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Just got my I Speak Unicorn mask! I LOVE it!! The fit is great. It feels nice and not itchy! I got the mask at my local Bartell's Drug store and I will be getting another one and one for my husband! Plus, I love supporting local and Women Owned businesses!


These are the most comfortable masks on the market. I have to wear a mask all day for work and absolutely love these masks. I ordered masks from three other companies and found them inferior in all respects. They did not fit as well, they were less comfortable, lacked nose closure, and were not as cute. I absolutely love these masks.


These masks are comfortable and breathable, but the nurses they were bought for, found that the ear toggles were not comfortable after a short while, and we did modify the straps.


These masks are wonderful! They ship with clasps for making the straps smaller. I didn't need them personally, but they are nice to have for people who may need them. The masks also have something in the lining at the part that sits at the bridge of your nose that help form them to your face. Additional benefit being, your glasses are much less likely to fog up. All that, and they are reversible. Liked mine so much I ordered a few more


Great mask! Very comfortable!


I like the design, it's comfortable. However it doesn't pass the "light test" so I'm worried it won't be protective enough in a crowded place. I'll probably only wear it outside, or maybe I'd wear it over another mask.


This is the best mask I have tried out of a few different designs/companies. It fits snugly on my face (no gaps) and is actually breathable - I can wear while walking without feeling like my face is overheating. Ear straps are comfortable and I like that it is adjustable. Minimal glasses fogging too, since you can use the metal nose band to ensure less air escapes out of the top of the mask towards your glasses. Highly recommend!


Love these masks! They're incredibly comfortable and are very comfortable in hot and humid weather.


I love this mask and appreciate the toggles to allow a perfect fit


I just received this and I must say I love it! The design is cute, and reversible. The ear straps are comfortable and being able to adjust them is awesome! It isn't as hard to breathe through as the ones made from linen that I got from a friend when COVID started. The piece that adjusts on the nose is AMAZING for us glasses-wearers! It is wide enough to cover my nose and mouth even when speaking or laughing. I can open my mouth all the way without is slipping off my nose or chin. I wore it out in my yard for an evening to test it out. About 80f and very humid, and while my face got sweaty it wasn't any worse than other masks. This one, however, didn't cause skin irritation or immediate acne breakouts. It remained easy to breathe through.
The only drawbacks for me were so minor as to be barely mentionable, but since I know other people have different issues I figured I'd list them.
1. It was hard to get the straps of the mask into the sliders. I used a narrow crochet hook eventually. If you have a hard time with those kinds of tasks, you might want a helper or to try using a small hook or tying yarn to the strap and then pulling through.
2. It has a slight odor. It isn't unpleasant to me and it isn't strong. The odor is still there after a light washing. It's more just the smell of sock material than anything. Pick up a good cotton sock in your clean drawer and give it a sniff. You might notice that for the first few uses. I opted to spritz it with my favorite citrus scent body spray and let it rest a few hours, and then it smelled quite nice and the original sock odor was pretty much gone.


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