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I loved getting these socks as a gift from a friend. They are so cute and make me feel like a champion.


I greatly love my Jane Austen socks!! They are comfortable and stylish!!


Love them!


They bring joy to our little family :)


Very comfortable and affordable


I started buying from sock it to me around 2 years ago. I now exclusively buy my socks from here, and as a woman who wears boxers more than panties, these are the most comfortable boxers ive ever worn. this is the best site EVER, I can’t say it enough.


Sock It To Me has been my go-to brand for socks since I discovered them half a decade ago. I love their knee-highs: affordable, comfy, pretty durable (usually takes around 2yrs before I wear holes in them, and I wear them year 'round), and although it's too bad that a design will occasionally be discontinued, they're never short of fun ones!

Also shout-out to the rep who gave me back my rewards points after they got lost in the website move. :)


I found Sock it to Me about a year ago. Since then I've ordered a dozen pairs of knee high socks. I wear them every day. They are so comfortable, and the first pairs I ordered are still as good as they were the day I bought them. The designs are fantastic. I love these socks!!


I just got the "Cup of Ambition" socks and they are the crown jewel of my crazy sock collection. My friends say it's "Jessi in a sock" and I could not agree more. Never have I had such comfy yet creative socks! My friends and I decided to buy matching pairs to symbolize our friendship, as no bond is stronger than that of matching footwear. I also got an A on my exam when I wore them, so I'm fairly certain they contain magical power. These socks are God's greatest gift to mankind.


Rec'd the astronomy socks for my birthday. I was an elementary teacher who taught astronomy for 30 years so was especially personal meaningful gift to me. Appreciate that the actual
constellations were pictured on the socks. Looking forward to wearing the glow in the dark socks many times.


I received my new socks as a gift as I am an OPB donor. Love these pretty, soft and very comfy socks.


I found my socks at the Kennedy Space Center. I wanted something unique that expressed my interest in space exploration and rocketry but could also be worn at a formal event. These socks were perfect. Admittedly, I was drawn to them by the graphics on the socks; sorta retro and funky. I was really pleased to find that they fit well (size 12) and were also comfortable wear.


Love my new Unicorn in Captivity Socks. I purchased through a museum gift shop web page, and now have discovered this company. Just ordered a few gifts!


I got theses cute sunflower and bumble bee socks and they were the best and cutest purchase ever! They’re so comfy and warm specially since it’s so cold where I live right now. Definitely a 5/5 pair of socks that support the planet and have fun and cute designs!


I love sock it to me masks and own multiple. They are comfortable, breathable, stay in place, and have this great technology behind them. They are a must have!
Also have their no show socks and they are my favorite! Fun patterns and love that they don’t slide off my feet. Perfect for summer flats and so much fun when you take your shoes off! Grab a few pair if you find them!


My grandsons and granddaughter love your socks! I just got a call from a grandson across the country thanking me for his socks, He is 10 and plays soccer and loves the knee high soccer socks and all the space related socks - especially the planets socks. (His grandpa wears the bigger size planets socks too! And calls them his confidence socks; ) The granddaughter likes the pastel colors. I think we will be sending them more socks for sure!


I could not pass up I believe! The best looking socks of aliens ever. Thanks for making quality socks can’t wait to do more shopping since I found y’all!!!


Look. Sometimes you buy $75 worth of socks during a pandemic, and that’s self care baby!! But really though, I’m not sure if any purchase has brought me this much joy. All of the pairs are ordered are comfortable, cute, and over all an integral part of my new morning routine. I must decide what socks I am wearing that day. Socks maketh man. Or something like that.

Anyway, I’m not sure if this is done for all orders or just those who order a massive amount of socks, but someone say their warehouse also included a very nice drawing of a dragon on my packing slip, which I thoroughly enjoyed. If you’re the one who did that: thanks!!


My best friend had to go out of town on a rather somber trip. He found his spark of happy in buying socks that fit everyone on his back home list to the T! He had as much fun finding the best ones as we did receiving them! Now we are all hooked