League of Heroes: The Sock It to Me Loyalty Program

Earn Super Powers to Save Money on Socks & Underwear


How It Works

For every item you buy, you’re closer to free stuff.

The League of Heroes is a special Sock It to Me club—once you’re a Hero every item you buy, you earn 1 Super Power. Each Super Power = $1 off a product. Being a Hero has other perks, too.

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How To Redeem Super Powers

How you spend your Super Powers is up to you: save them up for free stuff, or just get a discount on your next order. When you’re ready, just add items to you cart, apply your Super Powers to your order, and check out!

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The below named person is duly authorized to gain Super Powers on all Sock It to Me purchases, random acts of awesomeness, and other club exclusives only shared with the initiated.

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