Women's Socks

We know women's funky socks so well because we've been making them since 2004. Whatever funky socks you're looking for, we've got them: sloths snacking on over-sized donuts, otters in love, tacos that are also dinosaurs and 200 more funky sock designs.

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Women's funky socks aren't just fun patterns like cat socks or knee highs with narwhals or even pink-winged pugs. Our funky socks for women have cats with mermaid tails and pigs that are flying through the air (today is the day!). These bright sock styles can help you get through the day whether you're going to a job interview or just hanging out at home.

Some of our women's funky socks are available in wide calf, which stretches to 21 inches in circumference. Our wide calf socks are created on a custom built machine with a higher thread count so our graphics don't distort when you wear them because everyone deserves funky socks. Everyone.

Our women's socks are super soft and durable because they are made with combed cotton so all the fibers go in the same direction. Plus, all our socks have a reinforced toe and heel. Breathable, comfortable, fun—all our funky socks are missing is YOU!