Love from Our Fans:

My granddaughter loved all of them. I'll remember you when she hs a birthday or other holiday.
Love these socks and the options for wide calves. It is hard to find cute, fun socks in this option. I also enjoy the personalization on my receipts. Thank you for a great product!
These socks are amazing! Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect gifts!
I bought your super stretchy as a gift for someone who has wide calves. He was pretty much over the moon about them. He said he has looked for years for rainbow socks that actually fit him. He said that they fit well and feel great. Thanks!
I moved to Portland 13 years ago and have been a fan of yours since I stumbled upon your booth at the Saturday Market. I give your socks as gifts every Christmas, especially delighting in the fact that I can gift my sister and my niece matching socks every year. For me, I super appreciate the wide-calf sock selection, which allows me to participate in the Sock It To Me fun.
Sock-it-to-me knee socks were a perfect STOCKING present on Christmas for everyone in my family - and a bit hit. Designs chosen for the person to whom they were given and they LOVE them! (I love them too, and continue wearing my favorites from previous orders). I will be back. Knee socks keep the rest of your body warm in winter!
This was my first time ordering Sock It Me. I was impressed with the quality of the socks and the speed at which they were delivered. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Your selection of socks were great as gifts to my staff at work. Each pair of socks represented that person in one way or another ... Eiffel Tower socks for the gal who visited Paris this past summer, dogs for the individual who walks his dog at lunch, cats and fish for the gal who has a non-profit cat rescue, etc. I had to get some of your socks off of Amazon and I couldn't purchase the Portland Trailblazer socks through you, although I tried. I cannot comment on the wash and wear, but I do know everyone LOVED their socks!!
The socks looked great on all of our feet. Adults and kids alike.
I loved that I received two completely different styles of socks. Such fun prints too!