And, I don't even like to wear socks! Maybe I am a big nerd...but, I LOVE that there were drawings on my packing slips! I have kept them both. Such fun. Love this company!


My daughter will only wear knee high socks. I am so glad that I found "sock it to me" to buy all her socks. They are soft and do not leave marks on her soft skin. The quality is so good so they last. However, since my daughter loves them so much, I buy more whenever there is a cute new design that she loves. I wish they will have more STRETCH-IT knee high socks. Thanks!


I always buy these for a very special young woman for her birthday.
She loves every pair I've ever purchased for her.
This has become an annual tradition!!


I bought 2 pairs for my boyfriend for his birthday and they fit him perfect and he loves them. I asked for a gift receipt and someone drew a squirrel holding a heart on it and he loved it


I love the socks and I think they're going to make a great gift for my friend!
Also, somebody took the time to draw an actual unicorn on my invoice. I will hang it on the wall next to my bed, so it will forever be remembered.


I brought some awesome socks for my bridal party and family as presents for our upcoming wedding. They look amazing and feel so great! I cannot get over how vivid the colours are, even after a wash! I think I will be purchasing as many of these as my wardrobe can hold!


I bought these for my grandson and they are just what I wanted. They even arrived earlier then I expected. Very fun socks and he will love them. He wears uniforms to school so with these fun socks he is able to express himself. Love them.


My daughter needs high, thick socks for wearing her leg braces, and the SockItToMe socks are well made and comfortable for her. She loves the crazy designs!


I have purchased a variety of the toddler crew socks for my son. The prints are playful, and the socks are comfortable (he actually keeps them on!). The fabric holds up, and the sizing is spot on. We love the drawings and cards that come with each purchase. We couldn’t be happier.


Best knee socks ever! The designs are whimsical and smart. Have gifted several to friends and they've become true believers also!


I love the socks I bought from you for my grandchildren, they are well made, colourful and fun. I haven't seen them here in the UK before, so maybe we'll be starting a trend. Thanks.


I purchased 5 pairs of "goofy" knee socks for my 11 yr. old grandson for his birthday. He thought they were awesome and couldn't decide which to wear first. I can't wait to buy his brother some for his birthday!


Always love your boot socks! They add a pop of personality to my riding outfits and I get so many compliments on them. Comfy socks and amazing customer service. Order came promptly and with a hand drawn picture of a dragon (LOVE!)


I've always had problems with knee socks not staying up on my legs. All the ones I have purchased from your company stay in place without being too tight. The designs are a fun way to brighten my day.


I love the astronomy socks. I have never seen anything like them before.


I ordered 7 pair of the undies. They are very colorful and fun, however, I was disappointed to find there is no fly on the undershorts. I've never heard of mens shorts with no fly. The Chinese make undies with the fly up just short of my navel (I think that's purposeful by those devious darstards).


The socks are super comfortable and colorful! Thank you to whoever did the magic touch of drawing a cat on my receipt when my cat socks arrived. Made my day!


The socks were great, was disappointed that neither pair was a knee sock. An improvement on the mystery box would be to be able to choose between crew and knee.


The sox arrived within a week and a half of ordering which I consider to be very impressive as I live on the other side of the world (Australia). I bloody love the designs, keep them coming!
Overall it's a 10/10 from me :)


I've loved all my orders but the one for yesterday (Father's Day) was extra special. It's called "Nailed it" and features all kinds of tools. My friend, Jim, is a father, builds things (like his house) and was delighted with the socks.

Another satisfied customer!


Ordering is easy. Sox arrive promptly. Packaging could be improved by shipping in craft paper instead of plastic.
Wish there were more 2 color, unusual (not so crazy), well executed designs like constellation.


I got these socks to wear to work because white socks are boring. All my co-workers love them and wish they were as cool as me. The socks are comfy and awesome!


Love my pink and black BAD ASS socks and they came in handy while racing a 24-hour relay! They will definitely be worn during races and at the gym.


I have big, muscular calves that are hard to find socks for. These socks really delivered for me. Good stretch, tight enough to stay up well without choking the life out of my legs, and SUPER CUTE. Ordering was a cinch. They shipped quickly, and I even got a cute drawing on the shipping slip. What more could I ask for?


Your socks are a 10 out of 10!!!!


We were so impressed at every stage of the game! Quick, awesome service and the personal touch was amazing as well! Happy to buy from you this time and already looking forward to next time! :)


Love these socks! They are extremely comfortabale and a great fit!


I adore Sockittome socks. However, I can only wear the knee high style. I have been a member of the monthly subscription since it began. I dealt with the fact that each subscription came with a pair of crew socks, which I couldn’t wear. I figured I would regift them. But, this last order had two pairs of crew socks. Nothing for me to wear. I was so disappointed. I wish I hadn’t subscribed for the entire year.


The socks I ordered fit my athletic calves great! I never find knee high socks that fit this comfortable! I just wish there were more super stretch designs for my little goth heart. I also loved the fox hand drawn on my order slip! I hope you eventually do thigh highs with super stretch!


I love these socks. I started receiving them as a birthday gift from a friend and found they were very comfortable and stretch well for my larger calves. Now that I've found the site, I will be ordering them whenever I need socks; great fit, comfortable and warm.


The crew at Sock it to Me is amazing! Not only are they fast and efficient at their jobs but the quality and designs of the sock are awesome! I will definitely be adding more to my collect from you guys, keep up the hard work!


