Love from Our Fans:

Great company. The people really care about your satisfaction. They have a personal touch. I would recommend this company to all my friends.
Theresa Barlow 01/14/2017, 09:37
I was incredibly satisfied with this order.
I got free international shipping during the holidays, which got my order here in Belgium just before Christmas (real neato), plus I got an extre mystery pair.
I can't discredit this service on anything.
The webdesign made it like super easy to order stuff.
Someone even drew a drawing on the bill I received which looked amazing.
Thanks guys!
Bert 12/24/2016, 01:56
I received a pair of your knee high Koi socks 4 years ago. I loved them but never knew who made them. Did a search, find your site and haven't stopped ordering. Your quality is amazing! Super comfortable, excellent support, bright colors, fabulous designs, great pictures on receipt and the most amazing customer support. My girls want some now and I am looking at the matching patterns for us. Can't recommend your company enough. Thanks for going above and beyond.
Kimberly Green 12/16/2016, 08:11
I love these socks, mostly because they are the perfect length, don't wear out and are a perfect thickness for when I play hockey. On top of that they are always a big hit when I play with new people (at least the ones that notice them before I put my gear on). Oh I also forgot to mention that in the comment section I requested my drawing to be hockey related and guess what, they delivered! Do you want a customer for life? This is how you get a customer for life.
Nessi 12/03/2016, 13:42
First of all the quality of the socks is really good and I'm looking forward to seeing them on my nieces . But the service is the true 5star thing, they drew me a picture of a seal on a cupcake!!!! A seal on a cupcake, how cute is that?!
I had to wait more then a month for the socks unfortunately due to customs though :(
Aislynn 11/30/2016, 04:13
Awesome socks! Ordered some for my daughter but ended up wearing one of the pairs. They are so comfortable. We will definitely be ordering more.
Mary 11/28/2016, 18:28
GREAT customer service! I ordered a pair of matching socks and boxers for my boyfriend and they are adorable and have great quality. I asked for them to write "I love you" on a note but they went above and beyond by drawing a picture! I was extremely pleased with everything and I just ordered some more socks for myself and my dad. 10/10 would recommend!
Marifer Valencia 11/27/2016, 21:20
This company left me super impressed with their customer service! They shipped the product right away, it was exactly as expected, and it came in a timely manner. But the most impressive thing was that they drew a really cool picture on the receipt because I had written a note to my husband (who the socks were for) for his birthday. So neat!
Maddie 11/23/2016, 06:58
As always I just love everything i get from ya'll. Super cute and I'm constantly get complements on them. My kids have started asking for me to order them some too. I wish there was a store front here in San Antonio.
Willow Morris 11/17/2016, 04:44
We've been buying their unicorn rainbow socks on local ferries for my sons hockey socks but needed more and weren't traveling so found the website. After having some difficulties with the free international shipping someone at sock it to me go it all figured out very quickly and painlessly. Now we can order anything, anytime! Love the designs and bright colours. The socks themselves are a great quality, and the talk of the locker room!
Randel Soares 11/11/2016, 07:18