Love from Our Fans:

My grandson loved his new socks for his birthday!
I found your socks at DSW about 2 years ago, then I found them at a store in Milwaukee WI, then I could not find them anywhere! Surprise I found the receipt from the store in Milwaukee!!!!! Went on your website and bought 5 pair!!!! I love your socks!!!!!!! They are so comfortable and wear well!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! I will be ordering more!!!!
I love Sock it to me socks and the whole attitude of the company. I buy lots of socks there and wear them every day.
The only problems I have had are the toes and heels wearing out fairly quickly--I do sew them up so I can wear them longer. Also I recently bought three pairs of the no-show socks. Two of the pairs stay on my feet all day but one of the pairs won't stay on even just to put on shoes!
Fun socks that fit. Finally. Thank you!!
I've been buying Sock It To Me socks elsewhere for awhile, but from now on I'll always buy directly from the company! There's an amazing selection of socks for every conceivable event or situation, and the service was beyond fantastic. I felt like I was buying from people, vs a faceless corporation. The little added touches were delightful, from the rainy day cat drawn on the receipt to the Saved By the Bell trading card included in the shipment. Oh, and I got exactly what I ordered too! I feel that needs to be mentioned because it doesn't always happen with other companies I buy from. The only thing that made me a little uncomfortable was not having an option whether or not to save my credit card info. Still, the overall experience was terrific and I've told all my sock wearing friends about it.
I got a really nice pair of socks, someone even drew a cool monkey on the receipt!!! Sock it to me is pretty cool, I recommend this brand.
I have soooo many pairs, hands down my favorite thing to wear at work...7 hours a day on my feet running around a hospital kitchen, these socks act almost like compression socks, but much more fun!
Love every pair!
These socks are not my usual cup o' tea, but the price was too good to resist & the designs are always ah-mazing!
All sock it to me socks are amazing. They're fun and comfortable. I highly recommend them to everyone!