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Absolutely love these! I am going to buy a pair for my bff too! I have big girl legs and they fit great!


Bought these as gifts for my running friends and they loved them! Good quality and soft feel. They all wear a size 8 and up so the larger fit was not an issue. I only wish they came in my size!


Love the socks. Wearing them to support the Heartbreaker Challenge in Windsor Ontario. It is a 7km mud run and my team of girl will looking great running with these Bad Ass socks. Thanks Sock It To Me!!!!!!!!!!!


These fit so more lines on my legs!


I love this pair of socks!!! I can not wear them in school so I wear them every weekends and when school is off. Two thumbs up.


I've always been discouraged because I have such large calves and knee high socks would cut off my circulation. These socks fit perfect! ❤️


Love these. I have massive calf muscles and it's hard to find higher socks that fit properly.


I am a "fluffy" gal with wide calls. These socks are perfect! They are perfect size for my "plus size" legs/feet. I will definitely shop here again! Love it!


Bought as a gift. Recipient loved them.


I love these socks. I have very chunky/muscular calves and these socks were able to glide over my legs with ease. They are comfortably stretchy with out being to slack. I'm looking forward to wearing them in the spring with shorts and skirts so everyone can see them.


I love the socks, unfortunately I need wide and tall! They stretch over my calves, but then the material is actually stretched out and the design doesn't look good...and they barely come up high enough. :( They fit wide...but I wouldn't say 21" calves are the best fit, especially if you have taller calves.


Love them!


These socks are Bad Ass! Comfortable, stretchy fit without being too loose, and killer style!


these are some bad ass socks! Wore these all day during the women's march on 1/21; never fell down once. highly recommended!


Super Fun! Fit Amazing! Everybody wants a pair when they see them!


These socks fit great and were a huge hit with all the ladies I bought them for!


Love the quantity and the stretch.


You got leg? Then get these Bad Ass fitting socks! Fit like I have regular 'ol sized legs...whohoo!!


They actually stretch over my calfs and up my knees. I'm short and a bit chubby so finding socks that are THIS comfy and THIS stretchy is great. I even bought 8 more pairs for xmas for my sister and cousins. That way, we can all be comfy badasses! :D


Gave these to my serious golfer son-in-law for Christmas...........he LOVED them, and had great comments (hee-haws) from his foursome!


These are the best pair of socks I own - need to buy 5 more pairs.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE SOCKS!! I always get discouraged when trying to find socks that'd fit my wide calves.. these fit amazingly!!


I love these socks. They fit perfectly. The truth is that I have NEVER owned a pair of knee socks. They never would fit around my calves. These socks are simply Bad Ass Amazing and I love them! Thank you Sock It To Me! You are a superhero in my book!


Being able to find sock to fit over my legs is hard, and to be honest, I was hesitant to order these. When the arrived, I pulled them out and put them on...all the way to my knees!! I almost cried, and I did do a bit of a happy

Thank you, Sockittome, for realizing not all people are built the same
You have no idea how much this helps with body positivity!


I love these socks! They're so comfortable and fit my thick calves perfectly! I can't wait to buy a new pair. Great investment.


What could possibly not be awesome about BAD ASS socks that fit my chubby calves?!!


I love these socks. They are stretchy & comfortable, but they have enough "oomph" to stay up when I run. I am NOT a bad ass, but some days I need a little push in that direction, so I throw on these socks and walk-the-walk. :-)


Love our socks!!! We are wearing them tomorrow for the Warrior Dash.


I got the Bad Ass socks for myself (regular) and the superstretch for some guys who are truly Bad Asses and they are awesome. Great quality, stay up, good for big feet. . . Thanks, Sock-it-to-me.


I bought these as a gift for my girlfriend. Socks always cut into her calves and never make it up as high as they're supposed to. I googled for a solution and found the jackpot! She's in love and they are awesome! Definitely buying more now that I know they're the real deal! Thank you!


My daughter loves her socks, she wore them in comfort all day at work. I will be ordering additional pairs.


These socks are absolutely perfect! They are not too thin and definitely not too thick, but very warm. They have a lot of stretch in them but bounce back enough to stay up all the time I wear them. I have been looking for these for YEARS! I bought two pair and will not hesitate to buy more if need be. HURRY AND GET YOURS!


I have 16" calves and socks cut into me so badly. These have changed my life! I ordered more! I even have more room if my calves were bigger. Love them!


Socks are adorable and do fit larger calves great. Very comfy. Unfortunately a hole wore in the heel on only the second day of wearing them. I wear them with EMS boots...don't know if that would make them wear faster but my other normal socks haven't done that.


These are the comfiest pair of socks ever! They fit perfectly too.


Hubby loved them.....he is 6'3" and they were long enough, and stayed up. Thank you.


Love my socks!!!can wait to order more...very comfortable material ...


A lot of sock companies say they make socks for a wide calf but Sock It To Me really delivers! Not tight at all and you don't get that red ring around the top of your calf!


I love my socks. I have thick calves and they fit so comfortably.


Awesome sock for those of us with study calves


I love these socks!
I am 6'1" and plus size, these sock are long (reaching up to my knee) and the conform to my leg without being tight and constricting.
I usually have the issue of my knee sock falling down into my boot after a few steps of walking. These socks stay in place the entire day and when I remove them at night there is no intention below my knew showing how my blood flow was restricted.
I highly recommend these socks based on the style, feel, comfort and fit. I wish they made all of their socks with an extra wide option for us larger women.


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