Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2016 Sock It to Me Holiday Gift Guide!

We have socks that are as unique as your loved ones, but since we have hundreds of them, it can be hard to find the perfect one. We went through all our socks & undies and found some fun suggestions for everyone on your list this year. Good luck!

Who are you trying to find a gift for? Use these handy links to find the perfect gift for your favorite creative cook or life of the party!

Holiday Over-Achiever

This friend has the best light display, the best Christmas sweater, or 8 nights of hand-crafted gifts for Hanukkah.

Winter Wonderlander

This person is outside playing in the snow when everyone else is bundled up and drinking cocoa.

SciFi Lover

Both Star Wars & Star Trek had new movies out this year. SciFi is officially IN!

Life of the Party

The decorations are on the floor, the dishes are done, but they are still going...probably singing karaoke.

Constant Vacationer

If their Instagram is accurate, they've been on vacation for the entire year. 

Forever a Kid

These people wear their inner kid on their outer sleeve.

Smarty Pants

This person probably has a book with them at all times.

Creative Cook

This friend basically runs another America's Test Kitchen in their home, and you're invited to taste!

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