Men's Pizza Party

Artist: Alex Hungerford
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This little slice of life celebrates all the pizza parties you had in the back room of laser tag arenas, arcades, and bowling alleys. Because when life gives you pizza, you make a party.

57% Cotton, 41% Polyester, 2% Spandex. Made in Korea.

Approximately fits men's shoe size 7-13.

Bought these for my son and he LOVES them! He would live off Pizza if he could, so they were perfect for him! Fit perfectly, great design!
Pizza Freak 01/18/2017, 08:29
Got them for my boyfriend and he liked them. He also loves pizza sooo. Perfect fit heh
Dallys 01/14/2017, 19:30
Believe it or not, pizza print socks are pretty popular and there are a lot of other brands out there climbing aboard the pizza wagon, but these will always be my favorite! I always love it when socks have the designs at the bottom as well as the top so that their coolness can be seen with jeans when not wearing shoes. Love this brand (the company that started my addiction in the first place) and always look forward to seeing what crazy designs I will be able to add to my ridiculously huge and ever-growing sock collection!
Sean 10/10/2016, 12:18
Pizza is bae!! These are on of my favorite who doesn't love pizza even better on a sock!! 1/6 pairs i ordered also these are a must have for every pizza or sock lover
Eren 08/12/2016, 04:44

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