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These unicorn pooping rainbow


I'm an equestrian, and I love these pair of socks! I get many compliments regarding them all the time. I've bought several pairs for my barn friends and trainers, and they all LOVE them. These socks accurately depict how we feel when we jump our horses.


I got these for a christmas gift from my boss, I fell in love these are so comfortable and so freaking awesome. Will be buying more socks from you.


Bought these for my running group. They loved em and many are asking for more. Look for another purchase in the future.


I absolutely fell in LOVE with these socks the first time I saw them. I absolutely had to have them! I ordered them and they were as amazing as I knew they would be! They fit and felt great. I had a small issue with them but the customer service of this company resolved it as soon as I told them about it. They were very polite, nice, and just easy to work with. It's hard finding good quality products nowadays and even harder to find a company that has both quality products and quality staff--Sock it to me has it all! Thanks!


My daughter picked these out for me..She wanted us to match. They are super fun and I get tons of compliments. Love these socks!


These are so comfortable, a bit tight at the top but nothing too drastic. My baseball team really loved when I wore these ones


LOVE!!!! The colors are great. The graffic is clear. The fit is comfortable.


participated in a sock exchange and my sock buddy LOVES them!!!


The quality is top notch and the designs are unique and creative. Not to mention the owner is a pioneer and a huge contributor to her community. I would send my dollars here anytime knowing the business run with mindfulness and social responsibility.


Bought them for my soccer team. Was worried about the size but they easily fit my daughter (size 6) and me (size 9). Very happy with the purchase!


Totally amazing


Super comfy and cute! Just loved them!


My 10 year old daughter loves them, super cute and great quality!


Just, the most "awesomer" sock in the world!!!!


Unicorn rainbow fart... I doesn't get much better than that! Very comfy and great fit on my tiny feet (6 1/2).




So, so cute. Perfect for making this boring winter a little bit more Happier. great quality.


Love them!! Nice thickness also!!


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