Love from Our Fans:

I love, love, love Sock It To Me socks. They are comfortable, wash well, hold their shape and look amazing. I now own 9 pairs! Did I say how much I love them?!
These socks are fantastic! Fun designs, hold up very nicely after repeated washings, made terrific "stocking" stuffers over the holidays and shipping is so fast! Great company...they know how to do it right!
Wow wow wow! Love everything about Sock it to me! Super cool designs you can't get anywhere else, great price, awesome quality - comfy, they stay up and the designs do not distort when pulled up :) Quick delivery considering I live in NZ. Love that they are delivered by magical flying ponies :-) and love the illustration on the pack slip!
I will definitely be a repeat customer! There are so many more designs I need in my life :-D Can't wait for this years competition!
You guys rock!
The Sock it to Me Socks I gave for Christmas were a huge hit! It was really fun browsing through your fantastic selection and matching personalities and/or hobbies with socks!! There was much anticipation as each family member opened their socks -- imagining what I picked out for them. What a delight just socks can be! I can't say enough about how pleased I am with the quality...these ain't no throw away after a few washings kind of socks, yay! Thank you for being a great resource for a one-of-a-kind sock. xoxo
Everyone already knows that these socks are well-designed and high quality. But did you know that you also get great bonus art on your order receipt? I did! Someone drew me an amazing little creature that was so cool I hung it on my fridge. So thanks to the artist!
Love love love this company, the socks were perfect and they drew me a swweett super hero bunny. I will defiently be ordering again.
A great place to buy wild socks. The socks are warm and wear great!
AMAZING! I can't seem to get enough of this magic. I am a male nurse and I work with a lot of children. I wear the Sock-it -to-me magic every day at work. It is a great ice breaker and so much fun.

THANK YOU for helping bring smiles and laughter to my little patients!
Oh my goodness gracious!!! Oh my. This...this is fantastic. These socks...Are they even socks? I don't mean to alarm but these might be like the flux capacitor to Doc Brown's Delorean!! If you told me that you had hand-crafted these socks out of silk gleaned from an ageless spider from Xenu, I'd believe you. Well done.
Love this site. They have awesome socks.