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I really love your socks and have never found such unique designs till I found your company. The only problem I have had is three of the pairs I've gotten have developed holes in the bottom of the foot and I've only worn each of them 3 or 4 times. I like them so much I really want them to last me longer than that.
Thank you,
Julie Crook


I got the women's crew sock in the main squeeze print and they are so comfy and cute! The yarns on the designed parts are somewhat fragile so I would recommend washing them on delicate and hang dry so they designs don't get messed up.


I've been shopping from Sock it to Me since I started dating my boyfriend about 4 years ago. He's a huge sock nerd, and got me hooked on awesome socks. One of our favorite things that's unique about Sock it to Me is that the design is mirrored across the socks, so that what's on the outside of one foot will be on the outside of the other. We love that!! Not only that, but the quality of the socks and the massive variety of patterns offered is fantastic. I'm so happy Sock it to Me exists and I'll probably continue giving them my money for years to come.


I’m so in love with these socks! I ordered 12 items a few days ago. Everything came in super quickly, excellent quality, and it all exceeded my expectations. I am a high school student, and I wear a different pair of new socks every Tuesday and Friday to add a little bit of happiness to the stress of school. Everyone at my school loves the socks I wear and looks forward to it. I’ll be recommending this company and I’ll be ordering again very very soon. I’m absolutely obsessed!!


I have been giving sock it me socks for birthday and holiday gifts. Last year I gave your masks for holiday gifts instead of socks. I have requests for more masks this year. It would be fun if you had socks and masks that matched.


Hello! This is may be weird but I'm a navy submariner and when deployed we all have lil things that bring us happiness. Mine is socks and beanies. A few of us love showing off our awesome deployment socks to each other. I'm so excited to wear these.


I've been buying these socks for over a year now, I love all the fun colours and designs! They are super comfy as well!!

Only issue is because I work in an intensive labour job I wear through them pretty quickly.

Totally worth it still!!


My daughter is OBSESSED with knee socks. Her friend's mom recommended your socks and they did not disappoint. The designs are super fun, the quality is great and my daughter wants to wear them everyday! The best part is they stay up all day without her pulling them up a million times. We will definitely be buying more.


My wife and I recently where in Telluride, Colorado for Blues and Brews. While looking through some of the merch tents, found these beautiful dumpster fire socks, and the sock loving part of my brain had to pull the trigger on them. Then I read the tags, which led me to this site! So many options, and they’re really comfortable! Definitely coming back, also I heard something about a gift?😁😁


I am a volunteer at my grandson's school library one day a week. I was shopping for books that he had asked me to purchase and saw your Bronte Sisters socks.I think they will be the perfect addition to my "uniform of the day" for my library days.Thank you so much.


Amazing socks, they are soft and cozy. The giraffe ones also attract the ladies ;). Speaking of giraffe socks, when the shipment came the packing slip had an amazing giraffe drawn on it that looks absolutely beautiful and I wanted to thank whoever made the art!


I love my new mushroom knee highs so much I bought
two pairs!


My grandkids (13 and almost 11) loved their Sock it to me masks, youth size because they actually fit and they liked the patterns too. Customer service was great with quick responses. Thanks for helping this grandma figure out what they like!


My daughter just loves her Sock it to me knee socks! We wear them with dresses for school and for soccer games! She gets tons of remarks about her amazing socks. We will be buying again & again. Also LOVE the wonderful drawings on our invoices :) Thank you so much!!!


I came across your socks in Gettysburg pa, and just fell in love with the fun, loud designs. So of course I had to buy some. I got the taco socks (for taco Tuesdays) and the corgi butt socks (who doesn't like corgi booty's). I got to show off those at work and once I put them on, I freaked!! Didn't think they were gonna be so soft and breathable. I mainly just bought them for the eye catching aspect. So I wasn't just able to show them off, but after a 10 hour shift, I was thankful for the comfort. I will be buying lots more for myself and gifts for friends. With all sorts of designs you can't go wrong. Thanks for making some attention grabbing socks.


Absolutely love your socks and your underwear and your face masks and your water bottles! All are such fun designs and excellent quality - and the speediness of delivery is remarkable! Thank you!


I have for years and years been a sock fan of this company..back when there was alittle kiosk at Clackamas Town Center where I bought my first pair! Mustache socks!
Now I have bought a couple of times now their masks! The best masks I have bought to date! So comfortable and super breathable!


I loved my socks!
The design is very unique and they are very soft.


My husband bought me a pair Sock it To Me and I LOVE them!! I love that they are doubled reinforced heels and toes and they are super soft!

Thank you!!


I recently purchased these socks in a gift shop and I absolutley love the materials and quality