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My second pair of these. They're well-made, comfortable, and such a cool design. My only gripe is the same one I had when I reviewed the first pair: I wish you would make these in black, also!!


Every Christmas and birthday my husband buys me Sock it to Me knee highs. This Christmas I got these. I LOVE that they glow in the dark!


I love your sock designs, but ever since you lowered the cotton content, they feel uncomfortable on my legs...too warm and fuzzy, sometimes clammy. I still have some of your older 75% cotton knee highs, and they are my go-to cool weather socks, though I don't know how much longer they will last. I would gladly pay more for those, a shame they aren't available.


The pattern is beautiful but I find them a bit uncomfortable. Too much polyester probably, and my skin says no.


I was looking for navy socks to go with my nursing scrubs and these are perfect! Your socks are my favorite. I browse the website often because I love looking at all the designs and styles!


Cute socks. I wear these running - so comfortable. They fit all the way up to my knees and stay there all day. :)


I play USTA tennis. Everyone calls me Crazy Socks. These socks are unbelievable.
They are so soft and comfortable. I can play for hours and my feet stay dry and
never get hot.


I usually don't rate things, but the quality of these socks is beyond compare. Excellent material, construction, and designs. Love these!


Purchased for my wife - she loved them!


Purchased for my daughter, she loves them! Was very happy that they fit comfortably on an average muscular calf (band at top was not too tight)


STELLAR ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Love these socks! Bought them to wear at our space theme vacation Bible school this summer. However, one of my socks went now I won't even get to use this pair! :(


I live in the PNW, so boots are kind of a trademark part of our outfits, and that means we need knee high socks. I found Sock it to me socks earlier this year, and I absolutely feel in love! I have purchased other knee high socks, and they were always kind of tight in my calves and they would always always get holes in the toes :( Not Sock it to me socks, even my oldest pairs aren't worn out at all. These are excellent quality, and the designs are super fun. The constellations socks are some of my favorites, and I'm wearing them as I am writing this review coincidentally :)


Love these socks! Not too thick, not too thin, and the print doesn't change when you stretch them out! Will definitely be buying more socks!


Love them so much I'm on my second pair. One of my favourites.


Bought these for a big fan of the night sky. She loves them and they are very comfortable. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase from here again when/if needed!


So cute and comfy!! I love them.


Yay, stars! Best socks ever!


So comfy, way softer than I expected.


Had these socks before, but lost them while traveling. Got a new pair immediately as well as other designs. These go with everything, fit perfectly and are warm and comfortable.


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