Love from Our Fans:

I have a sock problem.
You do not help because everything is just so darn good!
Loved all the fun socks and undies, and they arrived surprisingly fast. Thanks!
My sock order for my husband was perfect! All knee high socks are made of excellent quality and loves each one of them! P.S. Though, need a "donut" design please for knee highs for men.
As soon as I found this website, I knew I was in for a treat. One of my secrets for keeping warm in the winter is knee socks, and I can no longer find any interesting (even striped ones) in New Zealand. Ordering from Sock It To Me was a pleasure. Loved the shipping confirmation (magical ponies!), and the socks only took two weeks to arrive, which is pretty quick given the distance and the international pandemic situation.

As for the socks; I feel happy just to be wearing them. I have chunky calves, and find both the regular and wide fit suit me; one is just a little looser around the calves themselves, but both stay up fine. They are warm and comfortable. They put a smile on my face and my husband is finding the daily reveal quite amusing too :-)
Unique Elephant knee highs! Great quality. Never slip down. Love them!
I bought socks from here for my gf. They are soft and obviously Hugh quality. It also came with a handwritten thank you from the team, which was a nice touch.
I bought 3 pairs of Stretch It wide calf socks for my niece's birthday, and they were so cute I was jealous. I immediately ordered 4 more pairs (1 more for her, 3 for me). Super cute, comfy, perfect for roller skating. Great service and quick shipping!
The undies are very comfy, fit great and whoever packed my order drew a very cute dragon on the packing slip that made my day!
I love the fun designs and tons of choices! I work in healthcare and wear a pair every day! They aren't tight like compression socks but do have some elasticity and give similar comfort and feel of compression socks without the difficulty of fighting to put them on.
Lots of fun choices. Love your socks !