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My best friend had to go out of town on a rather somber trip. He found his spark of happy in buying socks that fit everyone on his back home list to the T! He had as much fun finding the best ones as we did receiving them! Now we are all hooked


My mom gifted me the “Feline Spooky” socks for my birthday. As someone who collects socks, especially halloween or cat ones I was ecstatic. This is my first pair from this company and I am very impressed with the quality.


I am on my third pair of knee high's, my last pair I got was "My Otter Half" and I am just in love! Super fun, super comfy, and guaranteed to make all your friends jealous!


My husband has given me two pair of your beautiful socks. My first pair are "Starry Night" and now he gave me your rainbow knee socks for my birthday. I love how well they fit my long legs all the way up to my knee, and they "stay put." The socks are even more special knowing that you are a women-led company. Thank you for such beautiful, cool socks.


I have had the hardest time finding knee-high socks that I can comfortably wear with my large calves. I thought I'd try a pair of Sock it to Me Wide Calf socks and since that first pair I received last month I have purchased 7 more! No more squeezing into socks that are more like sausage casings! They are sooooo comfortable, they don't fall down, yet don't bind. With all the great graphics and great comfort I will be buying more.


I ordered the Starry Night knee high socks and the Booked for Meow knee high socks. Both arrived together less than one week from my order. They are amazing, cute, comfortable, cool, and I can't wait to show them off!


Man these socks are amazingly comfortable and fit just right. They ain’t to thin nor too thick my friend live em


I got the Bee's Knees knee high socks and they are super adorable! My only complain is that they itch me a little bit, maybe because I'm not used to them or my skin is a little sensitive, but I also think they are comfortable and cute! I recommend these socks to all sock-lovers! ^^


I’m really picky about my socks. The socks here are so comfortable. I love how fun the designs are. I have purchased at least 10 pairs since I got my first pair.


I received a pair of women's crew socks for Christmas. They are by far the best pair of socks that I've worn in a while. Browsing through sockittome website, i find that not only do you sell the coolest socks, but it's all for a good cause. You've definitely gained a customer!


These socks are so comfortable. I will be purchasing more in the near future!


Ran across your socks over the weekend, my hubby first saw them and said to me honey here are the socks you like to wear. So I grabbed a pair of rainbow socks and I just love the fit and how bright the colors are. They are the perfect fit. I will be buying more for sure.

Thank You for making them!



I cleared out my sock drawer to fill it up with sock it to me socks. These socks are so fun and great quality. As a nurse I am on my feet a lot. The knee highs are really therapeutic.


I love your socks they are comfortable, wash well, and the color is still bright and new after washing thank you !


Love the socks! I got the ones with the unicorn and narwhal on it. They're super comfortable and look great!


I had been searching the internet for some super cute knee-high socks made for wider calves. STRETCH IT socks are colorful, comfortable and wide-calf friendly!!! I will be coming back for more!


The socks are Amazing!! I love them so much thanks for sharing. They are so cozy. I will share with friends and family.


I got the starry night knee socks! I am in love with these socks! They are well worth the price! I'm disabled and I love they're comfortable around the calf and roomy in the toes! They are so comfy.


My family loves the socks we get from Sock It To Me! They are always well-made and they feel great. My only wish is for family bundles. We are really into matching. I wish I could find one design that was carried across all sizes, mens and women's.


I love the fact that the five pairs of socks I bought are comfy and fit well, but I more so appreciate the customer service of this company.

The small gesture of adding some stickers in with the order and a funny handwritten note is amazing. These are things you do not get from most other companies and absolutely set you apart from them as a leader in customer service.