Love from Our Fans:

I'm in danger of becoming known as "that quirky sock lady" at work, but honestly I can't stop wearing them! I have about 8 pair I wear with my dietary dress uniforms for working in a hospital kitchen, they're supportive and make my legs feel great after long hours on my feet...and they make the patients smile, I'm hooked!
Ruth 03/19/2017, 22:00
I love the prints. I love the stretch-it. I give your socks as gifts all the time, then turn around and order a bunch for myself. The shipping is super fast, someone drew a lovely,uh, a lovely little critter on my invoice that I showed to everyone at work (I may even put it up on my 'fridge), and they also included an A-TEAM trading card that I use as a bookmark (next time, can it be Mr. T?). I just love your company and your product and your service. So, thank you!!! AND the gift bags? So adorable! I'm glad you put the print on socks, too (ordered 3 pairs). Okay, now I'm done. :)
Beverly Boyd 03/17/2017, 19:16
I am so pleased with this company and so happy I found you guys! I wrote reviews on socks and the neat gift bag and thought I would just let people who may be considering purchasing from this site that I definitely recommend it! Quick service, high quality, fun packaging, adorable socks! Keep up the great work, SockItToMe!
Renee 03/13/2017, 07:48
love love love this product. I buy them as fun and unique gifts for those who already have everything. They're a great way to make someones day and make them laugh. I enjoy when I get discounts after purchasing them as gifts and gifting my next crazy item for myself. They're fun conversation starters too!
Erin Vaughan 02/28/2017, 06:41
Great socks! My wife loved them for Valentines Day :) We always like the quality and the fact that you come out often with new designs that we can get.
Mike D. 02/23/2017, 07:00
I love this product! I can't even tell you enough how much I have loved all your socks since I was first introduced to them. The quality is honestly what sets you a part from the rest, but the designs put you in a whole different galaxy! Just love everything about these socks! Its the first time I have ordered directly through your company and the service and prices were AWESOME! I even got the cutest little hedgehog drawn on my receipt! I just love this place! I'll be back and I tell everyone about you guys!
Michelle Wackadoo 02/22/2017, 08:35
Honestly the best company ever! I got a couple pairs of socks for my boyfriend as a present and he totally loved them. The socks were perfect and the service was even better (believe it or not). They also drew a cute bear on my receipt :) (I ordered the bear necessities).
Marianne Sales 02/21/2017, 05:51
Not only are the socks rad but so are the people who work here. I asked for a motivational quote with my order and they came through with
"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding"
-Khalil Gibran

Seriously so much love to you guys and your company.
Joseph Lysle 02/17/2017, 13:14
Love the football socks and the hand drawn football on my receipt. Nice touch!
Nancy 02/15/2017, 17:24
Great designs, quality product, good value, fantastic customer service. Please add more "stretchy sock" designs--they work perfectly over shin guards!
Susan 02/07/2017, 08:10