Every Purchase Gives You Super Powers.

League of Heroes: The Sock It to Me Loyalty Program

The League of Heroes is a
special Sock It to
Me club for
our retail customers.
Once you’re
a member, every
pair of socks or undies you buy

will bring you closer to FREE STUFF.
It’s like those
buy 10 get 1 free punch
cards, except cooler.

Buy stuff and get stuff! For every product you buy, you get
1 Super Power. Whether it’s a toddler’s crew sock or men’s boxer
briefs, you get 1 Super Power.

  • 1 product purchased = 1 Super Power earned
  • 1 Super Power redeemed = $1 off a product

Once you have a Super Power, it won’t go away unless you use it.

What can you do with your super powers?

If you want to use your Super Powers to get socks or undies, you can just add those products to your cart like normal, and then apply your Super Powers to your order in the cart or checkout.

  • 12 Super Powers = 1 Knee High, or 1 Men’s Crew*
  • 11 Super Powers = 1 Women’s Crew
  • 7 Super Powers = 1 Toddler Crew

And so on…

*Super Powers can only be spent in whole numbers. So, if you’re buying a men’s crew sock for $11.50, you’ll need to spend 12 Super Powers.

You can use your Super Powers during sales so if a sock is normally $12 but is on sale for $10, you only spend 10 Super Powers.

Have more questions on how League of Heroes and Super Powers work? Check out our FAQ!

What can’t you do with your Super Powers?

  • Redeem them for cash money
  • Earn them or use them unless you are signed in to your account
  • Earn them for purchases you made before joined the league
  • Apply them to purchases you made before you joined the league
  • Transfer them to somebody else
  • Redeem them at our kiosk locations
  • Earn or redeem them for Gift Certificates

The League of Heroes is not available for our wholesale customers.

There are no normal days when you’re a super hero.

Once you’re a part of the League of Heroes, strange things start to happen…

  • Maybe you perform a random act of awesomeness and your Super Powers double!
  • Maybe you receive a special communication letting you know that for today only all Super Powers are worth $2 instead of $1.
  • Maybe a certain type of sock needs saving, but it only takes a fraction of the Super Powers it normally does.
  • Maybe you get an encrypted message that all product purchases earn 2 Super Powers instead of just 1.

Have more questions on how League of Heroes and Super Powers work? Check out our FAQ!

Be A Hero!
Get secret messages only for superheroes?