My gf says she's a fennec and you were the only guys having this kind of socks (1*), but they came really quick, as for this US-Poland route (1*) and they seem to be really good quality - I already know a bit about socks (3*) and you drew us a little smiled fox on the packing slip :D


My most recent order showed me what a great company this is. I ordered socks for my daughter and her mailman sent them back to the company. I contacted customer service and Lauren M contacted me and took care of the problem so quickly and was very nice. She was amazing. My daughter loved the socks so much. The sloth with a doughnut. Every pair i have ordeted was perfect. I will continue to order from Sock It To Me.


I love all the designs on the socks, it's so hard to choose just a few. The youth knee highs fit my 7 year old perfectly, and she's very excited for the snow to melt so that she can show them off! My three year old loves hers too, but I'm going to hold off on ordering her new ones for a few years, since the toddler knee highs barely go above the ankle, and the Juniors are way too big for her feet. I love that this company has an option of free shipping to Canada though. That alone makes it a great place to order from!


These socks are the best! We discovered them at the airport and as soon as we landed I ordered a lot more. These arrived very quickly after we returned from vacation. My kids just love them! Can’t wait to get more!


I don't have the patience to write a review for each of the 20 items I ordered, so here is a general review!
These socks are exactly what I wanted to take as gifts from Oregon to family in Ireland. I believe this will put a smile on their faces and give a design connection with the PNW. I personally would like to see more cotton in the fabric for softness and have them made in Oregon/Washington, but the PNW designs makes me happy.
In addition, I needed to exchange some youth socks for toddler socks and so I found my way to Sock It To Me headquarters. I was met by a lovely employee who took the time to go back into the warehouse to make the exchange and give me a couple of other options. She also threw in a couple of pair of children's socks gratis when she learned I had come from a distance. Excellent company - thank you Sock It To Me!


Bought as an Xmas gift for the SO- He LOVED them. Shows them off at work which has apparently sparked a bit of a socks enthusiast club.


The people who work for this company clearly enjoy their jobs! A quirky, fun site to order from! The experience was great. I was only disappointed that I missed seeing the flying unicorns deliver my package!


This is my go to for my wife. She loves loves loves these socks.. thanks for a great product and service.


There is definitely something for everyone! I have tons and switch off daily at work and meme and women both say how much they love them. I made my first online order last month (for some co workers actually) and was graced with a dragon on my receipt! Haha it’s awesome! As Stefon from weekend update would say...this place has everything!❤️
Thanks for going the extra mile!


Loved my first experience with SITM! Socks are too cute, great quality, and reasonably priced. And I LOVED my Valentine Monster drawn on the packing slip!!! This made the order feel extra personalized! I will definitely be ordering again!


SITM socks are the BEST.... and their customer service rocks...Love the stretchie Knee Highs, and hope you keep getting a lot more designs in this size. Rather than stars, I give them a 5 toes up !! with assorted wiggles, of course!!


Top 3 reasons to choose SITM-
1. Variety
2. Quality (withstands teenagers with fungus feet, comfortable for large calves or small, long-lasting)
3. The beautiful artwork on your receipt and the funky fresh 90’s collector cards in the package.

I once left a comment on my order to “party on, Wayne” and hand colored on my receipt page was a picture of Garth from Wayne’s World! Wouldn’t have mattered if I never received the socks. When neighbors and friends receive your socks from us, they hustle over to see what was on the receipt, which we keep on the wall.

Thank you for impressing us with your products, fabulous customer service, and unique style. I LIKE the way you do the things you do!


I only recommend Sock it to me brand socks to anyone looking for funky, quality socks! I got my mom and a friend buying them and speaking highly of them! You guys ROCK MY SOCKS OFF! LOL. can't wait for my next box!


Excellent!! I really love the super stretchy mid-calf socks. They actually fit:) I would be great to have a wider selection in the stretch-it models.


Sock it to me has wonderfully designed socks and they're super comfy. Their customer service was spot on. I would definitely order from them again!


Great selection of fun high quality socks that the men in my family loved receiving for Christmas! Fast service and the mystery pair of free socks are now in my wardrobe and I love wearing them . I will be ordering again


Always a good experience.


I recently ordered a couple pairs of socks as a gift and found that if be getting a third mystery pair as a bonus. I assumed the mystery pair would be completely random, but to my surprise, they chose a pair that fit in very nicely with the theme of my order, which m are a nice gift even better. I really appreciate the extra care that went into this.


I ordered matching football socks for my husband and 15 mo son for christmas. I originally ordered the socks and later found a coupon code. I called and their customer service was too notch (thank you Laura). I will definitely be ordering the future! Such a fun array of socks!!!


I gave several sock gifts for Christmas and they loved them! Such cute socks and great service. Thank you!!!


I love your socks!!


I recently ordered some unicorn socks for my daughters party. They arrived fast and my daughter loved them! However, i was accidently sent another package (I'm sure because the busy holiday season) that wasn't mine. When I reached out to get it returned they had already sent a new package to the correct person and offered to let me keep the extra socks as a way of saying thankyou! Truly a wonderful, caring company that goes above and beyond in all aspects, especially customer service.


Bought 3 pair (Raven, bikes and math) for nephew (high sch senior) for Christmas gift. He wanted fun socks and I saw this brand in a store while on vacation. These socks are the BEST!


These socks rock! Got something for everyone on my Christmas list and even one or two for me! Fast shipping.


I have been ordering SITM socks for the last few years. First time I ever got my order it come with a hand drawn character matching the theme of the socks I ordered. Every year without fail I get the same personal touch. Not only are the socks great quality, great colours, super fun themes, but you also have this personal touch which makes it all the more special ordering from here!!


