Love from Our Fans:

Cool socks are the RAGE - not to mention perfect gifts for anyone of all ages!!! I think you guys are TOE-tally awesome! I would SO LOVE TO WORK THERE because your customer service is FANTASTIC! I just love the drawings on the invoices and the enclosed A-Team cards!!

I've always had a SOCK addiction, but now your website is it's portal!!! I am a North Carolina native and have transformed into a returning patron time and time again! I can also say that I have recruited some friends and family members to your website as well! Every year, around Christmas, we have a "SOCK-IT-TO ME" game (like White Elephant) but instead, everyone brings a pair of fun socks (wrapped of course)! YOUR WEBSITE IS MY SECRET WEAPON! Anyway, we all draw numbers and commence to play the game of unwrap - or steal! Trust me, claws come out because many pairs are highly coveted (especially your products) and become in danger of being stolen several times - definite goners are the pairs that are encased in that SUPER CUTE GIFT BAG you offer! After all is said and done, at least everyone goes home with some pretty cool pairs!

Thank you for all that you offer and please don't ever go away!!!!!!
I'm in danger of becoming known as "that quirky sock lady" at work, but honestly I can't stop wearing them! I have about 8 pair I wear with my dietary dress uniforms for working in a hospital kitchen, they're supportive and make my legs feel great after long hours on my feet...and they make the patients smile, I'm hooked!
I love the prints. I love the stretch-it. I give your socks as gifts all the time, then turn around and order a bunch for myself. The shipping is super fast, someone drew a lovely,uh, a lovely little critter on my invoice that I showed to everyone at work (I may even put it up on my 'fridge), and they also included an A-TEAM trading card that I use as a bookmark (next time, can it be Mr. T?). I just love your company and your product and your service. So, thank you!!! AND the gift bags? So adorable! I'm glad you put the print on socks, too (ordered 3 pairs). Okay, now I'm done. :)
I am so pleased with this company and so happy I found you guys! I wrote reviews on socks and the neat gift bag and thought I would just let people who may be considering purchasing from this site that I definitely recommend it! Quick service, high quality, fun packaging, adorable socks! Keep up the great work, SockItToMe!
love love love this product. I buy them as fun and unique gifts for those who already have everything. They're a great way to make someones day and make them laugh. I enjoy when I get discounts after purchasing them as gifts and gifting my next crazy item for myself. They're fun conversation starters too!
Great socks! My wife loved them for Valentines Day :) We always like the quality and the fact that you come out often with new designs that we can get.
I love this product! I can't even tell you enough how much I have loved all your socks since I was first introduced to them. The quality is honestly what sets you a part from the rest, but the designs put you in a whole different galaxy! Just love everything about these socks! Its the first time I have ordered directly through your company and the service and prices were AWESOME! I even got the cutest little hedgehog drawn on my receipt! I just love this place! I'll be back and I tell everyone about you guys!
Honestly the best company ever! I got a couple pairs of socks for my boyfriend as a present and he totally loved them. The socks were perfect and the service was even better (believe it or not). They also drew a cute bear on my receipt :) (I ordered the bear necessities).
Not only are the socks rad but so are the people who work here. I asked for a motivational quote with my order and they came through with
"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding"
-Khalil Gibran

Seriously so much love to you guys and your company.
Love the football socks and the hand drawn football on my receipt. Nice touch!