Love from Our Fans:

I love socks and they are great gifts. I send these instead of a card for birthday s, getwells, and everyone loves getting them
My daughter bought me 2 fabulous pair of Sock It To Me extra wide calf knee socks as a part of her holiday gifts to me. Those were my favorite gifts. I love those socks. As soon as I had a little cash to spare, I treated myself to a pair of the "Bad Ass" extra wide calf socks. I don't know what kind of technology or magic is used to keep the design true over large calves, but I'm so glad you use it. Before these socks my only options were very ugly socks that were mostly just extra large calf socks that were very expensive and ugly. No more of either of that for me now that I'm proud member of the Sock It To Me socks family.
Love these socks! Bought all over powell’s in Oregon and nice lady at the pdx airport told me about the online store! Since I live in Florida I was so happy to hear that. I have an addiction to your guys socks. And loved the shipping label with a cute dinosaur drawn on it!!!!
Love the socks!! Great customer service!! Will definitely order more and will definitely recommend to others.
Extreme quality socks. Delivery took only 10 days to arrive at my home in Spain. Very very happy with your shipment. I will back to buy them
Your socks are fun! Great designs, colors, and fabrics.
They're so comfortable too.
My grandsons have "crazy sock day" at school. They were so excited. No one will have these and they decided to wear one of each to really be "crazy".
First of all...FIRST OF ALL: while my order (for Valentine's Day btw) was in route I checked it with UPS tracking and discovered that UPS had lost the package somewhere on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan...when I called SockItToMe up on the phone, would you believe I actually got a real human who talked to me and helped me? YES! It was an incredible experience in today's poor quality customer service expected society...THANK YOU SOCK IT TO ME...would you believe the order actually arrived on time, became a wonderful and thoughtful unique gift for my honey, and I can't say thank you enough - Thank you - it's great merchandise and the shipping was not a problem with them at all.
Amazing socks and amazing customer service. I never expected to be so impressed with a sock delivery. I want to frame the drawing on my invoice. Thank you for making the experience special.
I love your socks !!!! The designs are so much fun. They come in a package that doesn't waste space, arrive quickly. The fit is great I haven't been able to wear knee highs for years because of sizing. Found my first pair in a small shop on vacation and from then on I was hooked. I have a different pair for everyday for a month. One of my coworkers got such a kick out of my love for these socks she bought me a couple pair. I work retail and get comments every day how people love the socks. It makes my day to make someone else smile. Thanks