Love, love, love these socks! My kids wear an uniform to school so these socks give them a chance to have a little fun. The quality is excellent and the themes always generate compliments.


I ordered 10 pair of fun socks for stocking stuffers this Christmas. Shipping was very fast, socks were brightly coloured. Can't wait to see their faces. Thanks!


Thank you so much! I love your socks! They fit well, are made out of good quality materials and have fun designs! They were delivered promptly despite having to pass through customs into Canada. I own several pairs and wear a different design everyday. I also appreciated your festive drawings on my packing slips...definitely a nice touch! I will be ordering from you again.


I order 3 or 4 pairs for myself absolutely love them! My niece has been bugging her mom since she seen them so i ordered 4 pairs for her for christmas!! Im also making my girlfriend order me some more for Christmas!


The socks are super bright, soft, and a perfect fit. I got the Bee's Knees socks and they're adorable! Also, thank you to whoever doodled a little beehive on my receipt! It was so cute and made my day.


Excellent socks. I have size 13 mens feet and these socks stretch slightly to fit and feel very comfortable. The best socks I have had ever. I also enjoy the great do my family and friends.


So incredibly happy with my socks! I can't remember the last time I've worn knee hi socks, with my unusually large calves. These look great, they go all the way up to my knees, and they're comfy. When I took my socks off at the end of the day there were NO red marks because these socks don't dig in anywhere. I love these socks!


Amazing products! Will order again for sure. Girlfriend loved them, great gift items.


Great looking and feeling products and the team adds plenty of personal touches to even the packaging! Highly, highly, highly recommend and will be shopping here again.


So this was my first time ordering from SITM after hearing only good things. I was not disappointed, in fact, I love everything about my experience! I bought 1 pair of socks for myself and 3 as gifts. They shipped quicker than I thought (to Canada) and the outer packaging mentioned delivery by unicorns! Lol So whimsical. Also the A-Team card was a nice random addition and a loving bunny/dinosaur drawing on the receipt was quite fun. Definitely my kind of marketing. The quality and colors of the socks are great and they have such unique prints and themes you can't find anywhere else. Am in love with this store!


Supreme socks. Sassy styles. Stellar service. Sock it to me is the best.


Love these socks!! They are becoming a staple present for my boyfriend. Tried the undies this time as well, just as fun!! Even the receipt makes it to the fridge work it's illustration :-)


I got the tacosaurus socks for my boyfriends 21st and he adores them! I also loved how they shipped in half the expected time and came with a cute little dinosaur drawing on the invoice!


Everything about Sock It to Me is awesome! I've been buying these socks for, like, four years now. The quality is great - the socks are soft, not too thick or thin, and they have enough stretch to fit my somewhat wider calves. I wear them with work boots, and they've all held up really well. I would definitely recommend these socks to anyone!

Also their customer service is A++. Shout out to Adam - thank you!


Cannot express how happy I am with this company! Not only did my order deliver quickly, it came with a personalized cat drawing on my receipt! Put the biggest smile on my face! Everyone loved my socks and I highly recommended this company! Everything fit purrrfect! Seriously though, kudos to Sock It To Me!!


Great service, I ordered pump it up and the new Batnado socks and got a cute bat drawn on my receipt! Great socks.


It started when my fiance received a pair of Otter-themed socks as a wedding shower gift. After that we realized that they'd make great gifts for my groomsmen. Six pairs later I am THRILLED with not only the high quality, beautifully designed socks, but with Sock It To Me as a company. I didn't even have a complaint and received TOP-NOTCH customer service. I hope my family and friends like socks because that's all they are getting for the rest of time. Great product, easy-to-use website, a HUGE variety of designs, and out of this world customer service. Five stars all day!


For a party in December I need 26 pairs of socks. I want each pair to be picked especially for the recipient so I have been ordering for a few months now. When I received my order from Sock It To Me I was thrilled with not only the quality of the socks but the service. The remaining socks I need will definitely be coming from Sock It To Me! So glad I found this company.


Bought six pair for my best friend! She loved how each and everyone of them detailed a specific part of her personality! The Receipt artwork of the raccoon ninja was righteous. Not to mention, the inclusion of a 1983 Topps/ A-Team/ Mr. T trading card with the quote "Turkey" on it, coinciding with my email name "Jive Turkey". Pic posted on IG @silky_johnsin


I really love the variety of socks, so whimsical and fun. The family really loves getting these as gifts.


I am in love with this site! The choices are amazing, the prices are so reasonable, and their customer service excellent. Their attention to detail, a cute hand drawn monster on my receipt, has made them a new favorite place to shop.


I've bought socks from this site twice now and have plans to buy another batch very soon. High quality, comfortable and eye catching, these socks never fail to make me happy. Thank you, sock it to me!


My favorite sock company; fun, unique, high quality designs that are woven in and not printed, and even some larger calf-friendly designs. A decent handful of their designs are choc full of Japanophile


Great socks. The Corgi pair was a gift, and the Super Hero ones were so my golf partner and I could wear them when out on the golf course.


BEST SOCKS EVER!!!!!!! 10/10! And what is even better is the awesome surprise we got when we opened the package! My invoice had the most amazing Loc Ness Monster drawn on it and we received a really cool A-Team Trading Card! My son loved the socks but really - the A-Team card was the highlight of his day! What a great way to give your customers a smile after spending the money on your amazing socks!


I 100% LOVE these socks❤️ I have over 50 pairs of knee high socks and I just love every pair. I will definitely be buying more


I've never been so impressed with a company's service before. I got my order within a week and the order sheet inside the package had a personal hand drawing that really made me smile. The product is amazing too. My socks are so comfortable and fun. I always look forward to picking out a pair in the morning. This company is over the top amazing.


