Womens Crew Socks featuring Pastel Prismatics, Fur Real Cat Socks, and Pandacorns

Sock It to Me Beta: Important Notes

Thank you for helping us beta test our brand new site! We're so glad you're here, and have some special rewards for you, but first let's go through some important information:

Start Shopping!

Account & Order Information

You won't have access to any previous orders or account details on this beta website. Orders placed on this beta site can not be found on our main site, either. Information on orders placed here and accounts created here can only be found here!

No Gift Certificates or Super Powers

You can't redeem gift certificates on the beta site if they were earned on our main site, nor can you earn or redeem super powers on the beta site. During the beta period, you also won't be able to purchase gift certificates or earn super powers on the beta site. You can still earn and use your super powers on our main site, and redeem gift certificates there, too!

Special Rewards?

You betcha! In addition to receiving 10% off your order on this beta site, you'll have an opportunity to provide feedback for an additional discount on a future order. Plus: when we fully launch our new site we'll send you a special reward for helping is beta test! Pretty neat, huh?

Missing Products & Content

Some products may not be available on our beta site-- specifically, our monthly Subscription. Additionally, there are some content pages that may be missing. We've tried to ensure the most important ones are here, but please provide feedback or reach out if you're looking for something and can't find it!