Love from Our Fans:

To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed. I had some old Sock It To Me socks that I loooved, and was excited to do a sock drawer overhaul with a whole new set of them.
This new batch seems sized differently such that the foot is too long and I have extra in front of my toes or creeping up the back of my heel.
Also, the socks seem to have less cotton in them. Even choosing ones with higher percentage of cotton, they feel polyester-y against my skin.
I've worn and washed several pairs in my order to see if it was a difference in pattern, etc. But considering returning the rest if these don't start to feel more like my originals in a few more washes.
I picked up my first pair in Portland while on vacation and immediately ordered more when I got home. They are without question my favorite socks, not only because of the amazing designs but the fit and comfort. LOVE these socks!
The socks are so fun, they make great gifts for everyone on my list
Whilst my daughter loves the socks, she was particularly taken by the little extras - she received a surprise cloth badge and someone had chosen to draw a Halloween pumpkin on the receipt - keep up the good work, its the little things that make customer loyal.
The socks are great! I gave them as a gifts and everyone was happy. Will buy more !
Absolutely love these socks! Always awesome designs and they are super comfy!
My daughter loves your socks. She loves to wear them to play basketball in. She always gets compliments and has started a trend of other girls wearing them. They are well made, comfy and priced really well!
Your socks are so much fun. I love them. I have many pairs and have worn out so many more. I wish you had more available in the STRETCH IT line. They are so comfortable.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR SOCKS!! I dress according to what socks I wear that day. People are always looking to see what I’m wearing, call me the “sock lady”, and of course, I send them to your website. THANKS for the FUN
I was looking for cool socks for my 2 sons as they enjoy wearing them. The quality is much better than I thought it would be and I am sure my sons will enjoy them in their Christmas stocking. They will want more once they wear them!