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These are my favourite socks! I love knee high socks and just discovered this brand and I'm in love. I also have the tacosaurous socks and the purple sloth ones. They definitely won't be the last Ibuy. They're so comfy tooooo!


The socks are cute, but still not as stretchy as I needed. My legs are at the top of the size range as far as calf width, and if I pull these all the way up, they cut into the skin and hurt quite a bit. I can still wear them I guess, but they would be scrunched down, not the knee socks I was hoping for. Sad, because just another inch or two would have done it!


I recently shattered my ankle your socks have been the only ones that fit over my swollen foot the long ones are extra nice for when I’m doing ice packs around my ankles.


Beautiful Socks!!!! I have chunky calves and these fit so well! Nice & thick, they will definitely keep me snug in winter and help prevent blisters whilst wearing boots. Highly recommend!!!!


I bought these for my 12 year old and shes in love. Great product and shipped pretty quickly. I recommend!


Great socks I purchased them for my daughter who has swollen legs from a health condition and they fit great and very stretchy .


First knee socks in a long time that fit my calves. I washed them in warm water and they still fit. I read the fine print and chose this pattern (horizontal stripes only) to ensure the maximum stretch, so I can't say whether other patterns fit the same.


I love these socks!!! The colors are awesome & they fit my wide calves without distorting the pattern or cutting into my skin.


These socks were exactly what I was looking for - hard to find socks that fit my calves. Will order from here again!


They were not kidding when they said these were stretchy! I have a hard time finding knee high socks that fit my 17.5” calves and these fit me with space to spare. They are super soft and the colors are just as vibrant and pretty in person. I love them!!


If you have hulk calves and can’t stand socks cutting into you.... these are for you! Finally, comfortable socks that go up to the place they are supposed to. Love these socks!


The socks are fun but they are definitely not wide calf. I have them pull all the way up but they’re too tight. Liked the socks because I needed something long to fit underneath leg brace.


First the first time since ordering from you, I'm sad to say this was not a good pair of socks. The colors were beautiful. However, they were NOT wide calf... they barely even made it up my ankle. Usually I can pull your socks all the way up to my knee. I'm super bummed. :-(


Love my Super Juicy socks! Great colors, and they are soooooo comfy!


The colors are fantastic, and all the socks I've ordered from this site fit really well. Love them!


LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Fits my wide calves perfectly


I wore these w/ my Halloween costume & they fit perfectly on my wide calves.


You can never have enough rainbow socks! I wear these all the time!


Let's just say my socks were a hit at the wedding. I absolutely loved them! These socks were so comfortable and they made me feel unstoppable.


I love your sock. The wide cafe ones fit so well and do not cause edema (this is important to diabetics). Your socks are pretty and whimsical. just what I need. I wish you had wide cafe in every selection.


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