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I got these for the groomsmen at my best friend's wedding (it was Starry Night themed). And these socks were perfect! They were thin enough to fit in dress shoes but still thicker than the flimsy, sheer stuff rental suits normally give you (and obviously WAY more stylish). They covered our entire calves, which was nice since we were outdoors. And most impressive of all? They STAYED UP the whole night. Now I have somewhat thick calves, so most long dress socks with elastic rings tend to feel really tight and I don't like it; but these stretched easily and were comfortable even on my legs!


The description says good for up to a 21 inch calf, well, mine is 22, and these fit awesome! I'll be honest, I had to order them twice, because the first pair to show up were strangely small, but I gave those to a friend and ordered another pair for me and this set fit like a dream.

Every pair of socks I have ordered from this line have been awesome. It was so amazing to be able to buy fun socks with my lipedema!


Bought these from Amazon and now I've fallen in love with Sock It To Me, Stretch Fit. I was looking for non-compression socks to fit my large calves and stumbled upon these! I wanted to wear them with my new Dr Martens for Christmas and now I can't wait to find my next pair. I promise you, I have never paid this much for one pair of socks and never thought I would be jumping to do it AGAIN, but I can't wait to find more! These socks fit my calf, reach my knees, AND STAY in place! Never been more happy with socks 🧦 in my life! I love the Starry Nights painting and always have, but I wasn't looking for ANYTHING specific when I landed on these. Thrilled can't describe my feelings adequately. Thanks for including wide calf socks in your collection of amazing items! Underserved/ under represented market! You all nailed it!


I get so many compliments when I wear these. Wanna rock the KC look? Grab a couple pairs!


My friends love this design, plus they are comfortable and great quality. This are my favorite pair of knee high socks.


Love these socks - soft, comfortable and fun! I've given as gifts to my friends who love Van Gogh. So glad the s-t-r-e-t-c-h size goes to size 14.


Very pleased with the packaging, quality, and especially the artful design...given as Christmas gifts


The best! So comfortable and love how these look! They come all the way up to the knees and don't fall down. The black band at the top really makes these look amazing!


The design is so clever and looks great! I was delighted to find this website because I'd given up hope of having awesome socks as my calves and knees got bigger. I ordered the stretch in several designs and was thrilled with the results. These are definitely comfortable for all day wear. The socks fit my calves perfectly and there was no painful grooves cut in around my knees. Please add more designs to the stretch socks! Thank you!!


Soft, stretchy , stay put socks. Love the design and how well socks wash without fading.


I ordered multiple pairs of socks in a single order. Each pair was quality material that wasn't thin, it stretched over my calf and didn't cut into my skin. The colors and pictures were bright, I enjoyed wearing them more than my everyday white socks. I hope they come out with more designs!


I was so happy when I saw my friends recommend these socks, and the fit was just how they said! I'm a huge Van Gogh/Starry Night fan, so of course I picked this pair up. They're so comfortable, I forgot I was wearing them! Will definitely pick up more.


I love the Starry Night Socks absolutely LOVE the pattern. I have bought several pairs of socks from this company and have loved them all. I wear leg braces and these knee-high socks stay up and don't slide down. My neurological disease causes me to have wide calves and these fit wonderfully even when traveling by air.


If you have larger legs and cannot wear standard socks, order any of the Sock it to Me STRETCH-IT socks because they will most likely fit you. I have Lipedema, a disease that causes my legs and ankles to be far larger than normal and very painful. I cannot get most standard socks on, or if I am able to get them on, they are painfully tight and cut off my circulation. These STRETCH-IT socks are so wonderful, comfortable on my painful legs, and cute, too! I wear them when I want to wear my wide calf boots, or when I go somewhere where it's colder weather.


This was a gift to my daughter-in-law who loves your socks. It's just what she wanted.


Finally bought these socks and I just love them, the colours are amazing and they fit so well.
And well, it is my favourite paintig, so that's a big plus.


WONDERFUL! Perfect for "bigger calves"!! I am DEFINITELY going to be buying more in the future!!! GRRRRREAT SOCKS!!


I collect socks and these are by far my favorite! The band across the top is not tight like many that I buy. It stretches with such comfort and stays put too. The design is artistic and I love art so it is the perfect fit for me! I highly recommend them.


So glad to have discovered Sock it to me socks, especially the stretch-it ones. They fit my wide calves and all have such great fashion/story detail. You are never too old for these - I am in my 60's and can not wait to show off my new legs!


Love this painting, finding socks like this is so cool!


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