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Perfect high quality and super fast delivery.


Wear these whole scuba diving, top of the food chain immediately! Product = results!


I bought these socks at the same time I purchased the Men's Gift Box: Space Voyage pack. In that review I mentioned wearing the socks for a week, I meant from this company. The Shark attack pair were the first I tried on. Comfortable, fun, and stylish I am so far in sock-heaven. I'll update this review as well after laundry day. So far I am impressed.


When my partner and i started dating, i bought these for him. He seemed really excited about them and i knew his joy for them was real because he seemed to wear them every time i saw him. Fast forward to two years later where I bought him a second pair along with a subscription. Let me tell you that he threw his old pair out faster than you can say Kalamazoo and it was pretty cute.
These socks hold up to some good use. They're thick but not too thick, mainly just appropriately sturdy.


Got my boyfriend 3 pairs of socks and these were by far his favorite!


Super comfy socks. I bought these to dress up my broken foot and the customer service team drew me a giant shark on the packing slip with a "feel better soon" message!


My lil cuz sleeps with a stuffed shark who looks a lot like this guy! Awesum


Comfy as heck, and they've got sharks on them. What more can you ask for from a pair of socks?


Love this socks!! Wish they were available is womens size!


These were 1 of 6 pairs I ordered for my 20-something son for Christmas. He wears them exclusively! Will definitely be placing an order soon to add more to the rotation.


Got these for my little brother for Christmas and he loves them! Quality product and I'll definitely be buying from this site again!


I gave these and 4 other socks as a gift for a High School boy. He is not much of a talker but raved over his new sock. SCORE!!!


I got these for a friend and he loves them! They look great and feel great.


I bought these for my dad who is a shark lover! He wore them for a crazy sock party and I could tell he loved them because he was still wearing them the next day!




I got these for my boyfriend and he loves them! I bought four pairs of socks from this website and these are definitely his favorite. Seriously recommend because the colors pop and the design is cute!


My son loves these socks. We had to buy a second pair as he wears them so much!


These are some awesome socks! I purchased them for my boyfriend to wear at prom, and everything turned out great. The shipping was quick and the quality of the socks is fantastic- I'll definitely be purchasing from sock it to me again.


My husband got these socks as a gift for Christmas, and the weaving on the toe-half of one of the socks looks like it's unfinished -- it's see-through, and since it's on the ball of the foot, this pair will probably only last a few wears. Disappointing.
Response from SITM: Hi Rachel! We just emailed you about this, but wanted to reach out to you here as well. It sounds like you got a defective pair! Oh, no! These socks should certainly not look unfinished on the bottom. We'd like to send you a replacement pair, so please reply to our email, or if you didn't receive it, can you email us directly at [email protected] with your order number? Thanks!


Such a great product!! Comfy and stylish. These will make all the ladies go crazy during shark week.


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