Kaleidoscope Women's Knee High Sock


Artist: Alicia Reese
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We will miss these fun and colorful Kaleidoscope socks! 

Time travel back to the 80’s when children’s toys didn’t have screens (they had mirrors instead). Remember that feeling of innocence and delight you used to get as a child when staring at floating confetti-shaped things through a tube? Get that feeling back without having to figure out how to spell “Kaleidoscope” by putting it into the search bar on Google.

96% polyester, 2% spandex, 2% other fiber.  Made in S. Korea.

Approximately fits women's shoe size 5-10.

These socks are very warm. Great buy
I play tennis and my known go to is crazy socks so I'm always looking for the brightest options. These fit the bill and then some! I've received so many compliments but more importantly after a two hour match they stayed up and kept my feet both warm and dry-no sliding around in my shoes.
I love these - so comfy!
Bought these for my girl, she totally loved them! they are great
I love the design and the beautiful colors!!! However, I do prefer the softer fabric that some of the other socks come in.
Love em'! The design and colors is AMZING! Very comfy and great fit on my tiny feet (6 1/2).

Super warm! Super comfy! Super colorful! Love them!
These socks are so bright and cheery you can't help but have a good day when they are on your feet. I have size 10 1/2 feet and they are very comfortable. The leg length is perfect. I love these socks.
I love the look, but there are too many loose threads on the inside, making it a little inconvenient to slide these socks on quickly.
LOVE these! Such good quality & so vibrant :-)

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