Love the socks. All of them.
Ended up pretty expensive with US exchange and then Canadian duty but...


I bought these as a gift for someone after someone bought some socks as a gift for me! Not only are they comfortable and fit just right they make me smile when I put them on! I absolutely loved the packaging and it made my day with the cute drawing on the receipt! I kept it and normally I would throw them away! Thanks guys! Your products rock!


I use to be sweater tights in the winter until I found my ❤️ love of Sock It To Me ⭐️ I wear them almost everyday with skirts! Sea life for Sea Shepherd and all the cool outer space socks that I call my David Bowie Socks!


New favorite footwear. The fit, length, and styles are bomb.


I wish I could give more than 5 stars! The socks are creative, funny, and high quality. Every order comes with an AMAZING drawing on the receipt, and customer service is so incredibly nice and helpful.
I do have ONE complaint... my sock drawer will no longer close because I have so many cool socks!!!


Hi pals at Sock It to Me,
I received my socks today, got to say I love the fabric and the prints!!
Also, my order form had a nice drawing on it and I'm hanging it above my bed ;)
So thanks and Love from Belgium!


The socks are awesome, but you really actually got me with the A-Team cards... one of my all time favorite TV shows to just veg out to!! And the drawings...amazeballz.

But socks! I love them, and I gave some as a birthday gift to my boyfriend, and he loved them too! Thanks all!


I love your socks! I have a whole drawer full and they are my go to gift for every occasion. It is great how as you get older, the gift of socks becomes so much more exciting. Especially love the wide calf socks.


Your men's line of undies is super comfy and flattering! I ordered 2 pairs of women's and unfortunately upon the first washing (before I even wore them) the lacy trim had already started to seperate from the garment. Great prints and I'll still stock up my hubby on your men's line though!


I love all of your socks, however I would buy more and more frequently if they weren't so expensive.


Cool socks are the RAGE - not to mention perfect gifts for anyone of all ages!!! I think you guys are TOE-tally awesome! I would SO LOVE TO WORK THERE because your customer service is FANTASTIC! I just love the drawings on the invoices and the enclosed A-Team cards!!

I've always had a SOCK addiction, but now your website is it's portal!!! I am a North Carolina native and have transformed into a returning patron time and time again! I can also say that I have recruited some friends and family members to your website as well! Every year, around Christmas, we have a "SOCK-IT-TO ME" game (like White Elephant) but instead, everyone brings a pair of fun socks (wrapped of course)! YOUR WEBSITE IS MY SECRET WEAPON! Anyway, we all draw numbers and commence to play the game of unwrap - or steal! Trust me, claws come out because many pairs are highly coveted (especially your products) and become in danger of being stolen several times - definite goners are the pairs that are encased in that SUPER CUTE GIFT BAG you offer! After all is said and done, at least everyone goes home with some pretty cool pairs!

Thank you for all that you offer and please don't ever go away!!!!!!


I'm in danger of becoming known as "that quirky sock lady" at work, but honestly I can't stop wearing them! I have about 8 pair I wear with my dietary dress uniforms for working in a hospital kitchen, they're supportive and make my legs feel great after long hours on my feet...and they make the patients smile, I'm hooked!


I love the prints. I love the stretch-it. I give your socks as gifts all the time, then turn around and order a bunch for myself. The shipping is super fast, someone drew a lovely,uh, a lovely little critter on my invoice that I showed to everyone at work (I may even put it up on my 'fridge), and they also included an A-TEAM trading card that I use as a bookmark (next time, can it be Mr. T?). I just love your company and your product and your service. So, thank you!!! AND the gift bags? So adorable! I'm glad you put the print on socks, too (ordered 3 pairs). Okay, now I'm done. :)


I am so pleased with this company and so happy I found you guys! I wrote reviews on socks and the neat gift bag and thought I would just let people who may be considering purchasing from this site that I definitely recommend it! Quick service, high quality, fun packaging, adorable socks! Keep up the great work, SockItToMe!


love love love this product. I buy them as fun and unique gifts for those who already have everything. They're a great way to make someones day and make them laugh. I enjoy when I get discounts after purchasing them as gifts and gifting my next crazy item for myself. They're fun conversation starters too!


Great socks! My wife loved them for Valentines Day :) We always like the quality and the fact that you come out often with new designs that we can get.


I love this product! I can't even tell you enough how much I have loved all your socks since I was first introduced to them. The quality is honestly what sets you a part from the rest, but the designs put you in a whole different galaxy! Just love everything about these socks! Its the first time I have ordered directly through your company and the service and prices were AWESOME! I even got the cutest little hedgehog drawn on my receipt! I just love this place! I'll be back and I tell everyone about you guys!


Honestly the best company ever! I got a couple pairs of socks for my boyfriend as a present and he totally loved them. The socks were perfect and the service was even better (believe it or not). They also drew a cute bear on my receipt :) (I ordered the bear necessities).


Not only are the socks rad but so are the people who work here. I asked for a motivational quote with my order and they came through with
"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding"
-Khalil Gibran

Seriously so much love to you guys and your company.


Love the football socks and the hand drawn football on my receipt. Nice touch!


Great designs, quality product, good value, fantastic customer service. Please add more "stretchy sock" designs--they work perfectly over shin guards!


I've been wearing out pairs of these socks since 2008: it's because they're awesome and I want to wear them every day. I live the newer stretch calf designs, and my daughter loves to wear her knee socks for no fewer than 24 hours at a time!


