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Bought these as a replacement for my partner who had THE SAME EXACT PAIR FOR YEARS.

They’re comfy, they’re cute, they’re wild... absolutely awesome!


Really cute,they are a gift for my grandaughter


So cute, so fun... you guys know how to do this right!! Your socks delight my nieces and nephew every time!! Thank you!!


I think I'm on my third or fourth pair of these socks because I love them so much. Since I work in a kitchen, I tend to wear out socks fairly quickly; but I can't be without my sushi socks! People who see them always comment on them with a smile.


I just love the colors and the great design!

Sport these on your toes and you are sure to be as HOT as WASABI! Nothing but SOY and JOY!


LOVE THE SHORT SOCKS - I'm not a fan of knee-highs, so these are awesome.
My daughter loves sushi and these socks. We love this sushi design so much that we've bought several for friends.


Bought as a gift. Seem nice, soft. Not sure they look like sushi, but that will be up to the giftee....


Cute, fun, and comfy.
What more could you ask for in a pair of socks?!


These sushi socks are definitely an eye catcher! They are soft and slightly thin for my liking but I'm glad I ordered them! Only bad thing, they make me hungry for sushi!


Super excited to have received the socks I ordered -- especially this one! The sushi design is adorbs.


comfy, cute


I love these socks so much I've bought them twice! I had a pair that I wore to death and just replaced them, because I missed them so much.


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