Love from Our Fans:

I loved my wide calf knee hi socks so much I ordered 6 more pairs.
My kids love their matching socks (especially the dragon ones) and the hand drawn dragon on the invoice was such a great touch! They loved it!
A cute furry monster drawn on my invoice - really made my day!
And quality product. Love you goofy people!
I bought four pairs of socks for my sister as a gift, she loves crazy socks,and she absolutely loves them! She loves how comfortable they are, and how the designs stay intact and don't get stretched out while wearing them. So coming from a sock lover, the quality is amazing. This is definitely my new go to site for socks.
I ordered around 10 pairs and left a note on the order about how much I loved the designs. When I got the package I was overjoyed! So happy in fact, I threw away the packaging in a hurry to try them on. I then thought "you know, this company is so quirky I should check to see if they did something funny with the order slip" -- glad I did! I laughed SO HARD when I found a Saved By The Bell card featuring Zack Morris (where did you find even find this?!) - I have it on my office desk and will always cherish it. The order slip also had an AMAZINGLY well drawn shark on it with a heart. I can't tell you how happy this made me. I told all my friends, and I hope they find equal happiness in interacting with your team :-). Stay quirky, stay fun, and keep up the great quality.
You know when you order something online and it's even better than what you expected - That is my order of socks! Got some jackalopes and cassette tape socks and they are amazing (esp the jackalopes). Someone even drew a jackalope on my shipping invoice thing and I love it! Definitely look forward to getting more socks in the future!
Speedy service and was that a hand-drawn unicorn on the receipt? Quality socks with great designs- really puts a smile on our faces when putting them on.
Great St Payrick day green. Love them all. Super fun.
I bought socks for 3 people in my order; we all loved them. The designs are so cute & the quality is awesome – perfect weight – not too heavy, but substantial and of very good quality.
Excellent socks - exactly as advertised, exactly what I wanted. Hold up wonderfully when washed.