Love from Our Fans:

Awesome Christmas gift! Thanks for the non descriptive packaging!!
Bought for my grandaughter, really pleased
I bought these as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend, he's going to love them
Been an enthusiastic customer for years. I was excited to receive an extra pair of free mystery socks to include as part of my Christmas givings, to help bring sock joy to others...! But the sticker designating them as my free pair won't come off. I've damaged the underlying cardboard. So it's not much of a gift. And I already own this pair, so it's not like I'd just keep them for myself. Disappointed in your overly sticky adhesive. :(

Thanks, JC that's really good feedback!! We'll try to find just-the-right-amount-of-sticky for next time!
Bought my Canadian family the Dam it! socks this year and they were a big hit.
Thank you for being so awesome!
I should probably be hired as a spokesperson as I'm like a walking advertisement for you guys. Keep the goodness coming and I'll keep spreading the good word...
I love your LaLaLama xmas socks. So cute
I am obsessed with cats, so the Smarty Cats socks were a perfect match for me.
I love these socks!
Thank you, Sock It To Me, for making, “Stretchy,” socks! I’m grateful for not only being able to wear knee high socks again but to wear eye-catching ones that represent the joie de vivre of life.