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Of course the design is so cute & fun; totally what you would expect from Sock It To Me. I do wish the images remained brighter when on. The stretching causes the color to appear to fade a tad.


These socks fit perfectly, and were definitely what one would expect from a Sock it to Me sock. They are a wonderful addition to my goofy sock collection, and I will be wearing them for a long while. I also love the design.


I absolutely love these socks. They’re a great fit and they’re comfortable and fun:) love love love


I ordered multiple pairs of socks in a single order. Each pair was quality material that wasn't thin, it stretched over my calf and didn't cut into my skin. The colors and pictures were bright, I enjoyed wearing them more than my everyday white socks. I hope they come out with more designs!


Cute, but they were super small. Almost like they were kids size packaged wrong. Short and tight. The other three pairs of knee length socks fit fine. Not sure why these didn't.


I *love* the design and the colors. I was REALLY excited when I opened my Sock of the Month box and saw these inside!

The disappointment came when I wore them. The quality was lower than I have come to expect from Sock It To Me socks. Also, the sizing was significantly smaller than the other women's Sock It To Me socks I wear, including the other pair in the Sock of the Month box. The fit was uncomfortably small, the pattern didn't look right because it was having to stretch too much, and they just didn't feel as nice as a Sock It To Me sock.


Love these socks! Cute pattern and it was such a nice surprise to see these in my first monthly box. I absolutely love knee high socks! These (as well as all of the other Sock it to Me socks I own) hold up very well in the wash and come out just as good as new! Thank you for making fantastic socks, Sock it to Me!


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