Arrived surprisingly fast for an overseas delivery, socks are exactly as pictured in the site, quality is great and they sent a lovely drawing and an informative card about trucks. My only regret is that I didn't get a pair for myself!


These are the best socks ever!


I love, love, love Sock It To Me socks. They are comfortable, wash well, hold their shape and look amazing. I now own 9 pairs! Did I say how much I love them?!


These socks are fantastic! Fun designs, hold up very nicely after repeated washings, made terrific "stocking" stuffers over the holidays and shipping is so fast! Great company...they know how to do it right!


Wow wow wow! Love everything about Sock it to me! Super cool designs you can't get anywhere else, great price, awesome quality - comfy, they stay up and the designs do not distort when pulled up :) Quick delivery considering I live in NZ. Love that they are delivered by magical flying ponies :-) and love the illustration on the pack slip!
I will definitely be a repeat customer! There are so many more designs I need in my life :-D Can't wait for this years competition!
You guys rock!


The Sock it to Me Socks I gave for Christmas were a huge hit! It was really fun browsing through your fantastic selection and matching personalities and/or hobbies with socks!! There was much anticipation as each family member opened their socks -- imagining what I picked out for them. What a delight just socks can be! I can't say enough about how pleased I am with the quality...these ain't no throw away after a few washings kind of socks, yay! Thank you for being a great resource for a one-of-a-kind sock. xoxo


Everyone already knows that these socks are well-designed and high quality. But did you know that you also get great bonus art on your order receipt? I did! Someone drew me an amazing little creature that was so cool I hung it on my fridge. So thanks to the artist!


Love love love this company, the socks were perfect and they drew me a swweett super hero bunny. I will defiently be ordering again.


A great place to buy wild socks. The socks are warm and wear great!


AMAZING! I can't seem to get enough of this magic. I am a male nurse and I work with a lot of children. I wear the Sock-it -to-me magic every day at work. It is a great ice breaker and so much fun.

THANK YOU for helping bring smiles and laughter to my little patients!


Oh my goodness gracious!!! Oh my. This...this is fantastic. These socks...Are they even socks? I don't mean to alarm but these might be like the flux capacitor to Doc Brown's Delorean!! If you told me that you had hand-crafted these socks out of silk gleaned from an ageless spider from Xenu, I'd believe you. Well done.


Love this site. They have awesome socks.


The socks took quite a long time to get here in comparison to my other orders from other companies (located in Ontario, Canada) however, they were definitely worth the wait. The pictures on the website are accurate, the quality of the socks were good, and I love how many funky patterns that there are to choose from. My boyfriend is a big "funky sock" enthusiast, so I will definitely order again in the future!


I bought 3 pairs of wide calf socks for my daughter for Christmas. She loves them and is very excited to finally have some socks that fit her! She plans to purchase some more in the future!!


Top notch socks! Very comfortable, easy to get on and off. My 4 year old granddaughter got her first pair of knee six for Christmas and rinses them out at night so she can wear them the next day! How fun!


I got 4 pairs this time (I get a bunch every year or so): Florida, Gnome & Mushroom, Manatee, and Terrific Terrariums. The manatees are actually replacements for my ancient pair that has served me well over the years. SITM is the best sock company out there


This was the perfect place to get those "weird" socks my granddaughters always seem to want. I mean, really - a 11yo girl who is enamored with mustaches, and I found a pair of socks with mustaches on them? Where else but here? I ordered about 5-6 pair of various unusual designs for Xmas, everyone loved them, high quality, quick delivery, everything you could ask for!


I LOVE Sock It To Me socks. My daughter has been a fan for year. Super friendly and helpful staff. There was a problem with my order and I received the wrong pair of socks. They were able to get me the correct pair so it was in my daughter's stocking for Christmas morning and they told me to keep the wrong pair of socks. The cute bag was a fun bonus. Great socks and great customer service. The drawings on the packing slip are the best!


Great socks and awesome quality. No more boring socks for me


Love this website. Great range of socks, fantastic and unique designs reasonable prices and for this overseas customer (I live in Sydney Australia), super fast delivery. Highly recommended.


I love your guys' socks!! I wear them all of the time now and get so many compliments (especially from the kids I teach dance to who always look forward to my next pair). My brother has even commented on 'my sock game' lately and how it is on point. I'd love to order more in the future :) Thank you!


My son likes fun, unique socks. Difficult to find in stores. I came across your website and gave it a try. The socks arrived before Christmas, my son loves them. I will definitely order again because now my daughter has sock envy. Plus you can never have too many socks! The socks are awesome! Great quality, great price and a huge selection. I was even surprised when I opened the package at home and saw that there was a cute drawing on the packing slip. Loved it, thank you!


A few years ago I somehow stumbled across this website because I love interesting socks, and I have been a customer ever since. I always give my best friend a few pairs of socks every birthday and Christmas. She began to do the same for me and we have an awesome collection!
This Christmas, I bought socks for my whole family and it brought huge smiles to their faces.
I am never disappointed when I place an order! These socks are well made and long lasting, and the designs are awesome. The personal touch in adding a drawing on the packing slip and slipping in a wacky collector's card always makes me smile. I can tell that Sock It To Me really values their customers, and it makes me love you guys even more!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!


I bought socks from your company for gifts based on a recommendation from a friend, and I was NOT disappointed! They were loved! In turn, because I told my mom about what I was getting my niece and nephews, she ended up buying socks from you for ME for Christmas. I got Sock Monkeys and they are probably my very favorite pair of socks! And not because they have sock monkeys (which DOES up the cute factor). They're comfortable and soft. My socks are coming from here from now on!


