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Fit and finish is amazing! Love these! They come all the way up to the knees and stay up all day! :)


Great socks, I wear them for tennis. My feet don't sweat or get hot.


Great colours. Beautiful van Gogh design.


Just purchased these for my adult daughter, who wore her last pair so constantly that they expired!


Love the Starry Night socks. They fit a little looser than the other styles and are much more comfortable. I would love to see more sock styles in this fit.


I bought these socks for a xmas white elephant sock exchange with some girlfriends. They were a hit!


I loved it. We had a sock contest, i added lights to it. Even though mine were very original i didn't win. Someone else one with pity votes.


This style is a top seller at the store I buy merchandise for. People love this sock so much!


The link at the end of the survey did not work. Please apply the 20% off promised.

I have a dozen of your socks and love them but these designs were awful. I liked the Starry Night, the Forest, the jungle cat, the red staircase socks, and others all of which I have. 9CAF5


These are one of my favorite socks, just wore them yesterday. Very artistic and attention to the detail by ensuring both feet have a mirror design.


I adore these socks! They rock!


Good. It fits fine.


The design is gorgeous, but the band right under the knee is too tight. I'm a medium sized woman of 140 pounds, and these are too tight for me. If you're a skinny minnie, go for it. Otherwise, stay away. So sad!


Perfect gift for my daughter. Nothing like art to keep your feet warm on a cold, starry night :)


I love the socks, but don't like how when ordering from the home page it doesn't specify that they're knee high socks. Wouldn't have ordered if I would have known.


I bought these for my 11 year old son for his middle school Crazy Sock Days and he is totally stoked!!! The quality is SUPERB and the colors are gorgeous!


I'm a fencer and an art lover, so these socks are a dream come true! They come right under my knee so perfect for fencing with knickers on!


So pretty and comfortable!


I absolutely love these-- they're my favorite❤️


Stunning, so spreading the word!!


Feel as if I'm wearing a work of art


These socks are beautiful . They fit awesome and look awesome


I got these for someone else. They loved the colors. They felt like they were wearing art.


Got it for my sister who is super quirky and cute. She loved them as much as I loved getting them for her.


Comfortable and stylish. First order and I love your socks.


This was a great pair of socks: fun & well fitting. Every time I glanced at my leg, they brought a smile to my face!


One of my favorite designs! I bought a few pairs of different knee high socks from the gift shop at the hospital I work at. I honestly didn't know much about this company and/or the socks they glad I happened to stumble upon this website, had no idea it existed and now I can go crazy buying more designs!!


LIKE WEARING ART! Gorgeous! Navy is so dark that I still think it might be black - so can wear with either. Nice that can see different colors on foot/ankle. All knee socks are high quality and great thickness and never slide down.
Calf size - I have all my life had trouble with boots going over my calf - but I have had no problem with the fit of all of these knee socks - they are sooooo comfortable!


Beautiful socks and they are supper comfortable. Great quality. I feel like a walking art gallery when I wear them. One problem though.....I had to cut off a toe so they would fit. But I mailed it to an ex-lover so it wasn't wasted.


Such great socks! They really stand out. Absolutely my favorite. So comfortable and pretty. Work with pretty much anything. Get them!


While the pattern is lovely, the sock cannot stretch around the leg of an athlete. I would love to wear them, but I cannot without cutting off my circulation.


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