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These are so cute!! Great colors and such a whimsical concept! Love them!!


Okay, so I'm a guy and I really like wearing these socks as a pop of color for my boring uniform. They are super fun and I get many compliments. I wear mens size 12 shoe and all 5 pairs that I purchased fit just fine =).


The quality is fantastic and the design is beyond cute! My daughter loved getting these socks and the pair that was gifted to me as part of my order! The shipping was fast and the packaging felt personal. Thank you!


I bought these socks as soon as I saw them. They are great even in the most shrinkafying washing machines.They even have a built in cat hair magnet! Unicorn vs. Narwhal socks are insane, out-of-the-box, and crazy. What's not to love?


My granddaughter loved the socks!! Will buy her more of them!!


I ordered these socks because I love unicorns and needed a pair of wacky socks for camp this year because the theme is mystical and space. So far the socks seem to hold up well and have a great quality to them.


Ordered a few pair of socks for my girlfriend (we use them for deadlifting FYI). They are amazing, and very cute. I wish you had more styles for men, and I know they are not intended for but some more aggressive designs for lifting.


I ordered these socks for my 11 yr. old because she fell in love with them at a store and I knew Santa needed to bring them but she was around so I couldn't buy them. I'm glad I bought them online instead not only because they were cheaper BUT the shipper drew an amazing Narwhal cartoon on the receipt AND, for some silly reason, included an old "A Team" trading card in the package as a "thank you"! I laughed and even showed the cartoon to my daughter (hiding what it was for) since she wants to be a cartoonist. She asked surprised, "WHO drew that?!" I couldn't say that they were from the socks I ordered since they were to be from Santa, but I just said, "oh, from something I got". She has the drawing in her room now. THANK YOU! I only wish the socks were available in kids' sizes, but she doesn't care. She LOVES them. :)


These socks were a gift for our granddaughter, she loves them, they are the perfect length and soft, not to forget how adorable and good quality they are. I love the customer service, someone is amazing, we added a get well soon message and it was highlighted along with what looked like a hand drawn picture of a happy Narwhal. Very pleased with my experience.


My kids love their socks! Well made-the narwhal and unicorn graphic doesn't only look amazing, it is also woven as part of thr sock. Very cute.


The colors are so flashy and the socks so comfortable, I love them. Like all SITM products, they can get holes easily, so take care of them.


There are no words for how much I love these socks. The color, the unicorn and narwhal....and the fit! My calves are larger than many (and perfect in that way) and these socks are so comfortable!


Great quality sock! Fantastic design!


So fun and unique. Great fit and bright colors. Love them!


How can you go wrong? Pink socks and a unicorn and narwhale crossing horns


These socks make me very happy. Love the color. Love the fit.


Good quality socks. I love them. The colors are as vivid as they look in the pictures.


Great quality! Love this company and their amazing socks!


I really like the quality of the socks. I wash them in tap cold water with all kinds of other things in the washer and they hold up just like any other socks. They didn't bleed and the unicorns and narwals are just as magical as they were when they arrived on my doorstep.


I purchased these socks as a surprise add-on to a Christmas gift for my eldest niece. She hearts narwahls more than anyone I know. The detail and bright colors are sure to win her over.


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