Seriously the funnest socks out there!! Comfortable, too. :) I have purchased SOCK it to me socks from local shops and online. Always satisfied. Thanks for keeping our feet warm and putting smiles on our faces.


Soft, comfy, and fit perfectly!


The socks are fun and colorful and fit just right! I love them!




Love love loved all socks that I received!! I gave as gifts and all were thrilled!!


Great company. The people really care about your satisfaction. They have a personal touch. I would recommend this company to all my friends.


I was incredibly satisfied with this order.
I got free international shipping during the holidays, which got my order here in Belgium just before Christmas (real neato), plus I got an extre mystery pair.
I can't discredit this service on anything.
The webdesign made it like super easy to order stuff.
Someone even drew a drawing on the bill I received which looked amazing.
Thanks guys!


I received a pair of your knee high Koi socks 4 years ago. I loved them but never knew who made them. Did a search, find your site and haven't stopped ordering. Your quality is amazing! Super comfortable, excellent support, bright colors, fabulous designs, great pictures on receipt and the most amazing customer support. My girls want some now and I am looking at the matching patterns for us. Can't recommend your company enough. Thanks for going above and beyond.


I love these socks, mostly because they are the perfect length, don't wear out and are a perfect thickness for when I play hockey. On top of that they are always a big hit when I play with new people (at least the ones that notice them before I put my gear on). Oh I also forgot to mention that in the comment section I requested my drawing to be hockey related and guess what, they delivered! Do you want a customer for life? This is how you get a customer for life.


First of all the quality of the socks is really good and I'm looking forward to seeing them on my nieces . But the service is the true 5star thing, they drew me a picture of a seal on a cupcake!!!! A seal on a cupcake, how cute is that?!
I had to wait more then a month for the socks unfortunately due to customs though :(


Awesome socks! Ordered some for my daughter but ended up wearing one of the pairs. They are so comfortable. We will definitely be ordering more.


GREAT customer service! I ordered a pair of matching socks and boxers for my boyfriend and they are adorable and have great quality. I asked for them to write "I love you" on a note but they went above and beyond by drawing a picture! I was extremely pleased with everything and I just ordered some more socks for myself and my dad. 10/10 would recommend!


This company left me super impressed with their customer service! They shipped the product right away, it was exactly as expected, and it came in a timely manner. But the most impressive thing was that they drew a really cool picture on the receipt because I had written a note to my husband (who the socks were for) for his birthday. So neat!


As always I just love everything i get from ya'll. Super cute and I'm constantly get complements on them. My kids have started asking for me to order them some too. I wish there was a store front here in San Antonio.


We've been buying their unicorn rainbow socks on local ferries for my sons hockey socks but needed more and weren't traveling so found the website. After having some difficulties with the free international shipping someone at sock it to me go it all figured out very quickly and painlessly. Now we can order anything, anytime! Love the designs and bright colours. The socks themselves are a great quality, and the talk of the locker room!


Will now be a customer, the products are totally high quality. Kids love crazy socks and of course your name SOCK IT TO ME, got me at HI! Cannot wait to hear how much my granddaughter loves them, and the little gift bag can be used for anything, so clever! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


I ordered my Christmas socks early this year (gifts for my sister and her husband) since last year I ordered from a different company and they LOST MY SOCKS! I received my Sock it to Me socks very quickly and they are AWESOME. Pugs in costumes and pugs peeing on the snow, I totally win the Christmas sock contest! Best quality and love the hand drawn dog on my packing slip :P Couldn't be happier!


I loved the variety of product that you offer. I bought socks for myself and as a gift. The socks were comfortable and wonderful designs. I bought Frankenstein socks for Halloween and received many compliments. My favorite was the Bear going no where.I will be purchasing again.


The design of the socks is lovely; I have unicorn, rainbow, and fox socks. The fit is great, with the stretchy options. My order came very quickly. Thank you!


Absolutely LOVE socks


LOVE my socks!! LOVE my undeez!! You guys are the BEST!
Great quality, great prices, and easy ordering online. Literally EVERYTHING I could dream of.
Thanks for being so awesome!!


High quality cool for any "Champion of Life." These socks fit my feet better than a glove and bring smiles to the faces of others. Finding you was, is, and will always be a blessing to the people.


Sock swag at a whole new level!!, I will definitely be ordering more of your awesome socks ' socks that are worth it✋


This is one of my favourite websites ever. I'm so glad you guys decided to do underwear too. I've got five pairs and they fit wonderfully and are ridiculously comfortable. Thank you! I'll be getting more the instant new designs come out!


Sent my friend some socks/undies as a gift and we were both super surprised by the adorable, personal artwork on her receipt! It took the customer service above and beyond, thank you!


Thank you so much. I loved my order of the Blamo socks and underwear; they're perfect and comfortable. And of course your awesome drawing on the gift receipt made me super happy as well! I will definitely be ordering from you guys again.


Just received the socks and got my a-team card along with a lovely drawing on my receipt
The more specific friendly approach to customers will make me come back again for sure
Thanks heaps


My love for socks has been taken to a whole new level because of you guys! They were delivered ahead of schedule, and each pair was everything I'd hoped for :-) Not to mention the great customer service from Clea, the Sock Whisperer, whom replied to my email promptly, AND the fantastic artwork on my packing slip. Sock it to me will definitely be my retailer of choice for my future sock needs.


Thank you very much for being such a great company! I ordered my socks to Switzerland with free shipping. Your website said I have to wait 2-8 weeks. But they arrived within one week! And the quality is absolutely great! It was the first time I ordered but for sure not the last time ;) I felt in love with you!
Thanks to all the people from Redditgifts for showing me this great company ;)


I bought 13 pairs of socks in two weeks and I couldn't be happier.


