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I got the secret power socks from my aunt for my birthday and i really enjoy the quality of the socks as well as the dope design


I like their socks there amazing, so colorfully,glittery and so beautiful the most amazing, beautiful socks I’ve ever seen.
Love Sock it to me.


I received a pair of novelty socks (Booked for the Weekend) as a gift and love, love, love them! I will be recommending them to my friends


I absolutely love these socks they last me a long time and have such cute designs. I will continue to support this women led company


My Glow in the dark eyeball are RAD!


These socks were amazing! 🤩 super comfortable and awesome design! I literally am not kidding when I say that I wear them all the time😍 Thank you for creating such adorable and comfy socks


These socks are great and they fit well! I am very happy that I got these socks!


I was visiting Georgia and there was a little sock shop in the town in Helen and I found so many great sock selections and many by this amazing brand! But their designs were by far my favorite!! Here was my loot of the day!!


Love these socks, great designs and comfortable to wear!


Found my socks at a local store in BC. Have bought multiple socks from sock it to me and just bought 2 more pairs of crew socks (Yas Queen and Femme-empowerment) Love the cute designs and materials!! super soft and comfortable!


I’ve been getting these socks for a lot time and just purchased the Sasquatch ones! Super soft and comfortable!!


Very cool designs. I got bigfoot for me since I live in the woods and octopus or squid for my son-in-law to match his leg tattoo.


Hello!! I found aock it to me socks in a local shop downtown (of which i will contunue to support with loads of other items there) but it is where i met these fabulous, fitting, creative, long, sturdy funsies for my toes/feet! I checked out the tags on the socks which lead me to your store online and OMGoodness!!
What im trying to say is i am a sock FREAK and these are the BEST socks I’ve ever come across for my style and comfort!!!
Thank you ladies for your company, your hearts and souls for sharing them with the rest of us!! One day, some day, im sure ill have had at least one of all :) you are loved!!! Carie


Love my cool Laboratory Socks! I love wearing them to work at my environmental lab. I have a lot of cool socks, but none that glow in the dark! Super comfortable too.


My women's tacosaurus sock were an absolute hit with my 7 year old grandson. He loves dinosaurs and wanted to know how come I didn't get him a pair too. I ordered through one of your retail boutique vendors and I will definitely be getting some more.


I just bought the Gnarly Gnome socks for my dad for Fathers' Day! He just loves them and has been wearing them all day. I love your socks and all of their fun designs and colors!


Love the Stay Golden socks! They're comfy and as someone with sensory issues they fit and do not feel scratchy as some other glittery socks do. The sock is soft on the inside!!! Love them.


Love these fun socks! Have to match the socks to my friend here. He is hoping that there is real pizza coming his way as well!


the flamingo socks are amazing i love them, my hair's hot pink so they match too :) will definetly be getting more


Absolutely obsessed with my new socks!