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I ordered the custom knee highs for my college aged (grad student) daughter. She has to wear medical leg braces, so knee highs are a must. Finding ones that fit her small feet, but are adult style are difficult. Sock It To Me Socks (small) always fit great and last with daily wear and tear from her braces.

I did teal (for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome awareness), with the medical symbols, and "RARE" written at the top in honor of her other rare genetic condition.


The socks had Albert on them. Perfect for our son's physics teacher! They were so cute, they arrived quickly and had a hand written thank you. Wonderful service. I will definitely order again!


Best socks and customer service in the universe! Outstanding quality! NOT Made in China! Cutest designs, I have given many as presents too! I like the handwritten notice on my invoice, Sock It To Me makes me feel like a valued customer. It is always a fun surprise to find the socks chosen for me when there is a get one free promotion. Highly recommend!


I quite literally *only* wear knee high socks from this miraculous company. It began when I discovered that high socks helped with a permanent injury, and then I found Sock it To Me and realized that I could do it up style-wise. 4 years down the road, and I’m launching a music career (at age 45 - yeah yeah I know). My socks are a huge part of my weird little “look”, and I’m sold - completely entrenched you might say. Totally love y’all - keep ‘em coming! (Esp those knee high ones with one image) - Purcy


I absolutely love the socks here! Especially love the great sales prices. Even the socks designed to fit big calves fit my skinny ones and stay put! The quality is great, they don't ever fade that I can tell and they fit like a dream! No bunching or sliding down so far! And don't get me started on the designs ... they are amazing and I love all of them. This is a dangerous site for a sock addict ... lol.


I keep buying your socks because they are (mostly ) designs that I love, and because thay last so long. I still have a couple of Your old argyles. The "sock drawer" is full, so I am trying to cut down. Sorry!


Over 7 years ago, I bought myself 3 pairs of your knee socks. They were the very best I’d ever had!! I darned these beauties over and over when they started wearing thin around the toes (over 3 years into their lives) because they were comfy, cute (can you bring back the design with Shakespeare book spines?!) AND THEY NEVER FALL DOWN! I finally broke down and ordered 3 new pairs. And… so far so good!! I’ll let you know if they last as long as the other ones in 2030!


I love my socks and I adore this company. Always a little something sweet on the receipt or something cute in your package. The socks are great quality and the knee high socks are amazing for my larger calfs. The customer service is incredible and so are the socks!


Call me crazy; but wearing this support comfortable boxers knowing they all hold a secret cartoon style brings out the little boy in me; which isn't a bad thing when you enter middle age and start to feel like the clock is ticking.
--Laugh at is too short.


Received “Butter Me Up” socks earlier than expected. Love them!! Adorable design. Excellent communication from Sock It To Me. Couldn’t be more satisfied.


This was the first pair of yours socks that I have bought and as a person that really loves socks I mean really love socks. I was highly surprised, they were so comfortable when I put them on it almost felt like I didn’t have any on. They never got tight on my feet and the comfort lasted through the day. I can’t wait to buy more to add to my collection.


My daughter-in-law sent me the Como Te Llamas socks for my birthday. Soooo cute. I have been a Llama Mama adoptive parent, helping to pay for the care of the llamas at the Brookfield IL zoo, for almost 38 years. Love llamas and LOVE the socks!


Got a notification my socks were delivered and I immediately ran to my mailbox. I absolutely love these socks❤️! Only place I can find beautifully designed knee high socks that fit me! (17" calves) And I love that this is a women led business! Wish I could have gotten more. My next paycheck better watch out 😂


This company has delightful socks that are both comfy and stylish. They are a joy to work with and very kind.


LOVE this company and their socks. Will be 80 this year and have dazzled friends and Grandchildren with my unique and sometimes hilarious socks! A company run by women - YEA.....and a company that is concerned with environment - YEA. They stand behind their product too - refreshing in today's culture. KUDOS to all!!!!!!


Love these socks! Received a gift card for xmas and picked out several prints. They shipped quickly, they’re great material, and they fit very nicely.


You are great as always. The new order pleased me and my children. Thank you!


This company is just awesome. They are prompt with their orders, love helping immediately if there is an issue and, most importantly, have super awesome underwear and socks!! I mean unicorns and rainbows?! They fit real women, too. Like if you have a little extra going on, no worries. Like I have a giant butt (it’s true), but I like the shorts style of underwear. Most men apparently have no butt because this is hard as hell to find. Sock it has it, in spades. In football. In wolves and moons. In robots. In Christmas/Hanukkah. Like this is the type of company that if you had a beef with them, I’d seriously wonder what was wrong with you!


This company is awesome! I love the sense of humor. I was notified that "magical flying ponies" were going to delivery my first order. Yes, the order arrived in a timely manner. The invoice had a handwritten message from a real human! Over the top customer service! Love all the socks I ordered. Have already placed a second order! Wish I could give more than 5 stars! Keep up the awesome work!


My new socks had kitty faces on them. I hope they bring me luck at Bingo games as i earned $281 with lucky socks this past year.