I love my socks, have three pairs and have bought about ten for all my friends, who love them. Mine got holes in them, maybe because I wear them all the time and immediately the company sent me new ones. Awesome


These socks are the socks that get heads to turn and add some fun and confidence in your day.


These are the BEST SOCKS EVER. I wear them to work (as a nurse) every day, and at home on weekends. I have never had such comfortable, well-fitting socks.
Keep up the great work and the INCREDIBLE artwork! I can wear both regular and wide, but wish they all came in wide.


Last Christmas I bought many socks for my family and friends. The socks are loved and worn in Japan, Germany, England, Ireland and Switzerland!


Looks good, feels good, it's all good. I love crazy socks. Will definitely keep this site my go to site for socks. Yay!


I wish I could rate 10 stars! I love this website. The socks are super cute and comfy. Keep it up!!!


Just wanted to let you know that I am totally pleased with the socks that you sell. I am a farmer and it is of great importance to me to have great socks. I am amazed by the quality and fun styles you have. Absolutely awesome.


Socks are great but I really loved the rabbit in a bow tie on my packing slip! Nice touch :)


These socks are so flipping cool that I wish that I were an octopus so I wouldnt have to decide which pair to wear!! Super soft, cute and fun for any age!! I am hooked!


I recently found this site because I was tired of wearing plain black socks to work. I enjoy being different and wearing stuff that really sticks out. It doesn't bug me whether I'm wearing guy socks or women socks. I just received my first order yesterday and immediately ordered more socks! Thank you guys


You guys are awesome! I have a serious sock fetish. Whole dresser just for socks. I work in a hospital and have to wear scrubs-same everyday. But my SOCKS! They are the best. Everyones does a sock check daily and all SOCKITTOME socks get a huge thumbs up. Thanks for making patients and my day cheerful with "just socks" its the simple things in life that bring a smile. Thanks for that!


I LOVE MY SOCKS! They are comfy and colorful and I couldn't be happier. I will be placing another order very soon!


bought 2 pairs of socks (Dinosaur bones and Einstein) from Aunties Bookstore at Spokane's World Science Fiction Convention, Sasquan. sweet!


Great socks


You guys Rock!
I'm from Germany, found your brand in New Zealand and ordered my new socks from home. Free shipping is great and it didn't even take too long for the socks to travel overseas.
There was a little hiccup / the box was stopped by customs and I had to pick it up there and open it. You won't believe, they never had a happier person there to show around her brand new socks!
Thanks, you are the best! Love especially my sloth socks!


I love my socks!
As usual...Great merchandise and great quality. I just wish I hadn't waited so long to order fresh socks. I am setting a reminder for myself so I don't forget.

You guys do great work and I love your socks! The shark you drew on my packing slip gave one of my 7 year old twins a thrill, and the other now walks around with the Tiffany Amber Theisen "Kelly" card you packed as her inspiration for when she grows up (Thinking I may grow to have anger at you for that someday).

Love doing business with you!


I just want to thank you and your staff for my recent order. You really do go above and beyond to make us feel important. My most recent order came with a couple extras that really brightened my daughters day. First on the invoice one staff member drew an incredible picture of a rabbit. Secondly she found a really cool trading card wrapped in the invoice. I just want you to know that in my experiences in ordering online, nobody takes this kind of care and appreciation for a customer. Your socks are hard to come by in the area we live, but from now on we will be ordering them from you. My daughter just LOVES your products, she even mixes and matches them with other 'Sock it to Me' socks she has in her sock collection. Thanks sooooooo much, you've gained a loyal customer.


I have already bought quiet a few pairs from you guys and the customer service is amazing!! I love how fast my socks arrive and the cute little drawings you guys make on the invoice. I have a sock collection and your socks are a great addition! I want to buy all of them! (:


I apologize for not sending you a thank you earlier for the free "super pig' socks you sent me to help me in my work with neglected and abused kids. My kids LOVED the socks and I told them that I will be their friend until pigs fly (WITHOUT capes!!!). Anyway, they got together, all 18 of them, and gave me money to buy some socks to surprise them and I know they will love the raccoon in the garbage, the ostrich, the cat noir and the fourth one (which they entered on their own as a surprise!). Thanks for providing an inexpensive and funky gift that the kids can give me that they can see and enjoy on an ongoing basis. Your socks have brought so many smiles to kids who have so little to smile about I can't thank you enough!


Sock it to me is the best thing ever! I have the dinomite socks and they are my favorite thing and frankly if I had more money I would buy ALL of the socks.


I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with my order and your service, the socks are a birthday present for a big footed dude who has sock envy with one of his colleagues and you can only get boring socks for Big Friendly Giant size guys in Northern Ireland. He is also going to be mega chuffed with the little dinosaur sketch on the receipt and a Saved By the Bell Slater card. Awesome company and fast delivery!

Cheers and thanks a million!


I love, love, LOVE Sock It To Me! I first discovered your socks in a cute little shop in Ottawa, ON and have been in love with the socks since! My husband and I now both wear your socks and every time it brings a smile to our faces! I just had to order a new pair of sushi socks because after wearing them every week for the last couple of years, they've gone threadbare in the toe! My only sad, pouty complaint is that the variety of crew socks for women! As cute as the knee highs are, they are not ideal to wear under nursing scrubs (which is when I typically wear socks). Your nurse pattern is one of the cutest I've ever seen and I ordered them in knee highs, but they're too warm to wear on a busy day shift! Please bring some of the knee high patterns to crew socks! You would make my life just that much happier!!!
Amazing company :D


I just wanted to say that I have ordered twice from you guys and I think you have great customer service. I really enjoy the little drawings that you make on the invoice :-) have a good day


You dude(s) and/or chick(s) rock socks. Just got my order with the little extras that showed someone actually put a little extra effort in on making an impression. I particularly enjoy having someone acknowledge that I'm Dino-Mite with some weird beast staring at me single eyedly. I will proudly share my experience with all I know, and actually already have. I grant you 5 Rawrs!


