Love from Our Fans:

I bought these as a gift for someone after someone bought some socks as a gift for me! Not only are they comfortable and fit just right they make me smile when I put them on! I absolutely loved the packaging and it made my day with the cute drawing on the receipt! I kept it and normally I would throw them away! Thanks guys! Your products rock!
I use to be sweater tights in the winter until I found my ❤️ love of Sock It To Me ⭐️ I wear them almost everyday with skirts! Sea life for Sea Shepherd and all the cool outer space socks that I call my David Bowie Socks!
New favorite footwear. The fit, length, and styles are bomb.
I wish I could give more than 5 stars! The socks are creative, funny, and high quality. Every order comes with an AMAZING drawing on the receipt, and customer service is so incredibly nice and helpful.
I do have ONE complaint... my sock drawer will no longer close because I have so many cool socks!!!
Hi pals at Sock It to Me,
I received my socks today, got to say I love the fabric and the prints!!
Also, my order form had a nice drawing on it and I'm hanging it above my bed ;)
So thanks and Love from Belgium!
The socks are awesome, but you really actually got me with the A-Team cards... one of my all time favorite TV shows to just veg out to!! And the drawings...amazeballz.

But socks! I love them, and I gave some as a birthday gift to my boyfriend, and he loved them too! Thanks all!
I love your socks! I have a whole drawer full and they are my go to gift for every occasion. It is great how as you get older, the gift of socks becomes so much more exciting. Especially love the wide calf socks.
Your men's line of undies is super comfy and flattering! I ordered 2 pairs of women's and unfortunately upon the first washing (before I even wore them) the lacy trim had already started to seperate from the garment. Great prints and I'll still stock up my hubby on your men's line though!
I love all of your socks, however I would buy more and more frequently if they weren't so expensive.
Cool socks are the RAGE - not to mention perfect gifts for anyone of all ages!!! I think you guys are TOE-tally awesome! I would SO LOVE TO WORK THERE because your customer service is FANTASTIC! I just love the drawings on the invoices and the enclosed A-Team cards!!

I've always had a SOCK addiction, but now your website is it's portal!!! I am a North Carolina native and have transformed into a returning patron time and time again! I can also say that I have recruited some friends and family members to your website as well! Every year, around Christmas, we have a "SOCK-IT-TO ME" game (like White Elephant) but instead, everyone brings a pair of fun socks (wrapped of course)! YOUR WEBSITE IS MY SECRET WEAPON! Anyway, we all draw numbers and commence to play the game of unwrap - or steal! Trust me, claws come out because many pairs are highly coveted (especially your products) and become in danger of being stolen several times - definite goners are the pairs that are encased in that SUPER CUTE GIFT BAG you offer! After all is said and done, at least everyone goes home with some pretty cool pairs!

Thank you for all that you offer and please don't ever go away!!!!!!