Love from Our Fans:

These socks are the socks that get heads to turn and add some fun and confidence in your day.
FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC 03/13/2016, 18:06
These are the BEST SOCKS EVER. I wear them to work (as a nurse) every day, and at home on weekends. I have never had such comfortable, well-fitting socks.
Keep up the great work and the INCREDIBLE artwork! I can wear both regular and wide, but wish they all came in wide.
Marion 02/10/2016, 21:06
Last Christmas I bought many socks for my family and friends. The socks are loved and worn in Japan, Germany, England, Ireland and Switzerland!
Megumi 01/09/2016, 13:56
Looks good, feels good, it's all good. I love crazy socks. Will definitely keep this site my go to site for socks. Yay!
Alicia 01/06/2016, 18:21
I wish I could rate 10 stars! I love this website. The socks are super cute and comfy. Keep it up!!!
Crazy K 01/06/2016, 08:53
Just wanted to let you know that I am totally pleased with the socks that you sell. I am a farmer and it is of great importance to me to have great socks. I am amazed by the quality and fun styles you have. Absolutely awesome.
Petra 01/06/2016, 05:58
Socks are great but I really loved the rabbit in a bow tie on my packing slip! Nice touch :)
Mr. Malicious 12/24/2015, 08:41
These socks are so flipping cool that I wish that I were an octopus so I wouldnt have to decide which pair to wear!! Super soft, cute and fun for any age!! I am hooked!
Vanessa 12/22/2015, 10:42
I recently found this site because I was tired of wearing plain black socks to work. I enjoy being different and wearing stuff that really sticks out. It doesn't bug me whether I'm wearing guy socks or women socks. I just received my first order yesterday and immediately ordered more socks! Thank you guys
Sunita 11/04/2015, 07:32
You guys are awesome! I have a serious sock fetish. Whole dresser just for socks. I work in a hospital and have to wear scrubs-same everyday. But my SOCKS! They are the best. Everyones does a sock check daily and all SOCKITTOME socks get a huge thumbs up. Thanks for making patients and my day cheerful with "just socks" its the simple things in life that bring a smile. Thanks for that!
Jill 10/12/2015, 10:41