I ordered 10 pairs of the Bad [email protected]@ socks in hot pink along with a couple of other fun pairs for an upcoming race for our running group.

The socks were shipped out super quick, and arrived in less than a week (to Canada)! I am very impressed with the great customer service, cute doodle on the invoice, and the socks are awesome! I will definitely order again!


Love, love, love my over-the-knee socks!!!


Please pass along to your design team and everyone at Sock it to Me how fantastic the Fall styles look! Holy moly! All of us here at the Sockshop are super stoked about all the science-themed stuff for men, women and kids, the special Pride sock, and the new baby styles. You guys are consistently awesome to work with and we love wearing and selling your socks.


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that you guys rule. I ordered a couple pairs and totally love them. This isn't a particularly useful e-mail in terms of feedback and development and all that business related mierda, but every once in a while it's nice to hear that you're doing a good job. So this is me letting you know that I'm a satisfied customer.

I can't wait until your Squid-O socks are back in stock (in a Men's) so I can buy the absolute [bleep] out of them.

P.S. Awesome drawing of a happy sock on my invoice. Love it.

Keep rocking homeboys and homegirls


I just had to write to you to thank you. I am a now 2 year cancer survivor who developed a condition called lymphedema due to surgery. You may or may not be aware of the condition but it causes major swelling in the limbs affected which can be quite a nightmare when it's your leg and you are on your feet teaching young children all day. Anyway...I found your socks shortly after I began chemo and on top of them just making me feel better emotionally, they were a perfect fit over the leg that had the tumor removed. Now that I have my lymphedema moderately controlled, there are days I can skip my custom compression garment and JUST wear the knee socks! Those days aren't too frequent but are a HUGE comfort when they roll around. There really is no way to convey how amazing this is for me (add in chemo brain and I am extra inarticulate) but I wanted to try. I am in remission now and happily in your space socks at the moment. It was not a garment free day but the socks are so comfy and stretchable, I can wear them over my compression and because they are so well made, they do not complicate the condition. HUGE! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the difference you have made in my life and cancer journey. I thought it prudent you know your impact.


Hi - I'm a volunteer CASA (a court appointed special advocate) for severely abused and neglected children. My job is to speak on behalf of the kids, may of whom are too traumatized to express their fears/concerns. One of my friends turned me on to your socks and they are a WONDERFUL tool for getting kids to open up and trust me. Having been removed from their parents, they are continually stressed out by dealing with judges in robes, attorneys with brief cases, social service people in suits, etc... but when I get to them I plop myself down on the floor (at their eye level, which is unthreatening) and say, "Check out these cool socks!" I always get a laugh which helps me start building a rapport with the kids. I even have an Excel spreadsheet to insure that no child sees the same socks twice. Thanks for providing a product that makes helping abused and neglected children easier. I plan to write this up for other CASAs so that they, too, can use socks to break through the ice. Keep up the good work.


Definitely a 5 star rating. I received my 4 pairs of socks and they've been worn and washed multiple times already. They still look brand new. They're beautiful, comfortable and strong. Best part? No more trouble matching up socks. And I showed off my socks at work like a kid in kindergarten doing show and tell. hee hee The customer service as others have said before is A1. They go the extra mile and they certainly made me feel like a special customer. THANKS! I'll be back and I can't wait for the starry night socks to be back in stock.


So far, six pairs of Sock It to Me socks have moved in and the other socks are soon to be banished from the drawer. LOVE THEM! So comfy, so fun and so colorful. THANK YOU!!!


I absolutely love, love love the socks. The best part (that only I see) is the artistry on the reciepts! That alone makes me want more socks! If Amazon did something like that, they might have a human side and become something of a real company one day…
…It has been such a pleasure doing business with you. Sock on!!!


I'm glad to provide my genuinely positive reviews of your Cameow and It's Raining Cats socks. I had equally positive joy on receiving 3 others of your sock patterns - Starry Night, Sock Ness Monster, and Birds on a Wire - from Powell's Books. That was what inspired me to find your own website and to order 2 pairs from you. (If I had more money, it would have been more.)


I'd just like to say that this is the second Christmas that I've ordered from Sock It To Me for my girlfriend who loves colorful socks. Just like last year, shipping was very fast and the product selection is great. The personalized note on the invoice was a nice touch too! Thanks a lot. I'll be ordering again.


I'm am floored by your customer service. It's wonderful! I love the doodles on the order forms, the free shipping for the holidays, and my surprise sock - which happened to be one I had decided not to buy for my hubby (who I got the very unique d20 socks and the hops socks for).

But don't think that I am only a giver. I run marathons, half marathons, 5ks, etc. I ran a Christmas 5k in the ugly sweater socks and got 3rd place in my age group. I wore the Dinomite socks to volunteer at the Bix 7, and the Unicorn socks during my 24 hour run. And I have the Bad Ass socks, because duh.

In a stressful holiday season, I just want to say Thank You for being a wonderful company with quality products and fantastic customer service. Please share this with as many people as possible.


Your socks are great! I never leave home without wearing a pair!