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These are great socks. I own many knee highs, and these are my favorite brand by far. Will be buying more! My receipt had a hand-drawn giant dinosaur on it too which made me smile :)


First of all, who doesn't love this whimsical design? I was delighted to find this website because I'd given up hope of having awesome socks as my calves and knees got bigger. I ordered the stretch in several designs and was thrilled with the results. These are definitely comfortable for all day wear. The socks fit my calves perfectly and there was no painful grooves cut in around my knees. Please add more designs to the stretch socks! Thank you!!


I think these are my all-time favorite socks! I think I might need to get the underwear tomatch.


Super fun socks, great color, and comfortably fit a larger calf!


AWESOME! These socks are perfect for making a bold statement- because who could go wrong with taco dinosaurs! Got so many compliments on them at school! Also, these fit exactly the same as a women's knee high. I only got the stretch-it because the women's taco dinosaur knee high was out of stock. ;) SO perfect!


My teenage son loves these socks!


These socks were perfect, they were for a coworker for a gift exchange, absolutely perfect, I'll keep buying awesome socks!!!


It's tacos and dinosaurs. You seriously can't go wrong. Extremely comfortable socks that fit a wide calf flawlessly and the little tacosaurus' look hilarious and amazing on them. Beyond pleased.


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