Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2017 Sock It to Me Holiday Gift Guide!

We have socks that are as unique as your loved ones, but since we have hundreds of them, it can be hard to find the perfect one. We went through all our socks & undies and found some fun suggestions for everyone on your list this year. Good luck!

Of course, our subscription box Sock It to Me Monthly is the perfect gift for any sock lover. No promotions apply because it's already such a great deal, especially when you consider all the extra goodies we put in each box! We also have Gift Boxes with themes from foodie to holiday cheer. Promotions do apply to these, so get gifting!


Who are you trying to find a gift for? Use these handy links to find the perfect gift for your favorite creative cook or life of the party!

Escape Artist

You call on a Friday to see if they want to get Happy Hour. They're already halfway to wilderness, troubles of the modern world forgotten. They won't forget YOU after you get them these nature lover socks!

  • Base Camp Women's Knee High Main View
    They'd rather watch the stars in the sky than on the screen—nature is their entertainment.
  • Trail Life Men's Crew Main View
    You probably didn't see this person all summer unless you were camping or walking a trail with them.
  • Feelin' Fly Men's Crew Main View
    Know someone who loves fishing? They'll be reel happy you got them these crew socks!

Healthy Junk Food Lover

They have a tattoo of a donut, but wouldn't touch a real one with a 10 foot pole. Give them the only treat they'll allow themselves—these socks and underwear.

Sunny Side Up Friend

They always see the bright side. No. Matter. What. Now it's your turn to bring some brightness to their life!

Christmas Kid

They're the first one up on Xmas morning, their tree is up before Thanksgiving, and they might still believe in Santa.

Cooking for Company

There's just the right number of cooks in this kitchen: the friend keeping bellies and houses warm all winter long.

Passionate Pal

This enthusiastic friend always says yes and doesn't take "no" for an answer. They got the extra ticket and you're coming with them!

Armchair Adventurer

This person's fantasy world is a page-turner and their next big adventure is a dice roll away.

Holiday Helper

They show up early, with pie, then ask if you need any help in the kitchen.

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