Love from Our Fans:

I got a really nice pair of socks, someone even drew a cool monkey on the receipt!!! Sock it to me is pretty cool, I recommend this brand.
I have soooo many pairs, hands down my favorite thing to wear at work...7 hours a day on my feet running around a hospital kitchen, these socks act almost like compression socks, but much more fun!
Love every pair!
These socks are not my usual cup o' tea, but the price was too good to resist & the designs are always ah-mazing!
All sock it to me socks are amazing. They're fun and comfortable. I highly recommend them to everyone!
Great quality! And unique designs!
I like this brand of socks but unfortunately liked only 1/6 pairs I got during my 3 month subscription... :/ Not a fan of the knee-high socks. Also wish you could select themes you like; got some very random socks that were not my style at all.
Appreciate the quality. Thank you.
The majority of the socks in my recent order are going to be future gifts. I love the variety and the fact the knee highs actually stay up....all day!
I love my sock it to me's! I have almost 100 pairs! It's an addiction! But they are fun and well made