Love from Our Fans:

BEST SOCKS EVER!!!!!!! 10/10! And what is even better is the awesome surprise we got when we opened the package! My invoice had the most amazing Loc Ness Monster drawn on it and we received a really cool A-Team Trading Card! My son loved the socks but really - the A-Team card was the highlight of his day! What a great way to give your customers a smile after spending the money on your amazing socks!
I 100% LOVE these socks❤️ I have over 50 pairs of knee high socks and I just love every pair. I will definitely be buying more
I've never been so impressed with a company's service before. I got my order within a week and the order sheet inside the package had a personal hand drawing that really made me smile. The product is amazing too. My socks are so comfortable and fun. I always look forward to picking out a pair in the morning. This company is over the top amazing.
Love the socks. All of them.
Ended up pretty expensive with US exchange and then Canadian duty but...
I bought these as a gift for someone after someone bought some socks as a gift for me! Not only are they comfortable and fit just right they make me smile when I put them on! I absolutely loved the packaging and it made my day with the cute drawing on the receipt! I kept it and normally I would throw them away! Thanks guys! Your products rock!
I use to be sweater tights in the winter until I found my ❤️ love of Sock It To Me ⭐️ I wear them almost everyday with skirts! Sea life for Sea Shepherd and all the cool outer space socks that I call my David Bowie Socks!
New favorite footwear. The fit, length, and styles are bomb.
I wish I could give more than 5 stars! The socks are creative, funny, and high quality. Every order comes with an AMAZING drawing on the receipt, and customer service is so incredibly nice and helpful.
I do have ONE complaint... my sock drawer will no longer close because I have so many cool socks!!!
Hi pals at Sock It to Me,
I received my socks today, got to say I love the fabric and the prints!!
Also, my order form had a nice drawing on it and I'm hanging it above my bed ;)
So thanks and Love from Belgium!
The socks are awesome, but you really actually got me with the A-Team cards... one of my all time favorite TV shows to just veg out to!! And the drawings...amazeballz.

But socks! I love them, and I gave some as a birthday gift to my boyfriend, and he loved them too! Thanks all!