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Save 20% on underwear!

Coupon Code: KNICKERS

Now that you’ve got yourself a coupon code (KNICKERS), get yourself in some undies! They all match our fun sock styles and are as comfortable as they are colorful. People will be able to tell when you’re wearing Sock It to Me underwear because your confidence comes from the inside out.

Don't delay, the savings end on 5/31/17.


  1. Copy KNICKERS to your clipboard!
  2. Add some underwear to your cart (with matching socks?)
  3. Proceed to checkout and paste KNICKERS into our handy "gift certificate/promo code" field
  4. SAVE 20%!!

This coupon code only applies to underwear purchases.

Underwear on People

Here's how our underwear (and matching socks!) looks on real, live humans. To get an idea of the range of sizes, and how they'll fit on different body types, check out our model size comparison images for men and women, too!

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Undies Lookbook

Sock It to Me Underwear

Model Size Comparison

Women's Underwear Size Comparison

Men's Underwear Size Comparison
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