Love from Our Fans:

The people who work for this company clearly enjoy their jobs! A quirky, fun site to order from! The experience was great. I was only disappointed that I missed seeing the flying unicorns deliver my package!
This is my go to for my wife. She loves loves loves these socks.. thanks for a great product and service.
There is definitely something for everyone! I have tons and switch off daily at work and meme and women both say how much they love them. I made my first online order last month (for some co workers actually) and was graced with a dragon on my receipt! Haha it’s awesome! As Stefon from weekend update would say...this place has everything!❤️
Thanks for going the extra mile!
Loved my first experience with SITM! Socks are too cute, great quality, and reasonably priced. And I LOVED my Valentine Monster drawn on the packing slip!!! This made the order feel extra personalized! I will definitely be ordering again!
SITM socks are the BEST.... and their customer service rocks...Love the stretchie Knee Highs, and hope you keep getting a lot more designs in this size. Rather than stars, I give them a 5 toes up !! with assorted wiggles, of course!!
Top 3 reasons to choose SITM-
1. Variety
2. Quality (withstands teenagers with fungus feet, comfortable for large calves or small, long-lasting)
3. The beautiful artwork on your receipt and the funky fresh 90’s collector cards in the package.

I once left a comment on my order to “party on, Wayne” and hand colored on my receipt page was a picture of Garth from Wayne’s World! Wouldn’t have mattered if I never received the socks. When neighbors and friends receive your socks from us, they hustle over to see what was on the receipt, which we keep on the wall.

Thank you for impressing us with your products, fabulous customer service, and unique style. I LIKE the way you do the things you do!
I only recommend Sock it to me brand socks to anyone looking for funky, quality socks! I got my mom and a friend buying them and speaking highly of them! You guys ROCK MY SOCKS OFF! LOL. can't wait for my next box!
Excellent!! I really love the super stretchy mid-calf socks. They actually fit:) I would be great to have a wider selection in the stretch-it models.
Sock it to me has wonderfully designed socks and they're super comfy. Their customer service was spot on. I would definitely order from them again!
Great selection of fun high quality socks that the men in my family loved receiving for Christmas! Fast service and the mystery pair of free socks are now in my wardrobe and I love wearing them . I will be ordering again