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I love my socks!! I got them as a gift and the material is amazing, the pattern doesn’t stretch when I put them on which is great! The material is warm yet cooling at the same time. I could sleep in these socks and normally I couldn’t do that! The pattern is beautiful as well, thank you guys so much!


I ordered two pairs of socks, Sasquatch Camp Out and Area 51, for Christmas gifts. I am happy to say the recipient loves them.

For my part, I thought it was very sweet that a small sheet of stickers was included with my order as well as a handwritten note on the packing slip. These are the small, personal touches that I appreciate about shopping with small businesses. I know my order was a relatively small one, but the care it was given, has guaranteed I will be a repeat customer.


Oh my was I excited, I can rarely find socks to fit my legs. I work in a pediatric clinic as well. When these arrived, I was in tears. They fit and were cute as can be. I am SUPER HAPPY my boyfriend found this site for me and can't wait to see what styles you have in store for the future.
Bless you for Blessing Me


My daughter gave me my first pair of SITMS years ago. I am still wearing them. I love them so much I ordered me, my sister, daughter & granddaughter all some. They loved them as much as I did so I have since placed two more orders. I can not say enough good about your socks. We all love them very much!! On my last order someone had taken the time to use a pink marker & put a big heart around my shipping info & do other art work on the paper. That act of caring brought a much needed smile to me. God bless everyone at SITMS.


Never could find socks to fit wide calfs, till now, they are great going to buy more.


Just bought these puppies (funny, because they have cats on them) at a record store in Downtown Boise, ID. I am absolutely IN LOVE! Took me so long to decide which pair to get because I didn't see a pair I didn't like! Also snagged a pair for my lil bro. Thanks fam!


SHORT Summary:
Great selection that my students love. Good quality. Size 7-13 socks actually fit somebody with size 13 feet. Fun SockItToMe representatives. No junk email.

More details:
Having size 13 feet, I am sick and tired of size 6-12 socks that just don't fit. Yes, that low range and being 1 number off makes a difference! And I am tire of plain white and black socks.

So when I found this website, I just ordered one pair of socks to see how they were. It was so great that I ordered 11 different pairs a few weeks later. In addition, the employee who filled my order the first time drew a good dragon on the receipt for fun. And the employee who took care of my second order not only wrote a silly haiku (upon request, albeit an odd one) but also drew a very cute picture of a sasquatch!

I am a teacher that likes to have fun in the classroom, and SockItToMe's great selection (and I'm not exaggerating) along with my random pairing of socks makes it a fun surprise for my students each day. I definitely have my eyes on a few more pairs, but will pass them along to my wife for birthday and Christmas present ideas.

And if you took the time to read my whole review, you get an A+. ;-D


Just got my first order. I bought my first pair at a novelty store in Tennessee on vacation. I got home and went straight to the website to order more. I have very large calves due to some medical issues. I can never find socks to wear, let alone knee highs... These are amazing and fit great... Thank you!!!


Love these socks! Soooo comfortable! A company with a real heart and soul, concerned about people and the environment! Yeah for you all!


I received a pair of Christmas socks. I love them! They are very soft and seem to be well made. I plan to buy a few more pairs as soon as I can choose! To many cute ones!


I can't really speak to the quality of the socks, because I sent them as a gift--but I can say that my brother-in-law loved them! I also want to say that I really appreciate how wonderful Sock It to Me is. I made a mistake on the shipping address, and I got a personal email from a person at the company, asking me to double-check. Sure enough, my mistake--I corrected it and the PERSON fixed it and made sure the socks went to the right address. I really felt SEEN as a customer! Thank you, SITM!


Excellent service from this company and cute merchandise. Ordered socks for my daughter at Christmas and was very impressed with their responsiveness when the socks hadn’t arrived by December 23rd.


I am very excited after all this time (I am in my "later" years) to find a knee sock that actually fits my big foot and large calves. The Stretch-It Wide Calf socks are WONDERFUL! Plenty of room, not too tight, and they really do stay up ALL DAY LONG!!! I have never had a pair that I don't continuously have to pull up frequently. And there is a good variety to choose from. Of course, I have ordered socks for my kids and grandkids now in styles they will appreciate. I am happy I no longer have to search for socks that work for me!


My niece gave me a pair of knee highs for Christmas. She used her own birthday money and everything. She is an amazing gift giver already! I love my Gone Fishing super stretch knee highs. Quite possibly the best socks my feet have ever known.


You guys are so wonderful! Always have amazing quality socks with wonderful designs. I appreciate the drawings you put on your receipts!!


I love these socks!! they are by far the BEST quality and most well thought out designs. Points for scientific accuracy!! I have not personally worn them- but they make great gifts. I also received a wonderful hand drawn snowman on my package :)) it made my day~~ Support this business!!!!


Got a pair of socks for xmas and I totally love them!!! Very comfy and very fun :)


These are the most amazing socks! I’ve given them for gifts, and I have a lot of pairs for myself. Always a sweet piece of art drawn on the invoice. This time I get stickers!?! Mind blown!


I got these socks for Christmas and I highly recommend these. They’re super cute! Just look at the sloths!


The pair of "A Tail of Two Composers" men's crew socks were an outstanding Christmas gift because I am an AVID ARTS ENTHUSIAST! . . .( as well as a retired arts administrator).
Kudos to the designer! And, the dark green background with the purr-fect portraits of two great composers, go great with my dark green Christmas slacks.