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copper tread is great


We love these masks for comfort and fit. However, they do get a little fuzzy as you wear them. This means that the horse hair at my job can become imbedded and a little itchy.


Top rated mask! fits well, lightweight and comfy. My major feedback is to switch to non plastic packaging, single use plastic adds up when ordering masks for a family and daily use.


I bought this for my boyfriend and he loves it. It's comfortable in hot and humid weather. It fit a little snug on his face, but he has a big face. As he's been wearing it, though, it seems to be loosening up.


Doesn't fit very well. The toggles hurt the ears, but without them, they don't fit at all.


I got this mask for my husband. He has been picky about masks but he really likes this one as it's cool, soft, adjustable and breathable. Thank you for making one he enjoys wearing!


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