Love from Our Fans:

I have already bought quiet a few pairs from you guys and the customer service is amazing!! I love how fast my socks arrive and the cute little drawings you guys make on the invoice. I have a sock collection and your socks are a great addition! I want to buy all of them! (:
Andrea Car 05/03/2015, 20:45
I apologize for not sending you a thank you earlier for the free "super pig' socks you sent me to help me in my work with neglected and abused kids. My kids LOVED the socks and I told them that I will be their friend until pigs fly (WITHOUT capes!!!). Anyway, they got together, all 18 of them, and gave me money to buy some socks to surprise them and I know they will love the raccoon in the garbage, the ostrich, the cat noir and the fourth one (which they entered on their own as a surprise!). Thanks for providing an inexpensive and funky gift that the kids can give me that they can see and enjoy on an ongoing basis. Your socks have brought so many smiles to kids who have so little to smile about I can't thank you enough!
Lynn 04/22/2015, 17:25
Sock it to me is the best thing ever! I have the dinomite socks and they are my favorite thing and frankly if I had more money I would buy ALL of the socks.
Risa P-R 04/21/2015, 20:12

I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with my order and your service, the socks are a birthday present for a big footed dude who has sock envy with one of his colleagues and you can only get boring socks for Big Friendly Giant size guys in Northern Ireland. He is also going to be mega chuffed with the little dinosaur sketch on the receipt and a Saved By the Bell Slater card. Awesome company and fast delivery!

Cheers and thanks a million!
Hannah 04/15/2015, 10:05
I love, love, LOVE Sock It To Me! I first discovered your socks in a cute little shop in Ottawa, ON and have been in love with the socks since! My husband and I now both wear your socks and every time it brings a smile to our faces! I just had to order a new pair of sushi socks because after wearing them every week for the last couple of years, they've gone threadbare in the toe! My only sad, pouty complaint is that the variety of crew socks for women! As cute as the knee highs are, they are not ideal to wear under nursing scrubs (which is when I typically wear socks). Your nurse pattern is one of the cutest I've ever seen and I ordered them in knee highs, but they're too warm to wear on a busy day shift! Please bring some of the knee high patterns to crew socks! You would make my life just that much happier!!!
Amazing company :D
Tiffany 03/24/2015, 12:59
I just wanted to say that I have ordered twice from you guys and I think you have great customer service. I really enjoy the little drawings that you make on the invoice :-) have a good day
Deb 03/19/2015, 16:32
You dude(s) and/or chick(s) rock socks. Just got my order with the little extras that showed someone actually put a little extra effort in on making an impression. I particularly enjoy having someone acknowledge that I'm Dino-Mite with some weird beast staring at me single eyedly. I will proudly share my experience with all I know, and actually already have. I grant you 5 Rawrs!
Pete 03/16/2015, 09:09
I ordered 10 pairs of the Bad A@@ socks in hot pink along with a couple of other fun pairs for an upcoming race for our running group.

The socks were shipped out super quick, and arrived in less than a week (to Canada)! I am very impressed with the great customer service, cute doodle on the invoice, and the socks are awesome! I will definitely order again!
Kat P. 03/03/2015, 19:38
Love, love, love my over-the-knee socks!!!
Leanne 03/03/2015, 14:47
Please pass along to your design team and everyone at Sock it to Me how fantastic the Fall styles look! Holy moly! All of us here at the Sockshop are super stoked about all the science-themed stuff for men, women and kids, the special Pride sock, and the new baby styles. You guys are consistently awesome to work with and we love wearing and selling your socks.
Sockshop Haight 02/27/2015, 13:27