Planets STRETCH-IT Knee High Sock

STRETCH-IT™ Planets Socks

Artist: Hillary Allison
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We fulfilled our number one customer request and developed proprietary technology to create our awesome designs on stretchier socks—up to 21 inches in circumference without distorting the graphics. Our custom built machine creates a higher thread count knee high that won’t fall down, no matter your leg size.

One of our best sellers Planets is now available in our unisex STRETCH-IT™ size. This 2013 Design-A-Sock Contest winner is out of this world.

55% Polyester, 43% Cotton, 2% Spandex. Made in S. Korea.

Our threads are certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which means we leave out harmful chemicals to keep your skin safe and happy.

Approximately fits up to women's shoe size 8.5-14.5 and men's shoe size 7-13.

Bought these pretty solar system socks in a failed attempt to control my Ms. Frizzle urges (I'm a kindergarten teacher). I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
Even though I love the fabric, this is the second time I bought this sock and both time I suffer the same outcome. The front of the sock where the suture is place the socks breaks and I have to throw it away. I believe this could be fix with a little better quality control as it does in the others.
I had already two pairs of sock it to me knee highs which have been a delight when I roller skate (highly recommend!). I have since had to wear a plaster cast and would you believe wearing these stretch socks over my cast, keeps my toes warm, maintains its form and looks fantastic! A great way to recover! Keep up the great work!
These socks look great, fit great, and are good quality.
I've always loved the solar system so I had to get these socks. They fit a little snugger than the other wide calf socks I've gotten from Sock It To Me.
Super Stretchy! Perfect for "larger calves"!! I am DEFINITELY going to be buying more in the future!!! GREAT PRODUCT!!
Very comfortable.
Love them! Can't wait to use them at our Bible school this summer at church!
I bought these on a whim after seeing that they came in "wide calf," which I have always wanted but never had the words for. I do have fairly wide calves, and I've often lamented not being able to wear most knee socks (especially with designs), so this was something I knew I NEEDED to try. I LOVE the planets design and received tons of compliments when I wore them for the first time this week. Even with just the top of the sock visible above my boots, everyone knew immediately that they were outer spacey. They stayed up without needing any adjustment, and I was able to put them on OVER my leggings, too. Admittedly these may even be just a little bigger than I needed, but I am just so thrilled to have socks that have a fun design that also don't get warped from stretching!

Size Guidelines for Socks

Knee High's and Women's Crew Socks

Our socks are designed to be stretchy and accommodate a wide range of sizes! The complexity of a design will decrease the stretchiness, but generally, most women's socks will fit a women's US shoe size 5-10 and men's shoe size 3.5-8.5.

STRETCH-IT™ and Men's Crew Socks

Our Men's and STRETCH-IT™ socks are designed to be stretchy and accommodate a lot of different feet! The complexity of a design will decrease the stretchiness, but generally, most men's socks will fit a men's US shoe size 7-13 and women's shoe size 8.5-14.5

No Show Socks

Our no show socks (or loafer socks) have serious stay-on power and are available in three sizes:
Small: Women's Shoe 6-8 / Men's Shoe 4-6
Medium: Women's Shoe 8.5-12 / Men's Shoe 6.5-10
Large: Women's Shoe 12.5-14.5 / Men's Shoe 10.5-12.5

Kids Socks

Our kid's socks are soft, stretchy and ready for little feet! The Toddler socks fit children's shoe size 4-7 or ages 1-2 and feature non-slip silicone padding to help keep your little one on their feet. The Youth socks fit children's shoe size 8-13 or ages 3-6 and the Junior socks fit children's shoe size 1-5 or ages 7-10. Please keep in mind the complexity of a design will decrease the stretchiness, but overall our socks are pretty stretchy!

Comparison chart for all Sock It to Me kids socks, including Toddler, Youth, and Junior.